Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game
Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 17.0.1

App NameCooking Fever
Publisher Nordcurrent
Genre 3D, Arcade, Simulation
Require4.3 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Cooking Fever is an exciting restaurant management simulation game on Android. Download the game’s latest mod for free to use unlimited in-game money and upgrade everything for free.

About Cooking Fever

Not only for entertainment purposes but many games are also now developed in order to improve geometry skills such as the Monument Valley series, computing skills such as 2048,…. Today, we would like to present to you a game that helps us in managing our time, organizing our work better – Cooking Fever. With over 100 million downloads and a 4-star rating at Google Play, let’s find out more about this original but intriguing game in the article below.

How to play

In Cooking Fever, you’ll play the role of a passionate chef with your own brand-new restaurant. You will start with a simple menu with easy-to-make fast foods like hot dogs, hamburgers,…. For each game, there will be diners to come to order at your restaurant. Based on what is shown, you will have to make exactly the dishes that the customers request in a limited time. When you complete these tasks well, you will receive money based on the satisfaction of the customers who come to eat.

Cooking Fever Gameplay

Currently, Cooking Fever has 3 main locations: City, Paradise Island, and Alpine Mountains. Each place will have a number of restaurants waiting for talented chefs – no one else is you to come and open the door, clean, ready to serve. Each restaurant has 40 levels that need to be passed with the required score in order to continue. After completing a serving session, you will gain experience (XP) to open your next restaurant after reaching the set level.

Upgrade your restaurant

The money you earn through each service day can be used to upgrade the restaurant, menu, and other household items needed in cooking. After that, more and more customers will come to dine at your restaurant, forming a cycle for you to continue on the way to “conquer” the hungry stomach of the customers.

Over time, the dishes are structured more complex and the given time is limited. This requires you to be very skillful in thinking who to serve first, avoid losing both customers and money.

Mastering the most complicated menus

It can be said that the publisher Nordcurrent has put in a lot of effort in this brainchild. With more than 1000 levels to conquer and many top culinary dishes from many countries such as China, India, …, the player will definitely not feel bored spending time with Cooking Fever.

After playing the game, try to make some dishes in real life! Maybe the results are beyond your imagination and you have for yourself a “weapon” to entertain your relatives and friends.

Cooking Fever MOD graphics

Sound and graphics

With a restaurant scene, the sounds from customer footsteps to the sizzle of meat on the grill have been described by Nordcurrent quite authentically. You should turn on the sound for a better experience. In terms of graphics, you should not play Cooking Fever with an empty stomach because the images of such delicious food will surely make you feel very hungry.

Conquering the game more easily

Don’t know how to make your goals in Cooking Fever easier? Here are some tips for mastering the game, hopefully it is useful to you.


These are very important objects because they can help you get through some levels that you are stuck and cannot pass. There are many ways to own gems such as daily login, increasing XP and participating in Casino (Unlocked after Level 7). Use gems wisely to avoid wastage.

Collection tips

After serving a customer, they leave the money on the counter. Do not rush to collect this amount! The game mechanics won’t let another guest stand where the money hasn’t been collected yet, so you can take advantage of it by serving 1 or 2 customers at a time to avoid getting tangled up.

Kitchen Upgrades

Use coins to upgrade essentials in cooking whenever possible. When you buy new things for yourself, the speed of performing the task will be faster, from which the customers will be served on time, allowing you to pass the level easily.

Buy a new restaurant

After completing 40 levels at the old restaurant, you will be eager to open a new store. You should not do this quickly! Although when buying a new restaurant it will be quite cheap, the money to upgrade the kitchen will be very expensive and you may not be able to pass the levels here because the requirements of the customers are daunting. Try to get 3 stars in all levels at the restaurant before, after having some coins to spare and upgrade the kitchen in the new restaurant, it is not late to start serving here.

Enjoy the latest mod of Cooking Fever at

If you want to speed up your game progress in the simplest way, then Cooking Fever mod is a great choice. We bring you the latest mod of this game. Mod feature allows you to use money in the game without limit. So, you can purchase items or upgrade everything in the game easily.


Not only high for entertaining purposes, but Cooking Fever can also train you with time management skills and patience. If you feel that you don’t have a good schedule in your routine, through the game, you can both relieve stress and train yourself to obtain a smart schedule, help to eliminate this bad habit. What are you waiting for without downloading the game now!

Download Cooking Fever MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 17.0.1

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