Draw Duel
Draw Duel

Draw Duel MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.2.1

App NameDraw Duel
Publisher Lion Studios
Genre 3D, Action, Multiplayer
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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If you want to use your imagination and drawing to kill your opponents in a match, you shouldn’t miss Draw Duel. It’s a fun game that brings you many cool challenges and moments.

About Draw Duel

Draw Duel should be in the device of all gamers who want to play with imagination. They can use their drawing skills and creativity to show how they can win in a challenging match. Players will join in a 1vs1 duel match with other players from all over the world. Your weapon is your skill and imagination. So, you can try your best to show all skills you have to win the match. Plus, you can earn money and use it to buy the necessary things for your characters.

Draw to attack your opponents

Once you enter this funny game, your biggest mission is to try all ways to attack and kill your opponents. There is a drawing place that allows you to draw everything you like. You can draw a circle, a square, or even a rectangle. Depending on your drawing, the hit will be different. Sometimes, you may see that the bigger your picture is, the more points you can get. So, let try thinking of the most detailed drawing to attack your opponents quickly. Plus, it would help if you noticed that you only have some limited minutes to draw, so let its use it.

Change your characters’ appearance.

When you level up or gain more money, you can use them to change your character’s appearance. There are many clothes, such as a colorful hat, knife, beard, glasses, crawl, etc. Each item will have a cost, and you need to earn enough money to get these things. Sometimes, you may see some special items that have a high price. This is the target for you to effort earning more money to gain these. When you have a beautiful appearance, you may feel more confident and have a great power to fight.

Moreover, you can also change the color of the item you buy. There is a color wheel with many beautiful and primary colors for you to choose from. So, depending on your needs, you can pick up a suitable color as you like. Plus, the shape of your character in Draw Duel is also a thing to care about. It’s funny because it is never straight.

Draw Duel MOD Features

Observe the blood bar to know when you die

When you fight, you may see a blood bar above your head. This will show you how much blood you have. Once this bar is empty, you will die, and the game will end. By the way, you can also see how much blood your opponent has. So, you can try to think and draw unique shapes to kill your opponents faster. Against your opponents, you also see how much blood you have, and they can feel the way to kill you as you do.

Upgrade your power

Power is the soul of a hero. So, when you finish a match, but you don’t feel pleased with your character’s way, you can upgrade the power. There are three types of energy for you to choose, such as Healing, piercing damage, and damage +. Each power will strengthen your skill. So, don’t hesitate to spend money upgrading this power. You may not imagine how great your energy can be. With the Healing, you can restore your health whenever you want. Plus, the Piercing damage you can deal with when lashing blades. With the damgame+, you can make your opponents hurt. These skills are excellent, and they can help you gain winning faster.

Joining player challenge games

If you think that you only play solo games with other people, you may wrong. Draw Duel offers many challenges for all players to test their skills all time. When you think you are confident enough and want to challenge yourself more, you can join in these games. Each challenge will come with a different task, and you need to complete all tasks if you want to get the rewards. Plus, your opponents will be the person who will fight you. You can choose to accept or not. The tips are also shown on the screen so that you can see and make a decision. These duels indeed cool, so you needn’t miss them.

The thing you need to notice

Sometimes, you may find that moving seems to be complicated. Many players say that they find so hard to control the character and the way they see it. So, if you want to control your character better, you need to be flexible. Moreover, Draw Duel will contain many ads that can be disrupted players. It can make you annoying but waste some minutes to see the ads, and you can enjoy this fun game.


This is a perfect game that allows players to create many new and exciting techniques. It can help you to relax after a hard day’s work and study. Download Draw Duel now and start fighting your drawing skills.

Download Draw Duel MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.2.1

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