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Girls' Connect: Idle RPG MOD APK (Ad-free/ Unlimited Money) 1.0.111

App Name Girls' Connect: Idle RPG
Version 1.0.111
Publisher EskyfunUSA
Size 345Mb
Require 6.0 and up
MOD Info Ad-free/ Unlimited Money

Although the number of RPG games on the market today is quite large, Girls’ Connect MOD APK still proves its charm with a beautiful harem. If you are a fan of this game genre, experience the open world with this card game now.

About Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG

Girls’ Connect is an Idle RPG game published by EskyfunUSA. In the game, you will build an army of beautiful waifus to fight the enemies who come from the dark. You will explore the epic land of Eileen, and meet young girls with beautiful looks and unique personalities. Make your adventure more interesting by strengthening relationships with the girls you love, giving them gifts, and enjoying hot private conversations.

The plot of the game

The power of the gods was not as strong as before after the end of the ancient holy war. The dark forces took this opportunity to invade the world and create many conflicts between factions. Holding the control of the mercenary army, you need to conquer the Land of Eileen. Start the journey to gather an army of beautiful girls to explore new lands.


EskyfunUSA developed Girls’ Connect in the RPG genre, so if you’ve played through games of the same genre, you’ll pick up the pace. Your mission in this journey is to build a powerful female army and overcome challenges. You will explore different lands, collect energy, and defeat monsters to continue your journey.

In battles, you won’t be fighting with actual troops. Instead, you will use cards and use your strategy to win battles. Pay attention to the skills and elements of the warriors you choose to strategize accordingly.

Key features of Girls ‘Connect: Idle RPG

Collection of solid female warriors: Girls’ Connect attracts players with a series of beautiful and mighty female warriors. These warriors are not the same but will have styles according to the elements. You can choose girls from different categories, including UTEGA, ARABEL, YUNA, FROST STAR, SIGURDLEY, Y.KUZUNOHA, etc. Each system represents the five primary elements, and you can start by choosing a suitable system. The design of these female warriors is in a highly realistic anime style.

Famous actor’s voice characters: Each character in the game is voiced separately. It fully expresses the emotions in each character’s actions and words. You can hear the voice of Akari Kitō, Aoi Yuki, Rie Kugimiya, Sakura Tange, Yuka Iguchi, Suzuko Mimori, Ayane Sakura, etc. When playing the game, you are like watching a cartoon series.

Map system according to the elements: You can explore the five central systems on the map: Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Shadow. Each element will have copies that come with a series of different challenges. The number of matches and the opponents you meet will also have a lock that increases with levels. The attributes of each faction are different. Therefore, when competing in these maps, you must consider forming the correct squads to unleash special skills.

Fight PVE or PVP: Girls’ Connect allows players to choose either PVP or PVE mode. You can start practicing how to control and arrange characters in PVP mode. In this mode, you will try to complete challenging missions in duplicates. In PVE mode, you will compete directly in missions to level up. These PVE levels will have a higher difficulty level than other modes.

Unleash special skills: The skill set that female warriors possess in the game is fascinating. You must consider this skill set to arrange the cards into the most reasonable strategies. The skills you need to pay attention to are Burn, Shock, Curse, Poison, Revive, Freeze, Rage Drain, etc. When you combine the skills correctly, you will have the perfect formation and easily win the matches.

MOD APK of Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG

Nếu bạn muốn có trải nghiệm chơi tốt nhất, tải về Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG MOD APK để tận hưởng các tính năng mod. Nó bao gồm:

  • Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG MOD unlimited money. You have a lot of money at the start of the game. Now, it’s not difficult for you to shop for items and upgrade your characters
  • Unlock all. All equipment and characters have been unlocked. You can access and use all of them for free.


With beautiful 3D graphics, voiced characters with emotions, and maps in different elements, you will love this game at first sight. Download Girls’ Connect now and meet beautiful female warriors.

Download Girls' Connect: Idle RPG MOD APK (Ad-free/ Unlimited Money) 1.0.111

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