Epic Heroes- Save Animals
Epic Heroes- Save Animals

Epic Heroes- Save Animals MOD APK (NO) 1.0.35

Participate in the most exciting and immersive fantasy role-playing game right now with your allies. Rally your band of vengeful warriors and take the offensive against the forces of evil on their behalf. Which heroic figures would you pick to represent you?

App NameEpic Heroes- Save Animals
Publisher Dinosaur-Games
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About Epic Heroes- Save Animals

Epic Heroes- Save Animals is an excellent casual game with a unique twist: rather than defeating adversaries, the game’s objective is to save animals in need and deliver them to a secure location. The game’s aesthetics aren’t particularly complex, but it has a leveling system that lets players improve their characters and access new skills.

You will find that you are immersed in a universe full of exciting levels and obstacles that put your talents to the test in multiple ways. Use your squad of Epic Heroes to protect the animals from dangerous foes and win the battle against these foes.

In addition, this game has undergone extensive optimization to provide a fluid gaming experience, especially when played on less powerful devices. Participate in the community, forge relationships with other gamers, and work together to protect the creatures.

Epic Heroes- Save Animals mod apk

How to play

This game provides a fun experience for players and emphasizes how important it is to take care of animals. Help preserve animals and raise awareness about the need to protect them by traveling with Epic Heroes as they go on their mission.

You will establish a perimeter around the bees that are dangerous to the animals and strive toward establishing peace in the future. You must plug any holes in your defenses and save any creatures that may be in peril.

To do this, you must maintain constant pressure on the screen until you complete the drawing. Not only will this help the animals, but it will also improve your hero’s powers and win you rewards.

Gather an army of your superheroes

This game presents you with the challenge of assembling a group of stalwart individuals to ward off evil and create a brighter future for the creatures under your care. Please make sure the heroes you choose have the strength to overcome the foes and challenges in their path.

It will help if you put a lot of thought into the strategy that your team will use and make good use of the unique skills that each hero possesses. It would help if you worked on leveling up your heroes to make them even more powerful and ensure they have the most excellent equipment possible for future fights.

In addition, you may forge hundreds of alliances with other players worldwide to bolster your team’s capabilities further. To become the ultimate rescuer, you will need to ensure that their equipment is upgraded, that their talents are elevated, and that you and they plan your plans together.

Epic Heroes- Save Animals mod apk features

Overview Features

  • SAVE THE SPECIES OF ANIMALS. Make a line on the screen by touching it with your fingertips to act as a barrier between the animals and the bees trying to harm them. Hold on for another 10 seconds, and you will be declared the winner of the game. Help is needed right now to save the animals who are in peril.
  • SYSTEM FOR AFK AND IDLE PLAYING. You may level up while you’re away from your computer (AFK) and then enjoy the benefits when you return. You can do nothing at any time but fight everywhere! Step away from your career and your studies for a while.
  • STRATEGIC BATTLE. Create your offensive and defensive strategy by combining hundreds of available heroes. Bring your heroes back, ensure they have the best gear, help them grow their talents, and work to improve your squad!
  • A MASS OF MAGIC ADVENTURE. Within this domain of magic, there are a variety of different examples. In this role-playing game, you get to choose your own fantastic experience. Either competing for glory in the global arena, searching for buried treasures across the fascinating maze in Space Discovery, or even tracking down Galaxy Wanted while they travel through Space!
  • CROSS-SERVER WARS. Compete against more than one million other gamers from all around the world! Compete against other players from around the globe to see who will take the reins of the future planet and drive back the forces of evil in this conflict.


Help the Epic Heroes in their mission to improve the world by rescuing animals and building a better tomorrow. Enjoy stunning visuals and nonstop action while protecting cute animals from danger in this immersive video game.

You can treasure hunt in several different areas. This game has an infinite number of quests and tasks, which ensures that players will have hours upon hours of fun playing it. You may also participate in events and receive rewards, which will further enhance your squad’s power.


In this exciting and uplifting game, you can help Epic Heroes MOD APK save different animals. The visually attractive gameplay, which focuses on puzzles, and the unique occurrences make this an entertaining journey.

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