Farm Town – Family Farming Day
Farm Town: Happy Farming Day

Farm Town: Happy Farming Day MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 3.79

App Name Farm Town: Happy Farming Day
Version 3.79
Publisher foranj
Genre 3D, Casual
Size 40M
Require Android 4.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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The game title which I want to recommend to you is Farm Town: Happy Farming Day. This is a great farm game. After the release, the game has attracted attention and received many positive reviews from players, so you will hardly miss it. Like other farm games, this is a game that stands out with attractive graphics, and lots of exciting harvest parts. The game was built by the Russian game company – Foranj. Foranj is probably not strange to those who usually learn about the farm game series. This is a game company with the main trend and the theme is farm games. Therefore, there can be no doubt about the quality of this Farm Town: Happy Farming Day game.

Farm Town: Happy Farming Day

A few introductions about the game

The main character in the game is an elderly woman who owns this farmland. Help her to harvest, and create more products to expand and upgrade the farm. You play the game for a long time and complete the missions, you will receive a certain level of experience, accumulated by green stars. The game is also played by levels, from low to high levels. The higher you go, the harder your mission will be, and the longer the level will increase. Evaluate your level up based on your level of experience, as well as the number of green stars you have accumulated. To earn green stars, you must do normal farm activities, expand and upgrade your lands. Each level will have a blue bar, located just above the screen for you to follow. Every successful upgrade, in addition to the gifts, is items or seeds in the game, you also receive a large amount of gold and gems.

How to grow and harvest food crops

When entering the game, the first crop item you have is the wheat. And at the beginning of the game, you will see all the wheat fields have grown and turned yellow, and it is time for the wheat to be harvested. To harvest the wheat on the plot, you need to hold your finger on the field you want to harvest, until a small basket appears. Pull the baskets to the area to be harvested, and immediately, the field will be empty and you will receive a product of money, experience and golden ripe wheat. If the harvest of food crops is easy, planting is even easier. Simply hold your hand on the soil plot, until it shows the seed of the crop. Here, choose your favorite seed to drag into the field that you want to plant.

How to raise animals and harvest products

Start with breeding work, you will be familiar with the chicken-raising. And your chicken-raising task helps you to get back the product, which is the egg. The chickens in the barn can give you eggs, but they also need to be looked after. Unlike food crops and crops, chickens do not need your care, but only need to wait a while. Breeding requires you to work harder when feeding them, and include the time to wait for them to lay their eggs. You can feed them with bags of rice in the warehouse. In addition to the chickens that lay eggs, when reaching higher levels, you can get other animals with more products. For example, you can raise cows for milk, bee for honey, sheep for fur. Buying lots of animals will help you be more diverse in your work.

How to grow fruit trees and flowers

Both features are available at certain levels, not from the beginning. You can plant fruit trees in the forest plots that you exploit. The fruits you grow are very diverse, they can be apples, raspberries, etc. These items are a lot more expensive than normal trees, and also have a longer waiting time. Therefore, give priority to these trees before food crops. And in particular, these trees will have a certain harvest life, not a one-off harvest tree. In flower-growing mode, you already have a flower garden, and your job is just to grow as many other types of flowers to collect more products.

Some tips when playing game

There is one trick to improving the efficiency of cultivation, that is, you should buy lots of land plots to help optimize the harvest. It seems that in a certain period of time, you not only get 1-2 rice plants, but you can grow up to 10-12 rice plants at a time. In addition, when expanding the land plots, you can intercrop a lot of crops to suit the task being performed.

Inbreeding, you can buy more than one animal in the barn to increase productivity. The more animals you have, the more products you will create. A special feature of fruit trees is that these trees will have a certain harvest life, not a one-time harvest tree. Pay attention to the longevity of the tree to replace it soon.

The graphic of the game

The game has an eye-catching and good-looking graphic design. With a sophisticated 3D design style, the game can conquer any fastidious eyes. Thanks to the multi-color, playful graphic design that makes the game suitable for every gaming object, rather than forcing a certain object.


Overall, Farm Town: Happy Farming Day is a typical farm game, and fully integrates all the features required of conventional farm games. In the game, you experience a way of life and work as a true farmer. You will have tasks and jobs related to farming and ranching, on a small farm, in a peaceful, gentle and beautiful suburban town.

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