Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS
Critical Ops

Critical Ops MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets) 1.37.0.f2085

App NameCritical Ops
Publisher Critical Force Ltd.
Genre 3D, Action, Multiplayer
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoUnlimited Bullets
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Critical Ops is an FPS shooting game from the publisher’s Critical Force. This is one of the best action games, with super nice graphics and attractive tactical gameplay. In particular, this game is being released for free on Google Play.

Surely you are no stranger to such shooting games. Just watching the introduction video, any discerning gamer immediately recognizes that it is inspired by Counter-Strike, also known as HalfLife. Or online games like CF, Pursuit. Download and experience it on your mobile platform. Although Critical Ops is free, it offers a great experience. The developers carefully cared for it from graphics, sound, and tactical action gameplay that couldn’t be more appealing.

Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS

C4 bomb setting mode

Critical Ops gives players 2 different modes. You can change the game mode to avoid playing one mode for too long, which leads to boring. It’s the Bomb setting, also known as C4, and the Deathmatch mode. There are 2 factions to choose from. One is on the counter-terrorist side, also known as the Police, and the other is on the opposing side, also known as robbery. The faction selection will change the way the player plays and costumes in the game. If you choose a terrorist faction, your mission is to place the bombs.

Try to place the bomb in a predetermined position on the map, and protect it until it explodes. So your team won. If you choose the police faction, your mission is to kill all terrorists. In case the bomb was placed, then you will try to approach and remove the bomb if you do not want to be blown away from the game. The context of the game takes place in two famous cities Amsterdam and Barcelona. Although there are only 2 cities, it is meticulously designed by the publisher with many dangerous locations.

Deathmatch mode

In this battle mode, there will be 2 sides for you to choose as C4 mode. It is the Police side, and the other side is robbers. Your goal is to destroy the other side’s team. The team with the last survivors will be the winner of the match. Try to choose the right tactics, and practice skills every day to win for your team.

Critical Ops is an action game with 20 gamers joining in a match. That means you have to have a reasonable strategy so that you and your teammates can survive in choking gunfights. It requires gamers to unify the plan, and coordinate with each other in each mission. This feature is a unique improvement which never found in other mobile shooters, promising to bring you many new experiences. Besides, the confrontation gameplay also increases the dramatic and dangerous level of the game. According to a statement from the publisher’s Critical Force, Critical Ops will never have to pay money to win. Players only need to try to bring down many enemies, earn more money to buy more weapons. It helps you increase your strength as well as increase the chances of winning for your team.

Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS gameplay

Weapon system

The arsenal in the game is also quite diverse and can meet all types, from shotguns, pistols, rifles, automatic guns, even machetes … All have terrible damage, and you completely be able to choose the weapon you like before entering the battle. Each weapon brings its own advantages and characteristics. Shotgun with great damage in close combat, but reload long and low range. If you like one shot, choose the AWM. With this gun, it requires you to be sensitive and careful observation. Its advantage is its long-range and great damage, but if it is close, it is weaker than the other guns. M249 is a gun with a large number of bullets. With it, you can enjoy firing and supporting your team very well. There are many other types of guns too, let’s experience in the game yourself.

Teammates are the key to victory

Try to find a common voice with your teammates. If your team starts playing in Counter-Terrorist mode, pay attention to defending important strategic positions, far more than rushing to attack and be destroyed. This faction focuses on blocking and defending, not attacking and destroying. If your team starts playing in Terrorist mode, try to break through your opponent’s defense by rushing into an area, and overwhelming the opponent. In this way, you can set up bombs and hold defensive positions to protect them. Pay attention to the radar to capture the situation of your team. This will help you alert, in case an enemy tries to attack you from infiltrated areas. Critical Op is a playground that emphasizes teamwork, with no room for one’s ego. You need to play as a member, need to grasp and understand the plan to implement.

Critical Ops

Booty earned after each game

When your team wins, you and your teammates will collect some money in the game. If you have a lot of money, you can buy more weapons and share them with your teammates. Helping each other has an advantage in carrying out the team’s mission. Change your team’s tactics to avoid being ambushed. If your team tries to approach the enemy from one location and fails, the only way to win is to adapt yourself to the circumstances, and try again from a different location, and at the same time implement different plans.

Graphic design

In terms of graphics, Critical Ops has vivid 3D graphics. The effects of explosive bombs, erupting blood, falling bullets … are quite authentic. The surrounding landscape is described in detail in each alley, the tricky path which is difficult to defend but hard to attack. If you are just a second off the screen, the office buildings with many furniture are easily attacked by surprise. The sound in the game is quite impressive, the sound of bullets and bombs exploding is very real. It contributes to a realistic experience.


Critical Ops is a fast-paced FPS shooter that will test your reflexes and tactics. Are you ready to engage in the uncompromising battle against terrorism? Try to experience the nervous feeling, intense to heart attack, and make the action phases as fast as in a criminal movie with Critical Ops right now!

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