Episode – Choose Your Story
Episode – Choose Your Story

Episode - Choose Your Story MOD APK (Premium Choices) 23.80

App NameEpisode - Choose Your Story
Publisher Episode Interactive
Genre 2D, Simulation
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Choices
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Episode: Choose Your Story achieves remarkable circumstances and you need to settle on a decision to compose your life. The romantic tale and the captivating things around it make numerous individuals energized. 

About Episode – Choose Your Story Game

Up to the current time, the stories showing up in this game are numerous and shifted. If you are into novels and love stories, you can easily find any sort of storyline you can think of in this game. Romantic tales have gotten famous among the youth over the last 2 decades. Teenagers begin giving affection to their friends and consider it as a long-lasting relationship. This appears to be quite acceptable providing that they treasure these feelings and transform it into a main motivation in studying. Indeed, even grown-ups who don’t have an affection for themselves likewise need to have a companion who can share the feelings throughout everyday life.

Acknowledge the demands of a life companion, the game market has steadily created a sort of dating simulation content. Episode Interactive is one of the earlier publishers who join the game market and by choosing to develop a story-telling simulation game. The game resembles a set of wonderful romantic stories, and players will act as the main character. They will be submerged in the realm of adoration and fulfill they have been dreaming of for a long time.  Episode: Choose Your Story is currently the most successful game that Episode Interactive has launched on Play Store. Lately, they dispatched another update and broke 50 million downloads on Google Play.

Enjoy interesting stories

With Episode: Choose Your Story, the most capable screenwriters utilized their proficiency to build circumstances. As soon as you open the game and entertain, you will feel that you are living in another life – a totally extraordinary wonderland where things are significantly more dramatic, unlike your customary reality. The world seems circling around you as if you are the most wanted person of all time. When you spend more time with the game, it gives you a sense of being famous and beloved like a movie star.

Create your own character

When you first start Episode: Choose Your Story, you will be given the chance to create an avatar as a representation of yourself. Before beginning, do not forget to inspect the plot to pick the most suitable characteristic traits. From that point onward, it is time to decide the looks of your character. If you do not have the patience to customise every aspect of your character’s appearance, there are also presets that you may choose. Nonetheless, for certain individuals, having a lovely character will expand their feelings during the game. You are free to create a character with the best looks you can envision. Because this is a virtual world, you may select anything that you wished to possess in real life. Indeed, it is likewise an approach to overlook reality and immerse yourself for a while in a fantasy for which you have yearned.

Episode - Choose Your Story Gameplay

There are various aspects that you can modify, for example, Face, Hair, Eyebrow, etc. In fact, the whole body of your character is designed perfectly. The female body is fit and slender, the male is unequivocally healthy (aside from exceptional cases depending on the plot). That is the reason the facial highlights are so concentrated. It is clear that the look of the face is all anyone could need to communicate and express one’s self.

Interactivity and much more

Generally, Episode wants the players to focus on a realistic story. All characters in the game are just ordinary people, definitely have no superior strength or special ability. But what makes the game unique is the portrait of a life with love. Players will encounter a regular story that any person might experience in a day, and your choices will prompt various outcomes. This means that the game is nonlinear – which has different endings based on in-game behaviors and selections that the player made. Consequently, in the event that you are curious about the game’s other endings, you can attempt over and over to discover its various results.

The game depends on an arrangement of choices that you make during the game. Each time an occasion happens, the game’s NPCs will pose an inquiry with three choices. Consider your purposes carefully and pick the most appropriate response in your opinion. Your destiny is in your hands.

Write your own story

Based on your previous performance and choices you made, you will get into different routes and futures you may not be able to anticipate. In other words, the circumstances that are taking place right now will prompt a future that you cannot foresee. The story will be gradually revealed so you can comprehend the situation. Afterward, an unexpected event will occur and you need to settle on the decision to proceed with the story. How the oncoming future will be relies strictly upon what you are doing in the time being.

Episode - Choose Your Story features

Normally, games with the same genre share the idea of scenes and endings. For instance, when you finish a story and get to the end, the game will carry you to an overall screen. This is where the game tells you the number of scenes you’ve experienced for this particular story. Stories usually have various endings so you can try again without facing boredom. Bad endings will make you play the game once more until you make a positive ending, stating that you have done something incorrectly at any time in the last game.


Each story you pick is the exertion of an incredibly proficient group of people. You may or may not notice, but every story is drawn by different artists. Thus, besides concentrating to the selections, you can also sit back and appreciate the story, the manner in which the circumstance leads, drawing angles, and especially the close-up of romantic gestures. All the characters in Episode: Choose Your Story is regularly splendid and has truly beautiful looks. On the contrary, the characters in horror stories always have a scary vibe. Designers and artists did a great job of implementing cinematic effects in the game to impress players and help them to achieve a memorable experience.


Episode: Choose Your Story constantly refreshes with new stories, with heaps of unpredictable scenes and endings. The ultimate destiny of the characters is still unknown, whether they have satisfaction with the one they love, accomplish the heavenly dream, or endure the horrible consequences of wrong choices. This makes the game one of the best adventure games on the Play Store, and it deserves people’s love just like any of the characters in the game itself.

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