Fishing Life
Fishing Life

Fishing Life MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 0.0.187

App Name Fishing Life
Version 0.0.187
Publisher Nexelon inc.
Genre 3D, Sports
Size 67M
Require Android 4.1
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Life is always a hustle and bustle song. Busy life drags people into its own treadmill. It is the treadmill of work, livelihood, time and youth. Therefore, sometimes we need to calm down in a quiet and peaceful space to relax. Meeting that need, a game was born. That is Fishing Life.

Fishing Life was developed by the publisher Nexelon Inc. It is playable on the Android operating system and released completely free of charge. The game is not vibrant and passionate role-playing or strategy game, but a game to relax and eliminate sadness. It can be said that it is hard to find a game like the Fishing Life in the market now. The game is not basically a commercial game, but it has a mission of giving love.

Fishing Life gameplay

The world in the game

The game is told from a vivid story. In the game, the main character is a guy who works at the office. It is no coincidence that when entering the game, we see the boy is feeling sad like that. He is a young man, and he has just taken his first steps into life. And now it is probably the most stressful and stressful time in his career.

When the boy returned to his familiar house, he suddenly noticed a photo from a young age. It was a photo of fishing with his father. At that time, he must have made something important decision. He decided to return to his old hut, and enjoy the slow moments of fishing, which perhaps, he had forgotten long ago.

How to play Fishing Life

Start playing, you need to take the boat to the offshore to catch fish. The farther offshore, the more fish will be, and the variety of fish is also very diverse and plentiful. However, it is not always good to go offshore. The sea always contains potential dangers for you. To control the boat, you just need to press and hold the boat in front of the screen. You can steer the boat up and down as you like, so you feel the seating position is the best place to fish.

After you have chosen a reasonable location, your next task is to let go of the fishing rod. When you sail out far enough, you will see an icon to locate the ideal place to let go. When you click the icon, you can adjust the force to release the fishing line. You need to choose the most appropriate force to get the ideal fish. When the fishing line is dropped into the water, the fish will come to bite your bait. If you don’t see them, wait. Patience is a necessary quality of a fisherman. Finally, after the fish has taken the bait, you need to click the icon on the right side of the screen to drag the fish out of the water.

Items equipped in Fishing Life

In order to have smooth sailing, you have to buy yourself the best equipment. You can upgrade them as follows:

  • Boat: there are many solid and gorgeous boats in the back. You need to explore it and choose the boats you like. Selecting a boat affects how far you can go on the beach. Of course, the more boats get upgraded, the farther they will go.
  • Bait: Bait is divided into many different levels of bait. And the bait will catch the fish with the corresponding level. In addition, you are also equipped with bait protection pads to avoid unnecessary losses.
  • Fishing rods: Fishing rods are arranged according to each level, each upgrade, you have to pay. The fishing rod will correspond to the swinging force of the line.
  • Fishing line: Like a fishing rod, the fishing line is upgraded with each level. The higher the level, the longer the line, and the hook to go deeper into the seabed.

Aquarium mode

After harvesting the fish in the sea, you will have two options. The first is selling them to make money. The second is to drop them into your own aquarium. Your aquarium is like a miniature ocean, with similar equipment and designs. In addition, here you can drop a lot of different types of fish, and take care of them. There are fish feeding packages you need to buy at the store. After each feeding, you will get a sum of money for yourself.

Graphic design and sound

The game image is a vivid and beautiful picture. Not only are you tracking still images in the background, but they are images that may change over time. The backdrop is a space where there are mountains with trees, lighthouses, and flocks of birds. At the same time, the sky also clearly shifted from sunrise to sunset.

In addition, underwater image design is also very lively. This is like an ecosystem of swimming fish. Game sound is one of the best features of the game. It gives us a sense of soothing Baroque music, and incorporates the sounds of poetic, peaceful waves.


Game space is built as a gentle and peaceful world. This is like a resort on your phone after every hour of study or work stress. The game takes us to a world where only we, spacious also quiet. Fishing is an elegant and poetic hobby. The developer has integrated this subject nicely into the game, further enhancing the feeling of patient and peaceful experience. It can be said that the game is set as the whole heart of the producer.

Overall, Fishing Life is a game worth your experience and time for it. Certainly, with the gameplay as well as the graphics and sound, the game will not disappoint you. Fishing Life promises to be a trendy game in the future.

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