Dead Spreading:Saving
Dead Spreading: Saving

Dead Spreading: Saving MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 0.0.68

App NameDead Spreading: Saving
Publisher Potting Mob
Genre 3D, Action
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Get it onGoogle Play

Dead Spreading is an engaging action RPG to kill zombies on Google Play. The game comes from Potting Mob, a game publisher from China. Dead Spreading is where you and your teammates work together to kill zombies. The task of the player is to save the survivors and upgrade their fighting forces to fight the zombie army that is taking over the city.

The world is in danger by a zombie pandemic. Doomsday is approaching, zombies are everywhere in the city. They want to take over the earth and turn all the people into zombies. Unyielding, you and your comrades leap to destroy all zombies, and reclaim the peace of the earth.

Hunt down Zombie, find peace

In Dead Spreading, you will play as a brave warrior. You will cross each street, every corner of the city to hunt down and kill the zombies. They are very crowded and everywhere in the city. Each level will bring hundreds, thousands of zombies for you to destroy. There are many types of zombies in the game, each with its own unique shape and characteristics. In particular, they will get stronger after each battle. To fight the zombies which are getting stronger every day, you also have to be strong if you don’t want to be torn to pieces.

To do that, you need to upgrade your character. After each stage, you will receive the character card and an amount of money. Use it to unlock new characters and upgrade your character. Each character will have 50 levels for players to upgrade. After the upgrade, the character will be increased the basic stats such as blood, armor, damage. In particular, after reaching a certain number of levels, you will unlock new skills for the character. It is the key for you to deal with zombies.

Simple gameplay

The control mechanism in Dead Spreading: Saving is very simple. In the game, you just need to move the character through the streets, nooks, and crannies to hunt for zombies. When detecting  zombie, the gun will automatically shoot and kill them. Nearby targets will be prioritized to shoot first, this mechanism is quite good. It helps you to keep your distance from zombies safely. Pay attention to keep a distance from zombies, this is the most important thing in this game. They may rush to attack you at any time. Although the weapons are very powerful, it is impossible to kill all zombies at once. Therefore, let’s combine movement and attack because standing still means that you are choosing death.

Dead Spreading:Saving

Reasonable tactics to support your teammates

You have to face thousands of zombies in each level, so fighting alone is impossible. The game brings you, teammates, they will accompany you side by side in every match. They will come to help you with parachutes, but remember that collecting teammates is very important. Command and protect them, fighting together to the last breath. Collecting the same teammates will help you and your teammates can increase stars. After increasing stars, characters will become stronger, and killing zombies also becomes easier.

The number of zombies in each battle will be displayed on the phone screen. It will be constantly updated, providing players with information on the number of remaining zombies. In addition, it also provides information on the attacks of zombies and the amount of collection, players can easily identify on the top and corner of the screen. Besides, players can also switch between characters and teammates. Choose the strongest person in the team as a captain, that will help you to be able to support your teammates well.

Diverse character system

The game offers a diverse system of characters so players can freely choose to fit their strategy. You can unlock and upgrade characters with the cards collected after each match. This is also the teammate who will support you in each match and has its own characteristics. The nurse will help you heal when you’re low on health. Cowboys with guns can shoot multiple targets at once. Or special forces soldiers can spray fire, along with the rain of cannons to wipe out the enemy quickly.

Graphic design

A game designed with 2.5D graphics, though simple but no less beautiful. The skill effects are clear, beautiful and colorful. Graphics in the fierce fighting will make you excited and satisfied. Meanwhile, the battles will take place extremely dramatic and drastic. The game also brings a lot of game maps, helping players not be bored when having to fight in a map multiple times. The map is large enough for players to explore, besides are the niches for you to devise a lot of reasonable tactics. Moreover, the sound system is very lively. The sound of gunfire, the sound of killed zombies are fun, but there is no sense of horror.


If you love zombie shooting action game, Dead Spreading: Saving is a game that you should not miss. The game brings extremely fierce battles. The gameplay is simple and suitable for everyone, along with beautiful graphics and vibrant sound. The game promises to bring players a fun and wonderful experience. If you want to join the game, download it now by the link we provide below.

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