BADLAND MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Publisher Frogmind
Genre Adventure
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoAll Unlocked
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BADLAND is expedition adventure game. The game takes players into the world of strange creatures and the battle of survival. Badland is released for free, with beautiful shimmering graphics that can knock out any fastidious player.

Background in the game appears to be a beautiful forest like a fairy tale. But somewhere, so many mysteries are waiting for you after this spectacle. You will control one of the inhabitants of the forest to discover what the truth is. Beware of the challenging obstacles and pitfalls that await you.


Game modes

The character that the player controls in the game is shaped like a hedgehog with many feathers. The special thing is that he can duplicate and resize him. He can zoom out to go through narrow paths. Players also need to remember that size can help the character, but sometimes create obstacles. The larger the size, the slower he will move, and vice versa, the smaller the size, the faster it will move and difficult to adjust.


Like other games, the level of play will increase gradually with your level. Initially, it can help players get familiar with the moves and dynamism in the game. However, the next gate will be a lot harder. For example, in some cases, your organism is poisoned. It makes them bulge, slow, out of control, making it difficult to control. In some other levels, from one creature you will have to control a whole herd. They will move in a scattered manner that hinders the flight process. These are both annoying but also challenging parts in Badland.

One of the remarkable power-up items that will help you throughout the game, is the ability to clone a character quickly. Whether small fuzzball characters or other types of people, it all comes together and be ready to use. Think of human copies as a community of your own.


When you arrive at the giant garden of spinning knives and deadly big machines. You will realize that only a few individuals in your community can overcome this challenge. Those who run faster and better will exist to fight with other difficult levels. Some power-up items include the ability to make a character grow larger or smaller. Some make them more agile and sticky, others may slow down or speed up time. Levels are designed in a way that makes full use of the support items. Most users will have to use it all to get through, or at least use it at some crucial moment.


  1. 1-player adventure game with 80 unique designed levels.
  2. The world in the game and the character shaping are very beautiful.
  3. Additional packages with 20 levels purchased in the game.
  4. Multiplayer mode, up to 4 people on the same device with 23 levels.
  5. Co-op game mode for up to 4 players.
  6. Photos designed with beautiful world.
  7. Simple way to control the character: touch the screen for the character to fly up, and avoid dangerous traps in the forest (One touch control).
  8. Characters can clone and resize.


Badland supports a dynamic environment, with top notch graphics and sound. If considered right, we do not know what kind of game Badland must be classified. The reason is because this game combines many elements of the available games, such as endless running or touch genre. However, Badland is special in that the situations in the game are constantly changing. It requires players to have a flexible mind when changing the environment. Because of this innovative spot, Badland has received many prestigious awards.

What’s in BADLAND (MOD, Unlocked)?

Most players will know the original Badland APK with the experience the developer Frogmind. But Badland Mod Apk is a great thing you should try, with the following notable advantages. Normally, you will have to pass a lot of screens to get more money and pass the levels. Instead, in Badland Mod Apk, you’ll be unlocking everything. With this version, you can shop everything in the shop without thinking about the price, or the amount of money earned. Along with Badland overcome all challenges of the game.



Badland is really interesting, especially it is released for free. It inspires creativity and trains the players’ perseverance. With a good graphics and sound system, Badland is a pretty good game for all ages who love playing mobile games. Take the time to visit the homepage to find out and download your favorite games right now!

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