Droneboi – Space Sandbox
Droneboi – Space Sandbox

Droneboi - Space Sandbox MOD APK (Free Shopping) 0.45

Build, Fly & Fight with your own custom-built space drones online!

App NameDroneboi - Space Sandbox
Publisher Rizen Planet Studios Original
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoFree Shopping
Get it onGoogle Play
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There are a few games like Droneboi MOD APK, a sandbox airplane-building simulation game with attractive multiplayer. In order to fight other players and complete the game’s goals, you will need to use your weapons and fight violently. The incredible sandbox mode allows you and your friends to play together online. Also, both of you may discover the fascinating world of drones. Play the game and try to finish all of the missions to get access to more advanced and powerful vehicles.

Design and build spaceships

You can change many parts of the jet to make it stronger and help you beat your opponents. You can add boosters, gadgets, machines, and weapons to the jet to make it easier for you to fly it into space and fight with it. Thanks to the thrusters, you will be able to move the plane further and get a cruising speed that is much faster than usual.

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Equip Weapons

When you are assaulted, the armaments mounted to the aircraft will assist you in destroying the enemy. In particular, the planes in Droneboi APK are distinct from conventional planes in that they are constructed with many little square pieces. These are players’ interests and attract them to the game more than ever. In addition, you can take the elements of the aircraft apart and reassemble them to construct an airplane.

Multiplayer Mode

Not only do you get to see the breathtaking beauty of space, but you also have the responsibility of employing potent weapons. Besides, players can explosives to wipe out the other competing players in the war. To complete the level, you will need to defeat the enemies assaulting you by shooting and dropping bombs on them. In addition, Droneboi MOD comes with an exciting new feature that lets you play the game with your friends. This allows you to participate in online fights with your friends worldwide and take over the solar system. In addition, you may also engage in combat with other players in the match, even if you aren’t familiar with them.

Discover the universe

You will have the opportunity to experience the grandeur of the galaxy while flying across it with a large number of exploration and other vehicles as you work to complete the objective. The creators of the ultimate simulator added more stars so that players can explore them more realistically. After you have completed a certain number of Droneboi missions, you will be able to acquire more advanced components for the plane. On the other hand, it allows you to improve your vehicle and make it more powerful.

Droneboi mod features


The visuals in Droneboi APK MOD are unique and very captivating. The background is a wide picture of the universe with a lot of sparkling stars, which fits the game perfectly. The aircraft system is meant to look flashy, and entry players can choose from different color combinations. In addition to that, the game features a soothing music system. Because of this, the participant feels more at ease when participating in the game.

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