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Shooting games are probably too familiar to us now. But what about shooting games to kill zombies? This is really a new challenge for you. Enjoy the thrill and excitement in the game DEAD TARGET: Zombie.


DEAD TARGET: Zombie is a game produced by VNG Game Studios. This is a game company specializing in the game of shooting genre kill zombies. Since its release, DEAD TARGET: Zombie has reached more than 50 million downloads on GG Play, and nearly 2 million reviews on all game platforms released. For mobile, the game is released completely for free on both major operating systems, Android and iOS.

The context of DEAD TARGET: Zombie

As described by the game publisher, the context of DEAD TARGET: Zombie is in 2040. According to the plot, this is the year of World War III. After the Minister of Defense signed a contract with MZ Company to carry out the project “Death target”. That is to convert prisoners into an army of mutated monsters. Incidentally, the MZ company blatantly betrayed the treaty, and threatened to trigger undead diseases if the president did not listen to them. And also from here, the age of destruction began.

In the context of the world is about to collapse, you will be transformed into a police agent. In your city, almost all the buildings and people have been destroyed almost. Only you and Agent M are left. However, Agent M has been arrested. You must complete the mission to save this M agent.

The gameplay in DEAD TARGET: Zombie

First, in order to enter a specific match, you need to equip combat weapons. At the menu screen, you will select the guns to bring into the game. In addition, you can also equip more grenades. To increase the number of grenades, you can choose to buy at the store.

Next, you need to select the map. DEAD TARGET: Zombie has many maps with different terrains and locations. This helps to diversify and enrich your vision in the game.

After completing the selection of weapons and maps, you will begin to play. You need to note some virtual keys on the display screen. Here are the keys to help you make the move, as well as the firing commands.

When entering the play screen, note that on the game map there is never only one zombie. Zombies will appear in countless waves. So be wise to be able to defeat them.

 After completing the tasks set in each level, you will win rewards. These rewards are usually money and gold, so you can retrofit and upgrade items.

How to use the function keys

On your left hand side is the “Aim area”. Ie area of ​​aiming to shoot. You need this action to aim at a specific goal. Once the target has been locked out, you will move your hand on the round key, and drag and drop so that the target matches the bull’s eye of the target. Thus, after pulling the trigger, you will not miss shot to cause wasting of ammunition.

The other two virtual keys will be on your right-hand side. The first is the weapon change key. With this key, you can change the guns you have alternately to suit the situation. You can take the following example: If you are away from the zombies, you should choose the gun with a long viewfinder. But if these zombies come close, you have to choose a pistol to fire quickly. In addition to changing the types of guns, you can also choose to use grenades to increase range and damage to the target. Finally, the firing key. Certainly, this is an indispensable key in this game genre. Once the target is locked into the viewfinder, you need to quickly pull the trigger. The target is always on the move, so you need to pull the trigger quickly so you don’t have to spend a lot of time aiming.

The guns integrated in the game

Can list some guns in the game:

  • M1911 Pistol: This is a short handgun, caliber 45, semi-automatic. The gun does not have a star rating and has a maximum of 10 bullets.
  • AK47: This is an epic classic gun. The gun does not have a star rating and has a maximum of 30 bullets.
  • HK MP5: This is a sight gun with a high rate of fire, relatively good firepower. The gun is rated 1 star and has a maximum of 30 bullets.

The gun ratings are quite low. However, you can upgrade these features. To have the most perfect gun, you need to go into the store to equip more gun features. For example, increase accuracy, rate of fire, ammunition capacity and increase the force of fire. You can buy these items with money earned in each match. Also, when you recharge money directly into the game, you can buy them with gold.

The graphic design and sound in the game

DEAD TARGET: Zombie has an eye-catching 3D graphic design. The shooting and killing movements in the game are very detailed and realistic. There is little lag in the game. In addition, the in-game maps are designed very prominent, both diverse in terrain and rich in scenery. The sound of the game is built very suitable and attractive. It creates the feeling of suspense and suffocation in intense confrontations.


DEAD TARGET: Zombie is a unique role-playing shooting game, combined with the dramatic and thrilling fighting scenes. The game has done very well in almost all the important aspects to make a good game. That is a unique game idea, combined with attractive gameplay and beautiful graphic style. If you are a fan of strategy shooting games, the game will definitely bring you the gaming world that you like best.

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