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Chaos: Immortal Era MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) 22091610

App NameChaos: Immortal Era
Publisher Kuukigame
Require8.1 and up
MOD InfoVIP Unlocked

An ancient wasteland awaits to be discovered in Chaos: Immortal Era MOD APK. Are you ready to build characters, win challenges and explore new lands in this 3D fantasy MMORPG game?

Plot of the game

When the world order is restored, everything is chaos, and no one can unify this world. Order is established only when a brave hero successfully finds the hidden treasure. Heroes from various factions, including Immortal or Devil, are all trying to find clues to the treasure to become the world’s new king.

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Chaos: Immortal Era is set in an ancient wasteland and gives players a large fantasy map. You cannot explore all the places on this map at the same time. Instead, you must follow the quests as directed and try to win to upgrade the character. While playing, you must constantly move to locations and meet important characters to carry out missions. Each mission will give you different benefits such as gold, experience, weapons or mounts, etc. Try to complete these small missions to gain experience and win the more extensive combat missions.

To get started, you need to choose a new character from 5 available classes with unique attributes, including:

  • Warrior: High defense, Crit, DMG reflect
  • Swordsman: Control, AOE, Balance
  • Witch: Poison Damage, Healing, AOE.
  • Assassin: Hight ATK, Agility, Cloaking
  • Archer: Hight ATK, AOE, Terminator.

Each class has its own weapon and unique skill tree. You should choose a hero that suits your playing style.

Outstanding features of this game

  • Massive map with secret areas: In the 3D world that Chaos: Immortal Era offers, you can experience ten vast maps. Each map comes with unique story content. Besides the master map, you can explore more than 20 unique areas. Each area is designed according to different stories with special supporting characters. These areas contain hidden resources for weapons, costumes, and gold. You will receive special treasure chests when you successfully explore the entire area.
  • Fashion collection for your hero: The costumes of the heroes in the game are invested. You can change the style and appearance of your characters with a range of beautiful costumes from Chaos: Immortal Era. There are many ways to collect these skins, including login bonuses, shop purchases, or level-up gifts. Also, some unique costumes will help increase the fighting ability of heroes.
  • Win on the chaotic battlefield: All heroes participate in battles to obtain the ultimate treasure and become the top 1 in the rankings. Whether you belong to Immortal or Devil, you must fight on this chaotic battlefield to receive rewards, experience, and character upgrade equipment.
  • Five special classes: It would be best to decide who you are before entering this rights war. Choose one of the special classes, including Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Swordman, and Witch, to gain new skills. Each class will have its strengths and weaknesses, and properties. Therefore, you need to carefully check the parameters before choosing a class to start with.
  • Chat and get married: Chaos: Immortal Era allows players to exchange and interact with other players easily. You can chat to chat with them, go on quests with them or even marry them. It is an exciting feature that helps the game attract single gamers.
  • 3D graphics with engaging sounds: Besides the detailed designed maps and mythical colors, the effects in the game are remarkable. Each character’s action has accompanying effects to add uniqueness. The sound in the game is highly catchy and makes you feel like you are adventuring in legendary lands.


The launch of Chaos: Immortal Era makes thousands of gamers eager to experience this immersive 3D virtual world. Be one of the gamers to experience this exciting game by downloading and playing now.

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