Flippy Knife
Flippy Knife

Flippy Knife MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 2.0.5

App Name Flippy Knife
Version 2.0.5
Publisher Beresnev Games
Genre 3D, Action
Size 56M
Require Android 4.1
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Flippy Knife is a knife-throwing game from the publisher Oleg Beresnev. This is a free game with beautiful graphics for mobile devices. You will be using the sharpest knives, and throwing it in many different areas. It brings you extremely interesting playing hours.

Flippy Knife is provided for free for Android. As the name implies, in the game, your task is to hit the target and score the highest points.

In Flippy Knife, you do not need to care about the time or number of turns, but just aim to be precise and assertive to hit your target. Hurry up to experience this new game.

Flippy Knife game modes

Flippy Knife has a very simple way of playing

Similar to the familiar dart throwing game, you will use any knife to hit the target. Your targets do not have to stand still, it will move gently to increase the difficulty level for the game. To throw accurately, you need to see the moving target, combining velocity and acceleration to throw the knife perfectly. If you hit the target center, you will score high and vice versa. If the knife does not hit the destination or does not hit the target causing the knife to fall, you will return to the starting line with a score of 0. The difficulty of the levels after each time you finish will increase gradually. You will not be limited by the time and the number of failures. The game goes on, so gaming doesn’t have a stop until you finish that level.

Align the angle, choose the power to overcome the level quickly and easily

Although this is a fun game, sometimes Flippy Knife also inhibits players. When you start the game, you are not get acquainted with alignment and the angle choices, the power of the knife to hit the target. All your efforts become meaningless. But keep calm and be patient because this is a simple game but hard to win. After those bitter failures, you will feel better about the knife-throwing manipulation and select the throw angle. The game requires the concentration and ingenuity of the player to conquer increasingly difficult challenges. With the money earned after each turn, you can unlock many new unique knives to continue this exciting adventure!

Flippy Knife gameplay

Attractive game mode

There are 4 game modes for you to challenge yourself in the game. Naturally, each different model has a different way of playing and scoring. In order to conquer this game, you need quite a large amount of time !!!

1. Mode Combo:

This is the simplest game mode in 4 modes. The knife will be inserted into the wooden pedestal, you will calculate to throw the knife up. When tossing a knife, it will spin and fall, if it plugs the nose into the pedestal, you succeed once. If the knife doesn’t plug in the nose or flies off the pedestal, you fail. Every successful time you will receive a few coins. If you succeed constantly, it will result in a big reward for several tens of coins. If you fail, do it again. Remember to align your power properly.

2. Arcade:

A special knife move tossing game. You will launch the knife from left to right like playing angry birds so that the knife rotates and sticks the nose right into the front pedestal. If not plugged nose or fly off the pedestal and fell to the ground, regarded as a failure. If it plugs the nose into the pedestal, you’ll receive a few coins and can move on to the next pedestal. Occasionally, there will be prizes on the pedestal for you to hit on to get it.

3. Climb:

Climb high with a knife. In this mode, you will control the knife to the side of the wall to go up. If the knife digs the nose into the wall, you climb 1 successful step. The wall will have many transformations rather than flat, and if you missed without inserting the knife into the wall, you will have to start over.

4. Target:

One of the classic games is throwing knives. You have to launch the knife blade so that it plugs into the bull’s eye board, the more it hits the middle, the more coins. If you miss a bull’s eye stele or don’t stick a knife into the stele, you will fail. If you hit multiple times consecutively, the coin reward box will drop for you to pick up.

Diverse arsenal

The Flippy Knife has all 35 different weapons, and each one will definitely have a different play style, a different advantage. You can choose common types such as meat knives, machetes to extremely rare types such as … kunai, pear AK with AK. Or even birds with hard beaks can become knives for you to play. Some of them can be bought with accumulated coins in the game, some have to be opened by watching ads, some are given according to the daily attendance list. Collect your own knife to make your arsenal more diverse.

Flippy Knife

Graphic design, unique sound

Flippy Knife has beautiful graphics, realistic physics, the sound of wind when weapons fly in the air, the impact with the surface is quite realistic. All increase the gaming experience. The knife will be made according to the principle of physical reproduction. The effects of the Flippy Knife are very smooth, giving players the feeling of throwing knives in real life.


Flippy Knife is a great entertaining game every weekend. The most interesting feature of this game is the arsenal of all genres, from the ones close to life to things you’ve never seen before. Each level offers a different knife throwing challenge, and of course, the difficulty will increase at a higher level. The game does not require an internet connection, so you can play it anywhere without connecting wifi or 4G.

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