Cover Fire: Offline Shooting
Cover Fire

Cover Fire MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.23.28

App NameCover Fire
Publisher Genera Games
Genre 3D, Action
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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This is a particularly attractive shooting game, along with your teammates to destroy enemies. Join the special shooting game Cover fire of the publisher Genera Games. In Cover Fire, you will be the shooter, leading a team of veterans through the besieged city, desert and guerrilla fields occupied. You need to defeat every enemy, and defeat hostages in this best war survival game on mobile. Lead them in battles against the famous corporation – Tetracorp. Infiltrate the enemy’s lair to destroy the target. On your way, there will be a large number of opponents and fighting robots. Teammates will support you. Each person will have different strong and weak skills. Try to combine to overcome enemies safely and quickly. Always be alert from all sides to avoid sudden attacks …

Cover Fire: Shooting Games Free

Your mission is to lead the battle and become the best sniper!

Are you a hero in survival games? Check it out right here in the Cover fire. Join us to experience this new FPS 3D mode. Join the resistance and command your army to complete the task. Try to act and survive on the battlefield. Shoot to take down enemies in special action scenes, and survive in this 3D sniper game 2019! Try to control and cover the battlefield. Take aim at the enemy’s head to kill them as quickly as possible. Your survival skills will improve every day so you can become the best sniper.

There are 11 challenges that you must overcome to clear off Tetracorp terrorists. Recruit your teammates and support the police and the army: they need your help! Join the resistance and command like a professional sniper.

Diverse arsenal with guns have strong damage

To get the most advanced weapons, you will have to overcome each stressful mission. The money will be your booty. You will go into the shop to buy the weapons you like, shotguns which can kill enemies quickly. Or the sniper rifle will put the bullet directly into the head. Equip medical equipment in case of danger. In addition, it is indispensable for the bombs that can kill people when the enemy is near each other. It is important that you know how to exploit the strengths of all the weapons you have, in order to overcome the weapons quickly. Upgrade your familiar guns to increase its damage.

Enemy troops with mighty armies

Besides, the enemy army is also equipped with a state-of-the-art arsenal at each level. Armored cars with terrible damage, or shields that bullets can’t destroy. The enemy soldiers with skills not inferior to humans can take your life anywhere. So be alert and focus on each mission to overcome in the best way.

New mode to destroy Zombie

In addition, Cover fire also has a zombie shooting mode. A powerful and dangerous Zombie army suddenly appears, disrupting your daily activities. They are like a pandemic which sweeping people, putting people in danger of extinction. Refusing to give up, the healthy people unanimously stood up to hunt and save the world from this pandemic. As one of the world’s hopes, you must go and destroy all zombies, bringing peace to your city.

Armed with state-of-the-art weapons, the shots that put the bullet in their heads will kill them faster. Please limit their attacks. Perfecting skills, trying to overcome the task after each level, you will receive a worthy reward.

Large terrain map

The terrain map is very diverse and large, giving players the experience like real life. Forests and thousands of challenges are waiting for you. Sunny and windy deserts. In addition, there are many missions on the battlefield of destruction. Shoot on board, shoot missions on helicopters, control drones, etc. All will be encapsulated in this game.

3D graphic design

3D graphics with a realistic system of scenes like real life. In particular, the graphics in fierce fighting will be things that make you extremely excited and satisfied. Meanwhile, the battle will take place that is no different from the blockbuster. In addition, the sound in the game is also of very good quality. The sound of gunfire, screams of zombies reproduce very real. It contributes to the creation of a human survival battle.


With these attractive features, Cover fire deserves to be one of the best zombie shooting games on mobile. Download Cover fire to your device right now to start conquering. If you like sniper game and strategy games, you can not ignore Cover fire! The game is very interesting and challenging. It has very intense and creative gameplay that you will surely enjoy. Join the army till the last mission! Live long to protect the world! Certainly, exciting moments will come to you every time you pick up your phone and surf in the game.

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