Bus Simulator: Original
Bus Simulator: Original

Bus Simulator: Original MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 3.8

App NameBus Simulator: Original
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Genre 3D, Simulation
SizeVaries with device
RequireAndroid 5.0
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Have you ever dreamed of sitting behind the steering wheel of a bus, and becoming a real driver? Surely a lot of people want to get this feeling, but not everyone can really achieve it, right? Therefore, today, I want to introduce you to a game that helps you get the full feeling. The title which I want to recommend to you is Bus Simulator: Original.

Bus Simulator: Original

The plot of the game

Bus Simulator: Original is a game built by two-game makers, namely Ovidiu Pop and Alexandru Marusac. Bus Simulator: Original is also one of the first games to simulate the process of driving, for those who are really passionate and want to experience this driving experience.

After its release, Bus Simulator: Original received extremely positive reviews from the players, and it was highly regarded as a novel game which should be promoted. The success of the Bus Simulator: Original can be assessed based on the following numbers. On the Android operating system platform, the game has received nearly 1.5 million downloads and 4.2 stars for the rating through the online store CHPlay. As for the IOS operating system, the game reached the top 39 in the racing game category, and 4.1 stars as of now.

It can be said that thanks to this special success, manufacturers are confident to develop the next games based on the main gameplay of this game.

Character incarnation

In this game, you will exactly be transformed into a real bus driver, with experiences almost similar to real experiences.

Unlike other racing simulation games, Bus Simulator: Original not only gives you a sense of speed, and experience on different terrain roads. The game has really brought players to the streets of urban areas every day, along with that, the player can try all the functions and tasks that a normal driver must go through.

Special points in the game

The game does not just stop at the usual experience, but you can also interact and get familiar with real situations.

 You have as many views in the car as reality, with a map, with automatic opening and closing doors, and views of the outside landscape through the rearview mirror. You can see the weather around each game changes, which makes you have to give the most appropriate response when on the road. The weather effects in the game are sunny, rainy, snowy, etc.

 As a driver, so you need to obey the traffic rules most seriously. For example, when you see a red light, stop and give way to pedestrians. You must perform the most important task of the driver, which is to pick up and drop off passengers at the bus stops that customers require. You may encounter many other vehicles moving around you, and sometimes, some vehicles also cause unnecessary accidents.

How to play

When entering the game, you will find yourself sitting behind the steering wheel, and make trips to the bus stops to pick up your passengers.

What you have on the screen are gas pins, brake pedals, speed gauges, petrol gauges, and vehicle signals such as left-turn signals, right turn signals, horns, alarms, left and right turn, … and radio stations. Really this is no different from the actual vision at all.

You have a map, and must rely on the route to pick up and drop off passengers at the right place! In addition, pay close attention to left and right through the rearview mirror to avoid causing accidents. And especially, you need to pay attention to the signs and traffic lights. Nobody wants to be fined by traffic police while playing simulation games, right?

The graphic of the game

The game achieves a high level of authenticity also thanks in large part to graphic design. Developers refer to real external images to create graphic details. For example, general designs such as roads, trees, surrounding houses, and even moving cars, to small designs such as digital clock shapes, petrol meters, radios, and even the reflection in the rearview mirror when driving.

The game is built primarily on modern and close 3D style. Characters such as passengers get on the bus, automatic doors, and moving objects all have rhythmic and relatively smooth movements.

The sound of the game

Game sound is a highlight that helps keep players playing the longest. To be honest, when playing games, we can completely recognize the loud sound to the car horns sometimes hum, and the noisy talk the game sound.

In addition, the sound of opening and closing doors, or getting on and getting off the car is also matched very well with the game image.


As can be seen, for those who want to experience the feeling of controlling a bus on the road, and getting the passengers up and down the bus stop, Bus Simulator: Original is really a game worth dreaming. If you want to understand more about driving style, as well as great experiences that no other career has, with the experience of holding the steering wheel and protect safety for everyone. Do not hesitate anymore, try this exciting and rewarding game right now!

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