YouTube Premium MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 17.49.34

App NameYouTube Premium
Publisher Google LLC
Genre Entertaiment, Listen to music, Video Players & Editors
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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YouTube Premium lets you listen to music in the background, remove ads, and more. Are you ready to download YouTube MOD Premium at apkdl and enjoy it completely free?

Introduction to YouTube App

Since many people are using YouTube as the main channel for streaming videos, we might think this app has existed for decades. YouTube first started its service in 2005, after Paypal. Now, It’s hard to find anyone not knowing about YouTube.

Continuing success as the most visited website, YouTube launched the app for mobile devices. The download number has been more than five billion and on counting. Other new platforms suggest the same idea as YouTube as TikTok, but nothing has gained the same value and environment as the familiar YouTube has offered us in 15 years. So, what makes it become one of the most successful apps of all time?

What does it do?

At the time of debut, YouTube was the only platform that allowed streaming videos. YouTube’s founders saw that there must be somewhere people could watch lively news, for example, Tsunami by actions. 

Nowadays, the YouTube app helps connect people to the biggest platform for video streaming. I bring you everything from entertaining clips, hottest albums to the latest news. It is one of a kind app for free sharing and taking.

Through time, intellectual property law active on YouTube has helped the channel more legit. YouTube aims itself to be the app for literally everyone. The app has something changed to fit better. 

All key features

Services on YouTube Website and Apps differ not so much. But still, there are slight changes that you might be interested in.

Provide free streaming videos

Resources on the website are synced to the app so that you have complete access to its abundant collection.  The interface looks almost the same as the website with a search box and profile bar.  From the home page, you can quickly look for the clips you want to see. In comparison to many streaming video pages, YouTube provides more flexible keywords. You need to refer to the content of wanted clips, and then YouTube would give you numerous results.

Resources here include movies, film series, music videos, audios, vlogs, and so on. Content on YouTube outsources from other channels like TikTok or Facebook so that users can have plenty to watch.

Connect to Google account

As you know, the YouTube website sees your logged-in Google account at the time being as the ID. By reading your activities on the page, the website will record your interest. The app does the same.

It connects with your email at the time and syncs all data. Next time, when you visit the app and do not know what to see, it will present some suggestions based on your historical analysis.

Also, channels that you subscribed to on the website using that Google account appears in the app. The profile bar looks precisely how it is on the website. Hence, you have no confusion.

Welcome comments and shares

With the app, it is easier to leave your comments below the videos. If you ever commented on Facebook’s video, you will instantly know how it works with the YouTube app.

Let’s rewind how you share things on social media while on the website. It would acquire you to log in, first the google account, then the social media account. Quite complicated. With the app? Instantly, you get to the social media with the URL link of wanted clips ready to share. On the Youtube app, your activities get done in less time.

Get update quickly

People have not much time to read the news but to hear the news. With the app, you can update the world while taking the bus, walking, or showering. And by this platform, it’s easier to reach many sources of information without switching pages.  Try YouTube now to enjoy the convenience!

YouTube app features

Support editing and uploading

The app welcomes users to retouch and upload video directly using the given platform. At the moment, people turn attention to TikTok, but YouTube always has a better reputation as social media.

Now, YouTube tries to make it better by offering some filters and instant tools for video editing. Becoming a YouTuber now no longer asks for flying IT experience but a good YouTube app.

Easy reach-out

Being the most visited platform with billions of users, YouTube will undoubtedly be the stage to shine.  If you want to start building up your profile as a YouTuber, possessing the app must be the first step. Compared to other platforms, it will attract better trafficking as well as reaction.

If you are just a commoner who wants merely joy from video streaming, YouTube will satisfy you well. Almost all Vloggers, musicians, singers, and artists have their channels on YouTube, so what they do would be uploaded here first. 

For your information, YouTube contains a massive flow of news and updates by videos every day. Hence, it proves a trusted site to get updated. Even prominent newspapers like CNN, the Economist, or the Guardian have their YouTube channels groomed well.

Due to its colossal flow, YouTube seems to be a big spot for advertising. Therefore, if you are planning marketing, do not miss out on this option.


YouTube works under the regulations of intellectual property law, respect to personal data. While TikTok is under a wave of critics on leaking user profiles, YouTube seems a better place to commit.

It is said to be a trusted site for a long time to earn money, expressing opinions, and living in passion. YouTube provides free space for anybody who needs but also respects your life at an acceptable level.

Youtube MOD latest version (Premium Unlocked)

About Premium features

Youtube is a free service that comes with ads. So, if you download and use it as you normally would, you will see ads in the app. They also appear while you stream videos. One way to get rid of these annoyances is to subscribe to the Premium plan. Here are the Premium features:

  • No Ads: When you use the Premium plan, all in-app ads will be removed.
  • Play in Background: This feature is for those who just want to hear the audio in the video without watching it. Many people complain that they want to use Youtube as a music player, but the application creates a big barrier to doing this. When you play music on Youtube, the app only works when the media screen is always on. And even though there is the PIP feature, it is really unnecessary when you are not interested in the image of the video but just want to hear it. YouTube Premium solves this problem with the Play in Background feature.

You need to pay monthly plans to stay Premium. However, with the Mod we provide, everything is free. You get all the premium features at no cost.

How to install

  1. Download the APK files we provide below
  2. MicroG installation
  3. Install Youtube APKs file using SAI app.
  4. Open the app and enjoy it.

Note: If you are unable to sign in with your Gmail account, try uninstalling then reinstall Micro G.


YouTube is enormous and mixed, as people said as it contains whatever you could think of in video features. It might not be the most excellent video editor to users, but the best channel to work on.  Now, it has been available for mobile devices. By downloading it free, you can access the most significant source of clips on Earth every day. Feel free to instantly leave your word and enjoy the latest news pieces by using the YouTube mobile app.

Download YouTube Premium MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 17.49.34

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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