Clash of Kings
Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 8.21.0

App NameClash of Kings
Publisher Elex Wireless
Genre 2D, Strategy
RequireAndroid 4.0.3
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Clash of Kings turns you into a powerful lord. Together build your own a great empire. So join the Clash of Kings now. In the game, you will build and develop your empire, train the army, upgrade buildings and forces, and join the global battle alliance.

General introduction

Clash of Kings is developed in the style of empire building, combining unique array tactics. Players will start their career on an empty land. Your mission is to build strongholds, constructions to train the army. Besides, you must produce goods and food to serve the war, with the ultimate goal of unifying the seven kingdoms.

Clash of Kings : New Crescent Civilization gameplay

Game modes

Real-time strategy game Clash of Kings will lead players to enter the medieval period in Europe. This is the time of the monumental battles, bold epic. Let’s start from building houses, farms, setting up military barracks … to conquer 7 other kingdoms to unite the Jiangshan, converging to one term. To win this long and challenging battle, players must focus on training the army on an increasingly elite. Besides, you must actively participate in the battle with the enemy to improve the field experience. You will upgrade defensive structures and attacks … to get ready for the final and decisive battle!

Missions in the game

Clash of Kings offers 4 basic tasks for players to focus on completing. The missions are to build strongholds, gather resources, train troops, and engage in battles with other empires. You can join an alliance with your friends, or create your own and invite everyone to join. Fighting in a united league will increase your chances of winning on all fronts!

The more the army enlarged and developed, the more it needed food and shelter. Focus on building farms, factories … to exploit resources, strengthen the empire and the army. Players can earn money from daily quests and harvest crops from the farm. Besides, you must build a defense force for the stronghold to protect all the wealth and resources you have.

Clash of Kings gameplay

As the empire expanded in size, there were also times when many enemies snooped, and wanted to attack and plunder wealth. Therefore, Clash of Kings players must always have forces, equipment and mentality ready. The fight will occur at any time!

Online PvP game

This is real time war strategy game. Build an empire and clash with enemies completely free. Building and developing giant empire. At the same time, protecting the throne through strong fortress and wise war strategy. Develop your forces in Simcity. Enjoy games on your phone or tablet, because Clash of Kings supports both types of devices. Remember when you build a big empire and empire alliance, you also create dangerous enemies in Clash of Kings. Discover and experience the feeling when your kingdom grows day by day.

This game is for those who love to build an empire. In addition, Clash of Kings allows players to experience the building of a PvP strategic base. Clash of Kings has many kings but only one is chosen. The king of kings? A forest cannot have two tigers. Does this location belong to you? Let’s wait and see. Download Clash of Kings now and experience it!

The construction and Army

Clash of Kings owns an extremely diverse army system, divided into the following army:

  1. Bodyguards: Has a high defense index, ability to resist the attacks of the enemy to protect strongholds, good cover for other forces.
  2. Archers: Ability to shoot very fast and accurately.
  3. Crossbow: Ability to shoot wide-angle, good fortress protection.
  4. Vehicles siege: Protect strongholds effectively thanks to combat experience.
  5. Catapult: Long range helps attack from extremely long range.
  6. Rifle: The ability to attack and surprise the opponent.
  7. Cavalry: Ability to fight from afar, fast moving speed.
  8. Gunner: Attack from a distance, especially when fighting in a mineral outside.

The system of works in the game is also very diverse, each with its own functions. The stronghold is the main building in the game, helping to unlock new features. Research institute for combat, battlefield to gather troops to prepare for combat, workshop forging to make weapons, war fortresses to create traps, warehouses to store resources. In addition, there are gates, towers, farms, ambulance tents, markets …

You must arrange rationally on your territory to get the most secure posture.

Clash of Kings (Mod, Unlimited Money)?

Owning yourself a mighty empire and upgrading is very expensive. Meanwhile, making money in Clash of Kings is very difficult and time consuming. Therefore, we will bring you a modified version of this game. It will help you to achieve your desires quickly. Clash of Kings Mod apk will give you a large amount of money when starting the game. In other words, ‘You will be rich from eggs’. Along Clash of Kings owns an elite army, along with a strong watchtower system. It will help you conquer all other empires easily.


Overall, Clash of Kings is a great MMO empire game, well worth testing. Game has beautiful graphics platform, deep real-time strategy gameplay, interesting storyline, lots of exciting alliance and fighting features. The game contains some annoying advertisements and paid IAP packages, requiring players to buy with real money. If you want to try the empire game series on android, Clash of Kings is a good choice with many attractive features. Take the time to visit the homepage to find out and download your favorite games right now!

Download Clash of Kings MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 8.21.0

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