Gardenscapes MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 6.8.0

App NameGardenscapes
Publisher Playrix
Genre 3-Match, 3D, Casual
RequireAndroid 4.2
MOD InfoUnlimited Coins
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If you are a fan of classic diamond games, Gardenscapes is a great option. This is a game released by Playrix. The gameplay is identical to the diamond game, but in Gardenscapes, you will be much more upgraded. As a wealthy landlord, you and your butler will restore the beautiful paradise garden, and bring it back to the glorious period ago.

Not only that, but Gardenscapes also takes players on an adventure, full of romantic poetry but also no shortage of challenges. You will have to complete fascinating missions and make friends with adorable characters.


Manage beautiful villas in the suburbs

Gardenscapes game opens with an interesting storyline. You are a long-lived person in a busy city with bright light and crowded people. Then one day, your uncle has a long vacation in Hawaii, he leaves the management of suburban Villas to you. Unfortunately, a big storm has swept the garden to ruin, so your task is to restore the garden, along with Austin butler to make it beautiful again. Will you have enough power to perform these tough challenges with friends in the game? Download Gardenscapes to your computer and play right now. You will work hard with your diligent partner to build your dream garden – Gardenscapes.

Simple gameplay but no shortage of challenges

Each level, you must complete the set task. For example, getting enough flowers, or enough statues. Depending on the requirements of each level, players need to overcome challenges to complete the task, though only a certain number of moves (Move) for each board. Use them wisely! In some levels, you will be limited by time bombs. You must destroy all the bombs in the number of moves allowed. If not, that play will end when the bomb explodes, but the move remains. Note that, you will get extra points if you complete the goal and still having a move or time. The more plays and the longer the duration, the greater the reward. Support and power-ups also play an important role in the performance of Gardenscapes. So take advantage of them, especially at the hard level.


Rewards after each completed mission

The mission system of Gardescapes is very diverse, divided into 2 categories: weekly tasks and holiday tasks. For weekly tasks, it usually takes 3-4 days to complete a task. Try to rank as high as possible. The result when completed will be a great reward. Try to overcome others to collect a lot of stars. You will need them to restore gardens, and explore new lands. For special tasks on holidays, besides rewards, you also collect more special items to decorate the house and garden in the style of holidays: Valentine’s Day, Happy new year, haloween….

Some characters in Gardenscapes

Austin – A very dedicated and hard-working butler will always assist you in coordinating the garden restoration process. Austin has a very close relationship with friends in the neighborhood. Therefore, he will help you connect with people, and they are ready to help you to perfect the beautiful gardens.

Your pet is also a funny character. You will complete the task to own a cute dog, and it becomes attached to you. Besides, there are many characters that make the game more colorful and bustle.

A long game with thousands of quests

With thousands of different missions, Gardenscapes is really long for players to play till the end of this game. Moreover, new levels and modes are also updated through updates, ensuring Gardenscapes is always fresh and durable.

If there is something to discuss this game, perhaps the price of items in the game is most telling. I myself find the pricing for items is not very reasonable, for example, a set of 3 shovels costs 1,900 coins, but in order to have 5 extra moves, you must spend 900 coins. Meanwhile, each time you complete a level, you only earn from 50 to 70 cents, but you will have to move very well if you want to have 70 coins. It means that, at the end of a level, you must pass 12 levels to have enough money to have 5 more moves.


Graphic design in the game

Playrix Games always adhere to their own design rules, which is to make everything cute and honest, and Gardenscapes is no exception. The game is designed on a 3D platform, bringing high realism in each image. Besides, the game makes every little detail to become cute and bright, in line with its relaxing role.


Overall, the Gardenscapes game is quite simple and easy to play, suitable for all types of players, including children. The game possesses beautiful graphics and funny sounds, giving players a colorful and beautiful garden like heaven. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Gardenscapes Games. Download the game right now to overcome the extremely interesting missions.

Download Gardenscapes MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 6.8.0

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