BitLife – Life Simulator
BitLife – Life Simulator

BitLife - Life Simulator MOD APK (Bitizenship Bitizenship) 3.7.3

App Name BitLife - Life Simulator
Version 3.7.3
Publisher Candywriter
Genre Simulation
Size 102M
Require 5.0 and up
MOD Info Bitizenship Bitizenship
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Have you ever wanted to try and live someone else’s life? Have you ever made assumptions in your mind “What would happen if…”. In Bitlife – Life Simulator, you will be able to realize those utopias – of course, with a sense of humor – the style that the publisher Candywriter performs with nearly all of their games.

General introduction about Bitlife

In this game, the number of the generated plot is super random and depends entirely on your choices. But what makes this game so popular with more than 10 million downloads is because of its amusing nature: nearly all of the choices you make for a stimulating life in the game will lead to an undesirable end – the main character will die. But if they are lucky, they will pass away because of old age in happiness; with a little bad luck, they will die due to sickness and disease; Or maybe boring like slipping over a banana peel and die …

How to play

So how does this game work? Very simply, the gameplay is the stories created in Bitlife. When you were in elementary school, you must have played the role of a hero, a superman and immersed yourself in a fairytale world created by yourself. Likewise, the game is mainly based on the storylines it creates, and the player has complete control over the story.

In short, you will play the role of a newborn baby, live your life until the old age. You are completely free to choose the actions available in Bitlife, and your life story will progress after those actions. Of course, this is only a simulation, players have the right to choose the direction of free development as they want. There is absolutely no wrong answer, like in our real life.

Initialize your “virtual life”

When you start the game, you are born with some available information such as name, country of origin, date of birth,…. You can perform actions like:

  • Career: You will be able to choose one of three career paths. But at birth, in this section will only write “infant”, and also your main “career” –  a newborn baby. When you reach 6 years old, you can enroll in elementary school. And when you reach the age of 18, the 3 paths are:
  • Education: You can choose to enter universities with subjects such as law, medical, economy,…. After joining an university or college, you will have a new action – “study harder”
  • Careers: At Bitlife, you can skip college and go straight into life by earning yourself a career. The game offers you a lot of real-life careers: engineers, journalists, electricians, … and many more professions for you to choose what you like to do best.
  • Finally, you can choose to enlist as a navy, army, marines, or another unit.

Manage your property

In Assets section, you will be able to see how much money you own. Besides that you will be able to choose:

  • Car: Once you have enough money, why don’t you purchase a good car for yourself? A little advice is that you should make enough money to buy a new and good quality car. You absolutely do not want your car to die on the way to see a doctor and “own” yourself a negligible death “donated” by Bitlife.
  • Real Estate: As the name implies, you can buy a real estate here and get out of your ugly house with a roof full of holes.

Check out relationships and more

  • Relationship: You can consider and choose to interact with relatives such as parents, siblings, … by giving them money, going out or simply giving them compliments. The more intimate these relationships are, the higher the level of fun and enjoyment in your life will be. You can also find yourself a lover in this section.
  • Activities: Bitlife gives you a list of action that you can freely choose what to do…. Here you can do everything from going to the doctor’s office, bringing your dog to the vet or emigrating, running from the police …
  • Age: It can be said that this is the most important function of the game. When you press this button, your age will increase a year. Based on the actions you selected earlier, many things will happen. The fun of Bitlife will come when things don’t go as you expected. You can confess to someone but have a bitter rejection, or even worse, depression after your pet dies. Like life, nothing can be predicted, Bitlife will give you a bunch of confusing things fall onto your head.

Graphics and sound

Since the game is mainly based on its story, there will be only images that describe the action and text that shows what happened in the stimulated life. In terms of sound, to create a humorous style, the publisher has chosen hillarious sounds that you will certainly want to turn on the phone’s speaker every time you write your own life story in Bitlife.

Enjoy the latest BitLife MOD from

Mod information

Unlock Bitizenship: Bitizenship is a paid feature in the game. If you want to unlock it, you need to pay with real money. When you have it, you will receive special benefits in the game including:

  • Enjoy the game without ads
  • Unlock all VIP features like a special pet, unlock pet store.
  • Bitizen Icons and all features for Bitizen Only.

With BitLife MOD, you can access all these features for absolutely free.


Overall, Bitlife is a very entertaining game. Sometimes, as you are living a peaceful life, the game will drop a cancer medical record onto the fictional character’s head, there goes all your assets and fame, all disappear in just one note, out of the blue. What you can do is just laugh away from the situation and hit the replay button again and again. The game promises to give you moments of relaxation and humor after a stressful day.

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