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Disney Emoji Blitz

Disney Emoji Blitz MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 54.1.0

App NameDisney Emoji Blitz
Publisher Inc.
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Introduce to Disney Emoji Blitz

Disney Emoji Blitz presents a classic matching game with such a strong vibe of fun that your children would love. There are no standard emojis, but ones are stepping straight out of Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars, such as Zootopia, Monster Inc, The Lion King, and so on. No matter how old you are, this game would be a blast.

The game imposes an excellent chance to relax as you have to play with minimum stress. However, it can turn tricky when you need it to be. Since it’s still a free app that you can try and delete at any time, why not have a little fun now?

Disney Emoji Blitz MOD APK

Special Features by Disney Emoji Blitz

Matching games never lose heart. They have kept up with appearance, rules, and features, but the core moves – swipe and match-stay a classic goal. These games like Crush Saga or Disney Emoji Blitz always propose a great time to break.

You would never know how tricky they become until you get into it. It seems comfortable with the matching because you could see plenty of chances on the screen. However, the fun part is making use of a powerful icon and rewarding moves. Such a game shouldn’t be just for one player but open for society. Scroll down the section to know what you can have fun with the game. 

Engaging emoticons from Disney movies

Disney Emoji Blitz gathers the most favorite Disney characters that children love. Each main character emojis will obtain a superpower that you will take advantage of later. You will see their power respond to the characteristics of the people. For example, mermaid Ariel may have bubbles that clear away some other emojis.

When starting the game, you will not meet all of them on the first play but pick the one. It’s mandatory to unlock other characters during upgrading levels since the challenges ahead need more amenities. We bet you are curious about the power that other characters have.

Like Crush Saga, your turn happens only in a specific amount of time, and you get as many moves as possible. However. There is no target set but only count on coins for you to try. 

Easy and funny matching games 

Your job is to match three same emojis together and collect points. However, there are four and five combinations that could grant you extra power, like in any matching game.

There are differences in appearance and rules, but the system will instruct clearly. Unlike the other matching game, you can buy more special features using coins, which is convenient. 

The game appears with a little challenge like filling the emojis bar. However, you may pass it with little effort.

More interestingly, you can play the game offline once you install it. Hence, now you can have a blast in the elevator, underground parking lot, electric cut, and whenever you want to get out of the connection.

Disney Emoji Blitz Key features

Free chat

You don’t have to log in with social media to play. So, if you are afraid that your data gets stolen, this game is not a threat.

However, you can always change your mind by logging in with Facebook and connecting with friends there. Once you get the circle, you can chat free with those emojis in the built-in chatbox. It will be so much fun!

Challenges to friend

When you enjoy the game, please don’t keep it for yourself but spread it over to your friend list. Who knows somebody out there is longing for such simple and no-brainer challenges? 

Since the social channel in Disney Emoji Blitz links to Facebook, your invitation could go to any person you want. It will not be a duo but competing in the score so that you can join with free time. While a strict schedule does not tighten other people, why should they ignore fun?


Disney Emoji Blitz wants players to have fun every day to have events for you to attend. Attending the challenge of the day, you hold a chance to unlock more emojis to cope with future games. 

And, there are always more surprises to encounter.

Disney Emoji Blitz Shop 

Disney Emoji Blitz is a free app that you can play without a single leak of your data and cost. More powerful emoji can come to your pocket in exchange for golden coins, but you can get them faster with money.

Final words

Disney Emoji Blitz follows a classic game motif. However, it is not a bit boring since we all feel affectionate to Disney movies. We see it as a healthy game for children to review their favorite characters in the game. 

If you are searching for a stress-free break time, don’t forget this one cause you can have fun out of the connection with the world.

Download Disney Emoji Blitz MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 54.1.0

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