Blades of Brim 2.7.6 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Blades of Brim
Updated 25-09-2022 (24 hours ago)
Version 2.19.21
Publisher SYBO Games
Genre 3D, Endless Runner, Multiplayer
Size 89M
Require 4.0.3 and up

Blades of Brim mod with Unlimited money is available at! Download this fun endless running game and enjoy the interesting challenges it offers.

General introduction

The endless running game genre has attracted a lot of players from all ages ever since its birth. There are many “giants” of this game genre to mention such as Subway Surfer, Temple Run, Jetpack Joyride,…. On September 27 of the last year, publisher SYBO Game has released Blades of Brim, a similar game genre but with the vibe of a magical land. Currently, the game has more than 5 million downloads and has a rating of nearly 5 stars. Come with us to learn more interesting factors about this game in the following article.

How to play

A game in Blades of Brim will end when your character is unable to move on due to an injury. There is no level in the game but elements such as heroes, equipment, … can be upgraded with the money earned with each run. You simply need to avoid, or be a true hero, eliminate the monsters that is dumb enough to get in your way. In the meantime, collect objects, coins, and sometimes pets on the run and try to get to the checkpoints to stash in your resources and continue your journey

Blades of Brim MOD

Usually, in endless running games, you will have to move on a 3-lane divided road and have to avoid inanimate obstacles to not be caught by the train station security like in Subway Surfer or get electrocuted like Jetpack Joyride. But in Blades of Brim, there will be many things that give you a completely new and exciting feeling, almost completely changing what you have ever known about the endless running genre

Pathways dividing

The endless runner games often have 3 main lanes that you have to move skillfully to avoid hitting obstacles. But in the Blades of Brim, there are countless small turns, lanes of different heights, or even gates that take the character into a completely different dimension. Therefore, each game of Blades of Brim gives players the feeling of being lost in the world of the game.

Besides, to prevent players from feeling uncomfortable when reaching a high score and then losing right after, Blades of Brim has checkpoints along the path that the character travels through. These checkpoints will help players to save the resources they have just collected for later use and avoid losing too much. The game will continue after that.

Monsters and weapons

In the Blades of Brim, the player’s obstacles are not only the abyss but also the purple monsters, from demon bats to witches,…. These “friends” appear in the middle of the checkpoints for one reason only – stopping you from getting to the checkpoint.

But, the characters in the game are also equipped with a huge arsenal of weapons that they can freely choose. The attack will be launched at the same time with the control of your character such as swipe left, swipe right, swipe down,…. The monsters on the ground are quite easy to defeat, but the real difficulty is the demon bats – they can fly in the air. So, be very careful when meeting this type of monster.

Weapons can be upgraded with money earned with each run. You can also use the money to buy chests – which will give you from weapons to pet summoning flutes.

Blades of Brim Game features

Pet system

It can be said that this is the thing that will help you the most in conquering the roads in Blades of Brim. They will be summoned using a flute – which can be obtained through chests purchased with coins. All moves are still the same, but with pets, you can press twice to use special moves, wiping out enemy forces in a flash. The game gives you a lot of different types of pets with special powers that are various from Flame Horse to Dragons.

Many characters

The more you travel, the more monsters appear and they will be stronger, tougher. So, collecting and using the right character is essential for further progressing in the game. The different types of equipment will suit different characters, so pay attention to this to fully exploit their potential. Besides the attraction of the gameplay, the diverse character system is also an important factor in keeping players long with the Blades of Brim.

Graphics and sound

SYBO Games has probably made a very decent investment for this brainchild. Blades of Brim owns realistic 3D graphics, with eye-catching artworks. Besides, the sound system is also very impressive, promising to give players a feeling that they are immersed in the world of the game.


If you are tired of the games you often spend time with, why don’t you download Blades of Brim immediately and relieve the stress? The game with its player elements will hold a place on your device for a long time.

Download Blades of Brim 2.7.6 (MOD Unlimited Money)

This is the area for you to download Blades of Brim. Just tap on the application name below to show all the available links, then click to download.

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