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Zinitevi MOD APK (Ad-free) 1.4.0

App Name Zinitevi
Version 1.4.0
Publisher Zinitevi
Size 14.51 M
Require Android 4.4
MOD Info Ad-free
Zinitevi MOD features
  • Ads Removed;
  • Sponsored banner layout removed;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.

Watch your favorite movies with Zinitevi without going to the cinema and risking yourself making contact with people. Zinitevi (The name was formerly AstonCine) brings the whole theater and even The Pirate Bay into your phone, keeping you entertained all the time.

Introduction Zinitevi App

The COVID-19 pandemic is expanding at an extremely rapid rate, and everyone should understand the importance of staying at home by now. However, what should you do if there is a movie now showing that you have been waiting for a long time? Many would accept the risk as the temptation of the movie is too great. Indeed that is not a wise thing to do. Not only risking your own health, your loved ones’ health also suffers if things go south.

Zinitevi MOD

There is an easy solution to the aforementioned problem. Enters the Zinitevi- your own movie theater with thousands of reputable movie titles of all time. The movie library of Zinitevi might shock you as it has almost everything you could ask for. This app is totally free, and you don’t even need an account to begin. This is the most complete collection of movies that any enthusiasts or collectors would not even dream of.

Features of Zinitevi

Zinitevi is the ultimate solution for your movie demand. Its intuitive and simple interface and layout make it effortless to browse through all the current hot movies. The app also satisfies you by providing an intricate search function. It lets you search by keyword, genre, type, and year of publishing.

In addition to directly streaming content to your phone, Zinitevi also allows you to download your favorite titles and watch them later. It also supports Trakt and Real Debrid integration. As a result, you can keep track of movies and shows you are watching, as well as enhancing your downloads.

Home page

The home screen of Zinitevi is quite self-explanatory. It arranges movies in their related sections and helps you browse quicker. The Home page is where you will spend time on whenever you are looking for a movie to watch. You will be inspired by the titles presenting nicely in front of your eyes, and soon you will find an attractive movie or show and your curiosity will be irresistible.

Movies will be categorised in multiple ways. On top of arranging movies in genres, Zinitevi has various types of organising movies so it is really comfortable to navigate without getting overwhelmed. For example, hot franchises will be put on the very top of the page; top moviemakers also have their own place right below. For each category underneath, several recommended titles will pop up, and clicking the category text will bring up more corresponding content. If you prefer the taste of the majority, check out the Trending TV shows or Popular TV shows. In case you just need something new, the Recently Added is home to everything you need. Actors and Actresses also have a dedicated section. It has never been that easy to watch all Will Smith movies in one place.

ZiniTevi Features

Search feature

If the Home page is where you dwell when your mind is empty, the Search feature is the place for you when you know exactly what to watch. Unlike other stream services, the search bar in Zinitevi is almighty. It can understand your search term and give corresponding results regardless of what you have typed in. Whether it is a movie title, a TV show title, a name of actor or actress, name of character, etc. You won’t be disappointed by the returned result.

When you look closely under the search bar, there are filters that you can use intelligently to get your desired title. The filters let you choose movies and TV series from any year and any genre. This is where you witness the greatness of the content that Zinitevi provides. Try to type in a random year in the filter, and you will feel amazement when finding out that the app didn’t miss anything.

Movie player UI

Zinitevi has a quite intuitive player UI. When you select your desired item, it will automatically enter the full-screen mode and start streaming your content. In the bottom bar, there is a typical seekbar with play/ pause button, skip ahead and jump backward buttons. It also has the duration, and a button to toggle between video fitting and filling your screen. All the basic stuff is in the bottom bar, and explaining all of them is redundant.

On the contrary, all the advanced features can be accessed in the top bar, opposite to the back button. Firstly, Zinitevi has more than one feature to cast your movie on bigger screens. You can choose to mirror your phone to supported TVs, and also share the stream via any web browser. Smart TVs with built-in browsers will benefit greatly from this feature, as well as Windows and MacOS computers. Last but not least, you can choose another video player for your movie, especially those that support picture-in-picture to enjoy the movie while chatting with your friends.

Additional features

Not only having a giant movie library, but Zinitevi also lets you peruse through an exceptionally long list of subtitles for each movie or TV episode. Almost all the videos have subs in tremendous languages, so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier while enjoying any show. You can also customize the size of subtitles on your screen so that no matter what device you are using to watch your movie, your subs will never be in the wrong size.

For anyone who concerns about data plans and cellular signal strength, it is time to stop worrying. Zinitevioffers download features, therefore you can always fetch movies when you are having a strong connection and watch it later while you set out on a journey.

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Zinitevi is the best app for movie enthusiasts that is available right now in the market. It has an unbelievably huge library of movies and TV shows, advanced features to enhance the watching experience, and an intuitive interface that doesn’t need much time to be understood. However, consider installing a VPN App to protect your identity if that matters to you, as internet safety is as important as occupational safety.

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