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Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.5

App Name Bus Simulator City Ride
Version 1.0.5
Publisher astragon Entertainment GmbH
Size 448Mb
Require 5.0 and up
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Get it on Google Play
MOD info
  • Complete the level directly
  • Gold coins increased by 20W
  • Complete daily tasks (need to complete the main task first)
  • Speed up the game

Note: The screen will flicker several times when entering the game, please wait patiently for a few seconds, then you can enter normally

Download Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK and become a real bus driver. This game lets you carry your passengers to explore cities, travel to iconic locations, upgrade your bus network, and much more.

Create your routes

Bus Simulator City Ride allows players to operate buses in different cities around the world. It has realistic maps of each city and many bus brands to choose from. It also lets players customize their vehicles, including the seats and fuel consumption.

In the game, you can also create your own routes. You can do this by selecting the desired starting point, destination, and time for your tours. The game will calculate the travel time, distance, and cost of the tour, including fuel. You can also set the price of the tickets that passengers can purchase, which will help you determine how much you’ll need to spend. You can also decide how much catering you’d like to include, and choose the driver of your bus.

Bus Simulator City Ride mod apk

Explore the maps

The game features an open-world map that blends seamlessly into the game’s interface. This means that the game never has to reload the map, even if you’re traveling fast. Moreover, it features a reworked bus route system that allows players to create their own routes on the fly and connect them to other routes.

Insanely accurate simulation of public transport

This game describes an algorithm that can provide insanely accurate simulations of public transport networks. The algorithm is built around the Brutus methodology, a unique transport modeling method that deals with individual trips and the real mobility behavior of people. This includes taking into account the fact that people might stop at different places on the way to work and then return home via the shortest route. It is also capable of unlimited geographical accuracy.

Bus Simulator City Ride features

Relaxing experience

Bus Simulator City Ride provides a relaxing experience. This game allows you to drive a bus around an urban environment or a countryside location. The different scenarios give you a new perspective on city life while admiring the wild nature. The game can also be played with other vehicles.

Players can adjust their views from different perspectives to make the game more realistic. In the first-person perspective, players can see the cockpit and have direct control from the steering wheel. The player can also look out the window and experience the street through the glass. A third-person view is also available and enables the player to operate the bus with simulated function buttons and a spacious view.

The graphics in Bus Simulator Ultimate are high quality. The environment is realistic and the game features an interchanging day and night cycle. The interface is user-friendly and the buttons are well-placed. Moreover, users can customize the buttons in the game.

Managing a bus company

If you enjoy driving simulator games, you’ll find Bus Simulator City Ride to be a great choice. Unlike most driving games, Bus Simulator puts you in a realistic setting. Whether you’re a new driver or an experienced driver, you’ll find the game offers different levels of difficulty and play modes. Plus, it features a character creator and over 15,000 design options.

The game includes a decent campaign mode that lets you start with a single bus and then expand your fleet with additional buses and routes. As you progress, you’ll be able to upgrade bus stops, serve more routes, and progress to the district level.


Bus Simulator City Ride is a great game for those who enjoy driving. It allows you to set your own routes, pick up passengers, and customize your bus. There are a few limitations of the game, but overall, it provides a cathartic experience that is enjoyable for anyone.

Download Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.5

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