Alto’s Adventure
Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.8.8

App NameAlto's Adventure
Publisher Noodlecake Studios Inc
Genre 2D, Action, Endless Runner
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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In the highly volatile game market with countless different games, the titles are always very competitive. Especially for games with similar gameplay, creating a brand is more difficult. Therefore, the games that came out later without the new or unique features, it is difficult to attract attention to players. Alto’s Adventure is an Endless Run game, a very hot genre and attracts a lot of players around the world. It is more creative than other games of the same genre by not letting the main character run on the walls, the path, through the roof, but using a skateboard and a stick to explore the snow-covered lands.

In Alto’s Adventure, you will transform into Alto, join the adventure to explore the majestic snow mountains. Alto’s goal is to find his lost herd of cattle.

Journey to find your pets

You will accompany Alto and his friends. All together on an endless skiing adventure. This is an adventure full of arduous and risky for Alto to find his lost herd of cattle. Journey through the high hills which are wild but amazingly beautiful. You will glide through neighboring villages, ancient forests, and old abandoned ruins. Along the way, you will encounter many dangerous challenges.

The gameplay is simple but not easy

You probably already know how to play, it’s quite simple, including swiping the screen upwards to control the character jump up, swipe down to roll, swipe left or right to move to the sides. Talking is always easier than doing, especially when the game tries to discourage your efforts by designing a lot of sophisticated traps, which you can make you lose at any time. Despite the unexpected dangers along the way, Alto must overcome everything to rescue the Llama llama camel. The game will give you the opportunity to slide on the roofs covered with snow or conquer deep chasms.

You will begin your journey with snowboards, and the first character is Alto. Because Alto’s Adventure has the style of endless runner games, you are not limited to the best achievement. All you have to do is try to slide the distance as far as possible, save the camels, collect gold coins to buy some more useful equipment. Do not forget to perform aerial acrobatics, try to achieve consecutive combos to receive more bonuses.

Altos Adventure

Many different types of mountainous terrain

The dream of a skateboarder is to conquer the most dangerous places that few people have ever done. Alto’s Adventure’s mountainous terrain is also quite rugged, sometimes you have to climb high peaks, sliding on long ropes. There are even times when you have to cross the abyss, slide down unseen slopes, jump over chunks of rock or broken stretch of road. Control your character firmly if you do not want to fall into the snow or fall into a pit.

Besides, each terrain is a beautiful landscape. You will explore the majestic mountains, watch the rainfall, even ski in the thunderstorm sky.

Character system

The money you collect will be used to unlock more favorite characters. The game has a lot of different characters to choose from. When you reach level 11, you will unlock Maya, a female character with the ability to create the perfect jump. Or similar to level 21, you will unlock the fat guy Paz, a tall character who is capable of breaking the stones he met on the journey. If you want to make a double jump in the air, you can use Felipe when you reach level 41. By double-tapping on the screen, Felipe will help you overcome any obstacle.

In addition, there are many characters for you to choose from. Each character will bring in different characteristics with special abilities. During the game, you collect money. Use them to upgrade character attributes. Each character has certain attributes that directly or indirectly affecting the playing process.

Graphic design

Graphics are designed according to the principle of minimalism but still ensure definition and image quality. The scenery in the game is beautiful, it is like an art picture. In particular, you will experience all the time of the day at random. Maybe you just jumped over the mountains in the morning, but on the next level, you experience in the starry forest. The sound in the game is soothing and fun. All create a peaceful scene to entertain you after the tiring working hours.


Alto’s Adventure’s graphic is really simple, but it’s harmoniously blended in. In addition, there is a combination of eye-catching visual effects and captivating sounds, along with adventure gameplay, roaming the road without seeing the end. All make the game become attractive and hard to resist. If you love adventure games, peaceful scenes but equally adventurous, Alto’s Adventure is truly the game for you.

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