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Airport City

Airport City MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 8.31.24

App Name Airport City
Version 8.31.24
Publisher Game Insight
Genre Simulation
Size 156M
Require Android 4.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Airport City

Have you ever thought that you could become an international airport manager? Do you wish to control air traffic? Airport City will give you the chance to fulfill that wish. Come to Airport City to build your own airport and take hundreds of flights to the sky.

In the game, you have to build different functional houses next to the flight path, build a modern airport. While you are managing the airport, the flights will be departed from all over the world. You will meet many different people and items there. The game will give you a great time to experience. Your main task is to build the most monumental modern airport.

Airport construction and management

The first mode gives you the opportunity to build and manage a modern airport.

It is not very difficult for you to build an airport. You will have to hire engineers to build a functional house for you, it also takes quite a while in the construction process. It may take a few days to wait for the construction to be completed. You can bypass this stage with the money you earn from active homes. To generate additional income, you need to build commercial buildings. Once you have built commercial buildings, you will earn coins over time. You can see your current power source at the top of the screen. Each building has a certain amount of energy. You need to build additional power plants for buildings.

Manipulation to build a house

There are many houses for you to choose from. Each type of house will earn a certain number of passengers in a certain period of time. Choose one of the types of houses you want to buy and click on the buy button. You will then be taken back to the main screen. Touch the lawn to put the house down, and confirm to complete the purchase. You need to wait a while to finish the construction. All buildings need to have connection to a road.

Airport City

Functional houses and infrastructure

The second mode allows you to build a city to support your gateway to the world. The first thing you need for your airport is an airplane. You need to buy a hangar before you can buy a new plane. Before the first flight takes off, you need to build an airstrip. You should have fuel for your flights (fuel stored over time).

You create one of the busiest shipping centers ever. You have to build infrastructures such as air traffic control towers, runways, and hangars. Will form a modern aircraft fleet, and make flights to everywhere around the world. See your town grow into a wonderful city. In the game, your task is to improve and upgrade unique buildings. Besides, let’s attract travelers, and connect airlines to the most remote locations around the globe.

Preparatory work for takeoff stage

When you start the game, you will find some already built houses inside your city. If you see the people of the city with the suitcase icon above, you can collect these passengers for the flight. Touch each house to collect passengers. And now you are ready to send your first flight to a new land. Tap the brothel to get to the flight menu. At the beginning of the game, you will only have a few destinations available. Touch the fly button to start the flight.

Preparatory work for landing

When the plane is about to land, touch the plane to make a landing order. On the right of the screen, you can see how long it takes before the flight returns. If you have more than one flight traveling at a time, click the flight time icon to see the length of each flight. When you want to increase the number of the plane, you need to buy more brothels. Therefore, the number of runways is also needed so that more flights can take off at the same time. The plane will automatically land when completing the flight. Touch the plane to collect coins, experience, and rewards. In addition to the airport, you also need to build your city. In order to start, you need to build a house to increase the number of passengers per flight.

Graphic design

The game has simple and fun 3D graphics. Diverse colors help the game become not too monotonous. Your business model is modeled in a fun and humorous way, but there is still the reality. Besides, the sound helps players feel more excited, avoiding boredom. Airport City is optimally designed with a mobile and tablet platform. The game has a new player guide system which is quite easy to understand, so you do not worry about the controls.


You want to own a city. You want to show the talent for becoming a manager of a large airport, but you have not had the opportunity to do so in reality. Then, Airport City is the perfect choice to make your dream come true. Download Airport City for free via the link we provided below and experience yourself. You will have moments of memorable entertainment!

Download Airport City MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 8.31.24

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