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Bee Factory

Bee Factory MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.30.6

App Name Bee Factory
Version 1.30.6
Publisher Green Panda Games
Genre 3D, Idle, Simulation
Size 39M
Require Android 4.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Bee Factory is a great mobile idle tycoon game developed by Greenpanda Studios. Based on the simulations of how bees work, the developer has created a completely unique game with many interesting features. In the game, players will act as the manager/boss of the bee factory and perform quests to make a lot of money. Your only goal is to become the richest man in the bee world!

About Bee Factory

You know that Idle game is a prevalent genre of games as it gives players a sense of satisfaction as they watch their projects progressively complete. Plus, you don’t have to do much either, sometimes you have to give commands, and then your virtual agents keep working as you wish. If you are a fan of Idle games, you may try to play Idle Digging Tycoon and dig the coins and buildings. Let talk about this game; you are a queen bee who manages bees. Winter is on its way, and the bees have to store enough honey. Can you help the whole herd survive the cold winter?


Bee Factory has pretty simple gameplay like an endless loop. First, you will create some bees, and these bees will work automatically to produce some honey. After that, you can sell the honey to harvest some cash for the upgrade. As you level up, you will unlock more new bees. And just like that, you have a substantial natural honey factory that can provide enough honey for the whole earth. It sounds boring, but in fact, you may find an interest in watching bees work hard. Another exciting thing about this game is that the bees are still working even when you are offline. You will enjoy your work the next time you open the game.

Own the ranch and grow it

In this game, you must run a beekeeping farm that takes honey, sells honey to make a profit, and become the richest man. Similar to other idle games, the player’s job is to keep touching the mobile screen. At first, you only have one bee and one honeycomb hole. You have to touch the bee to fly into the nest to release the honey and then fly to find nectar.

Besides, you can also continuously swipe in the honey cake’s transport area to produce and sell honey faster and make more money in a short time. Plus, your factory grows with the number of bees, and the beehives increased, so more and more honey was produced, and more money was sold.

Many levels that players can progress through

Bee Factory has many levels that players can progress through. In each level, you can unlock new honey holes and new bees. Each new team has new bees, including robot bees and wasps from fantasy movies, etc. When you upgrade a new team, your bees can work faster. So the money received will increase more quickly. Moreover, the game also brings you special assignments to help you be fully online for instant rewards. There are several special events to help you run as well, with the proceeds growing.

When you accumulate the bonus, the game allows you to unlock the next stages. Each stage will give you a new cell with another bee. From level 1 to 30, every 5 levels increase, you will open a new type of bee. Starting at level 30 onwards, every new level increase, you will open a new type of bee.

Unlock new bees

There are many types of bees, such as honeybees, bumblebees, Santa bees, robot bees, Beedroid, Babes, taxi bees, hell bees, honey bees, wasps. In Bee Factory, you can choose and unlock hundreds of different bees. Every time you increase five levels, you get a new bee. After upgrading the beehive to level 30, you’ll be able to unlock new bees each time you climb. Of course, new bees are better than old bees.

The player can find more than 100 bees in this game. During the game, players can unlock and use a variety of bees. Each bee has its abilities and skills. Players need to keep playing and collecting honey to unlock the bees quickly. The player can also order these upgrades during the game. Each upgrade improves the bee’s existing capabilities. This makes the bee more robust and more likely than before. As long as players cannot unlock many new bees, they can take existing bees to a higher level.

Speed up production

If you want to unlock the bees and level your works, you can swipe the production line from side to side. It is an effective way to get more money. If you see bees showing signs of laziness, don’t forget to touch them so they can focus and work faster. Plus, sometimes, the player even catches a special golden bee that gives you an absolute bonus. This lucky big yellow bee will fly around, a quick click on it, you will get a significant sum of money, and the amount will be doubled if you decide to watch the ad.

Other games may make you feel uncomfortable every time an ad is shown. But in this game, advertising is a great way to speed up honey production. Every time you click Watch Video, you have the chance to get up to double or four times money and production speed in five minutes.


The graphics of the game are designed to be simple, friendly, and fun. There are two main colors are yellow and black. It reminds you of the image and nature of bees.

Bee Factory MOD latest version

MOD features: Unlimited Money: You can use unlimited money in the game to upgrade and unlock everything easily.


Bee Factory is a simple but excellent game. It is suitable for its incredibly good entertainment and stress reliever. If you need a comfortable but perfect, fun game as an office person, this game will not be missed. Let download this fun game now and become a rich man by collecting money from these bees.

Download Bee Factory MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.30.6

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