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Almost a Hero – Idle RPG Clicker

Almost a Hero - Idle RPG Clicker MOD APK (Free Shopping) 5.6.3

App NameAlmost a Hero - Idle RPG Clicker
Publisher Bee Square Games
Genre 3D, Idle, RPG
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoFree Shopping
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It’s great to play an idle game, right? Almost A Hero – Idle RPG Clicker is such a game. Idle means that in the game, you do not have to do too much, but still successfully complete the tasks set out. More than that, Almost A Hero – Idle RPG Clicker is also an attractive role-playing and strategy game that you cannot miss.

Bee Square Games released Almost A Hero – Idle RPG Clicker completely free. The game is playable on various mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Up to now, the game has received more than 1 million downloads on the Google Play store, and it is rated 4.7 stars from users.

In Almost A Hero – Idle RPG Clicker, you will play as a tactical commander on the battlefield. You will have many different options in terms of army as well as combat capabilities. The game promises to bring you the most comfortable and wonderful gaming moments.

Almost a Hero Mod features

How to play

Although being a game which prone to role-playing tactics, the game has a very simple and easy to grasp gameplay. Basically, the game will run automatically about time in the arena. Therefore, you will have more free time. To start the game, you basically have to choose your own warriors or soldiers before going to battle. Collect as many elite warriors to have the most powerful forces when you start the battle.

After selecting the most powerful warriors, you will enter the official match. In this stage, you do not need to manipulate anything to fight or destroy the enemy. The game system will turn on auto mode to fight bosses, and collect gold. If you want to increase the power, you can click on the screen several times to turn on the light. When you turn on the lightning, your damage will be significantly increased, and quickly destroy the enemy. This lightning mode basically helps you lose less health in long battles. When the character runs out of blood, you need to wait a while to revive them. After the revival, these characters can continue to fight

Character integrated in the game

You have nearly 20 different characters to unleash your choice. Each character will be unlocked at different levels. Each character you choose will need a corresponding amount of gold. The more powerful the warrior character, the higher the unlock level will be, and the greater the amount of gold. The warriors are male and female, and are shaped extremely diverse.

The main characters will have two types. Firstly, the character that is prone to attack. And the second is a defensive character. In the item inventory, your characters can change outfits as well as upgrade skills.

The skills used in the game

Corresponding to each character, there will be a certain skill. For example, Hilt’s character uses the ultimate flame sword. Bellylarf uses power fists. Vexx uses a powerful water hammer. Kind Lenny uses a badass fire bag. And Sam used the power of the ax and the shield. During the match, skills increase the opponent’s damage. However, these skills are not used continuously. Each skill will take a certain amount of time to recover after the first use.

Almost a Hero Mod features

Magic rings in the game

The game has a lot of magic rings. About 5 different types of rings with different functions. But the most basic and common is the lightning ring. For lightning rings, after buffing enough lightning in the cell, you will receive a bolt of huge lightning from the sky. This lightning has a great deal of damage to the enemy.

Quests to collect diamonds

In the “Achievement” section outside the menu screen, you will see the tasks that you need to perform, and the number of diamonds received. The missions are carried out at several levels. For example, the task of tapping the screen. The first time it can be set to 20k, and once you get 15 diamonds. Then it is 50k, get 30 diamonds. And so on, the number of diamonds will increase gradually. The missions include: Open a new mode, collect runes, unlock warriors, upgrade warriors, and unlock levels.

Instant upgrade options

You can use the blue stones collected in gift boxes to buy these items. However, these items do not have a permanent use time. These items may only be used once. Or maybe the item will be used in 4-10 minutes.

For example, a disposable item such as a bag to hold gold. Each purchase takes 10 blue stones, and 18 million gold will fall into the match for you to collect. Time-consuming items such as “Auto tap”. For this item, you do not need to tap the screen to increase the lightning cells, but it will run automatically. When there is enough lightning cell, lightning is also released. This item is used within 5 minutes.

Graphic design in the game

The images in the game are extremely friendly and eye-catching for children. The colors used in the game are not too colorful, but they are color-coordinated with high contrast. This gives the game image a unique attraction. The characters as well as items designed on the shaping of the cartoon, which is very cute and beautiful. The game is like a cartoon where you interact directly.


Overall, Almost a Hero – Idle RPG Clicker has done very well in all aspects such as gameplay design, animation style, and game idea. Therefore, the game is worth your experience after stressful hours of working or studying.

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