Defense Legend 3: Future War
Defense Legend 3

Defense Legend 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.7.6

App NameDefense Legend 3
Publisher GCenter
Genre 3D, Strategy
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Defense Legend 3: Future War is a tower defense game. The publisher GCenter has released this game. This is the latest installment in their Defense Legend series. Defense Legend 3: Future War is provided for free. The game possesses new and exciting features, you cannot encounter in other games in the same genre.

Defense Legend 3 build tower

After being completely defeated in Defense Legend, the forces of darkness built up stronger forces. They are more aggressive, more sophisticated, with the purpose of annexing the world a second time. To prevent that invasion campaign, the legendary generals have prepared new campaigns and tactics to fight against them. As a result, they failed again. But some of them have escaped, and plan to rebuild their forces to attack the world again. Whether it is possible to destroy them this time and forever, it is up to you. Plan and get ready to fight in Defense Legend 3: Future War.

Arrange weapons to protect the base

Defense Legend 3: Future War is a tower defense game, so your main task in the game is to give the best plan. It is very important for you to protect your base. You will prevent the onslaught of enemies by arranging weapons in a reasonable position, similar to many other classic strategy games. Use your own wisdom and experience in tower games to master the battlefield. Together with guard the watchtower as well as combat forces in any situation.

In this playground, players will turn into a professional tactical commander. Your mission is to build defensive blockhouse s on the battlefields in a reasonable way, preventing the attack line of the dark forces. They are full of danger, trying to attack the base across your battlefield. To increase the difficulty for the screenplay, the dark forces bring a lot of new weapons. They are very powerful and fast-moving, ready to attack your base at any time.

Upgrade weapons

To build and upgrade your blockhouse, you need money. Every time you destroy an enemy, you will earn corresponding money. The stronger the enemy is, the greater the amount of money collected. There are many types of blockhouses to choose from, each of which has its own unique power. Just as enemies have stronger blockhouses, the more money they spend, and the upgrades are more expensive. It is very important to decide what kind of blockhouse you build, they greatly influence the result of the battle.

Defense Legend 3 weapons

Complex terrain according to each level

The diverse terrain in the game is a plus point for this game. With each battle screen, your terrain will be changed, from simple to complex. The rough terrain makes your enemies stronger and vice versa. Inside your strong base are also tunnel dug up by the enemy. Take the initiative to defend all the strongest routes possible. Successor failure lies in the layout of your defense. Game Defense Legend 3 requires the player to calculate reasonably to prevent radical the enemy’s attack line. Just a small mistake can make your fight fail.

Various weapon systems

To balance the power between the forces of darkness and our side, the publisher has added some new weapons. Each weapon also has a unique feature.

  1. LDC-055-G3: 3rd generation land mines combination, useful support in case of the number of enemies is large.
  2. UXO-W-II: 2nd generation sound waves upgraded with greater power than the previous generation, creating sound waves that destroy enemies in a large range.
  3. I-A-III: Freeze all enemies for a certain amount of time.
  4. BF1-III: 3rd generation BF1 combat team, with 5 bombers to destroy large numbers of enemies.
  5. Hellfire Area II: Upgrade Hellfire Area with a faster rate of fire, destroy all enemies on its sweeping path.
  6. Supergun-FII: The second version of the Supergun-F gun, acting as a cannon with rocket warheads. It has terrible destructive power. Unlimited range. Version 2 is upgraded with the ability to automatically shoot.
  7. W-R-II: Weapons with the nickname death wheel will always be the fear of the enemy. Version 2 is upgraded and has the ability to search for enemies in a better way.
  8. A-B-S-II: Superweapon created by the army. Weapons synthesize the energy in the air and release enormous amounts of energy to kill enemies.
  9. In addition to upgrading old weapons, new weapons were also developed to fight against the forces of darkness.
Defense Legend 3 gameplay

Graphic design

The graphics of Defense Legend 3: Future War has many improvements and upgrades. 3D graphics with a system of realistic scenes like real life. In particular, the graphics in fierce fighting will make you extremely excited and satisfied. Meanwhile, the battle will take place no different from the blockbuster.

About APK Mod of Defense Legend 3

Building strong blockhouses and complete upgrades is expensive. Meanwhile, to earn money in Defense Legend 3 is not simple. Therefore, we bring you a modified version of this game. Games will give you a large amount of money at the start of the game. They allow you to freely buy and upgrade weapons without thinking about the price. Together Defense Legend 3 destroy the forces of darkness once and forever, protect the peace for the earth.


If you are a fan of the tower defense game, you should not miss Defense Legend 3: Future War. When playing Defense Legend 3: Future War, let’s use tactics and cards appropriately to win. Defense Legend 3 will bring more surprises to the players. Get ready to become talented commanders or brave superheroes, defeat the evil forces in this fascinating tower defense game.

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