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Cash, Inc

Cash, Inc MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.3.36

App NameCash, Inc
Publisher Lion Studios
Genre 3D, Simulation
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Getting rich is never difficult. In Cash, Inc. Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure, you only need taping to get billions of dollars every hour. Cash, Inc. Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure is a fun game for busy people. You do not need to be present too much in the game, or know how to play subtly like some other games. The basic thing you need to do is join the game in your free time, and then collect bargains from the game unexpectedly.

Cash, Inc. Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure was developed by the publisher Lion Studios, and released completely free on Android operating system. Up to now, the game has earned itself more than 10 million downloads, more than 1.1 million reviews and 4.7 stars on the game rankings.

This game basically simulates business deals. You will be acting as an entrepreneur. For every business, you will earn a sum of money. Use this money to invest in other businesses. If you do so, your revenue will grow exponentially. In the end, you will have a huge sum of money.

How to play

The game has a total of 10 floors of play that you need to conquer. Each floor corresponds to a different business aspect. The floors will be equivalent from small to large, which is a comic book store, a media area, a sushi bar, an art gallery, a shoe store, a recording studio, a computer store, gems, a director’s office and aviation room.

In the game, you will buy the above apartments in a building, and then rent out to potential customers.

First, when entering the game, you will get yourself the first apartment to start a business. It was a comic book store. Of course, with any of the first apartments, at the beginning there is no immediate rent. You have to earn money by tapping on the store to make money. The bigger the apartments, the more the waiting time will be. May be up to 10 hours. But this is not really a problem, when you upgrade the apartments, the time period will be shortened, and the profits will increase.

Pay attention to the animals or objects flying across the screen. It will give you large sums of money quickly.

Upgrade characters

In the tenants section, you can upgrade these people to higher levels to earn yourself more profit.

Each floor will have different characters, and specific to each room. For example, on the comic floor, we can see the character Mr. Cameo by Sir Stan Lee. On the floor of the painting exhibition, there is Ms. Molisa Lisa. On the aviation floor, there is a character who is a cosmos.

In addition, on each floor, you can have from 1 to 3 different people, not limited to a certain character.

Cash Inc. Fame Fortune Game

Other upgrades

Upgrade towers: In the game, there are more than 20 different towers for you to freely choose. These towers differ in layout and design. Each tower brings its own style that never overlaps.

Upgrade time and money in each building: Every time you upgrade this level, you will accumulate yourself titles when reaching a certain level of upgrades. The more you upgrade, the shorter the time, and the amount of money increases.

Items in game

You can collect in-game items via random gift boxes. Each box will normally have 3 cards. With the luxurious box, you will receive 8 cards. However, to get this box, you need to buy with diamonds. The normal box will be opened every 4 hours.

They include items that shorten time, increase profits, donate money, etc.

Other features in-game

Lucky spin: To earn more money and diamonds, the next thing you can do is to participate in the prize spinning. Each free spin will have a standby time of about 4 hours.

Treasure Hunt: Treasure hunt to get item chests. To win the game, you must successfully open 4 land plots with gold piece out of the total 16 plots.

Exchange gold for fame: After you have made a lot of money, you will be offered a level of fame by exchanging gold. The choice to change or not is up to you.

Connect with friends

When connecting your play account to your social media account, you can connect with your playmates.

In addition, you can share your personal accomplishments, and show off your wealth and reputation in the game to everyone.

Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game

Graphic design

The game has an eye-catching and modern graphic design. With a unique 3D design style, the game has created a sharp and vivid cartoon picture.

The color scheme as well as the background setting in the game are also very noticeable. It creates a subtle and attractive motion level, not too boring or as simple as games with static graphics.


Overall, Cash, Inc. Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure is a relatively interesting game with attractive simulation ideas.

It is hard to imagine that just by playing very simple steps, you can complete the game task. The game is an effective remedy to entertain for everyone. The game is suitable for all ages. Anyone who wants to play can experience it for free.

Do not hestitate anymore, download Cash, Inc. now. Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure to experience with friends right now! Certainly, you will have good and relaxing times with the game.

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