Block Strike: FPS Shooter
Block Strike

Block Strike MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 7.4.7

App Name Block Strike
Version 7.4.7
Publisher Rexet Studio
Genre 3D, Action
Size 80M
Require Android 4.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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If you are looking for a shooting game with interesting graphics and diverse gameplay, you probably should not miss the Block Strike. Block Strike is an interesting and highly entertaining game. The game belongs to the FPS genre, which means shooting simulation game from the first perspective. In addition, the game can be considered as a survival game.

The game publisher Rexet Studios first released Block Strike in December 2014. At that time, the game actually didn’t have any special enhancements. The inventory of items, weapons, and the gameplay is quite sketchy and basic. However, after many improvements and development, the game has created itself a right chance to expand ideas, content, and graphics. As a result, the game has so far spread worldwide.

The game has actually received absolute popularity in many countries, along with extremely positive comments and reviews. Only the Google Play store, the game has reached more than 10 million downloads, and 1 million comment evaluations.

The interesting characteristics of the game

The game is designed in the form of unique square box blocks. In this game, you will show your observation and marksmanship skills. In addition, you can not only show your skills when fighting with the available boss on the machine, but you can also display them when participating in duels, or team battles with different opponents around the world. The game integrates a variety of items for you to choose. You not only have items that equip weapons, but also items for character decoration such as costumes, hairstyles,…

The game has more than 15 different game modes for you to explore and experience. Not only are the game different game modes, but the graphics as well as the rewards and titles are also different. In addition, Block Strike also integrates more than 50 different terrain maps, helping you change the background and game images in a flexible way.

How to play Block Strike

For any mode, the game has a similar gameplay. Your mission in all modes will be to find ways to destroy the target, and win the victory. After each victory, you will earn an additional amount of gold to buy items.

When entering the game, you will enjoy a vibrant and enthusiastic game atmosphere. On each screen, there are many built-in function keys for completing your task.

First, in order to move in the game, you will use a virtual D-pad keyboard on the left side of the screen. Here, you can control your character up, down, left, right with ease. On the right side of the screen, you will use two function keys, that is, jump and shoot bullets. These two keys are quite important, especially in the mode of a harsh survival battle. If you spend a lot of time practicing in advance, you will be more proficient in using all these keys. Coordinate them so skillfully to achieve the effect.

Some game modes of the game

First, the simplest and most classic mode is the single fight with the boss. With this mode, when you first play the game, you should spend a lot of time to try and perfect your skills.

Team Deathmatch game mode: In this mode, you will play in teams, there are two randomly divided sides that are red team and blue team. In the game, there are a total of 100 targets to destroy (excluding the team playing). The match result will determine which team kills more people.

Hunger Games Mode: This mode will also be divided into 2 sides like Team Deathmatch. However, not killing the people, the two sides destroy each other. Therefore, this mode makes players feel really nervous and excited. The outcome of the battle will determine which side runs out of people first, they will lose.

Zombie Survival Mode: This is considered the most attractive and popular game mode of the game. In this mode, your mission is to become the last survivor, and kill the zombies lurking everywhere. This mode requires a lot of gaming skills, in addition to the usual marksmanship skills such as escape, hiding and distraction skills.

Block Strike

Several types of guns integrated in the game

You can choose many different guns with many models and types, such as:

UMP-45: Accuracy: 90%

  • Bullet Maximum capacity: 100 bullets
  • Rate of fire: 94%

AK-47: Accuracy: 85%

  • Bullet Maximum capacity: 90 bullets
  • Rate of fire: 93%

M4A1: Accuracy: 84%

  • Bullet Maximum capacity: 100 bullets
  • Rate of fire: 94%

AWP: Accuracy: 40%

  • Bullet Maximum capacity: 30 bullets
  • Rate of fire: 19%

Graphic design of the game

The game has a very fancy and new graphic design style. The game is mainly made up of simple square blocks. In the game, you will feel the smooth and flexible game movements. In addition, the wallpaper and the map are also changed frequently, helping you not get sore eyes and boring when playing.


Block Strike is a quite impressive and unique shooting game. Overall, the game is designed relatively well in both gameplay and game graphics. The game is suitable for all different players, and it is not limited to a certain age. The game is not only an effective entertainment but also a place to connect your friends and relatives together. Wherever you are, you can spend a small amount of time relaxing with this game.

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