Guns of Boom Online PvP Action
Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets) 30.0.273

App Name Guns of Boom
Version 30.0.273
Publisher Game Insight
Genre 3D, Action, Multiplayer
Size 38M
Require Android 5.0
MOD Info Unlimited Bullets
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Guns of Boom is a first-person shooter (FPS) game from Game Insight publisher. The game brings real-time multiplayer battles. Gamers from around the world will compete online via the internet. The game takes you to the fierce battlefield were only for the best gunmen. Guns of Boom has super fast action scenes, nice graphics, and an easy control mechanism. It gives players the best shooting experience on mobile.

Gods of Boom

Familiar gameplay

Guns of Boom is a shooting game, so in the game, we will not have the story. In this playing field, you just need to join the battlefield, try to defeat as many opponents as possible. The game applies the Auto Fire mechanism. Your gun will automatically shoot without activating like some other shooting titles. You point the gun at the target within a certain radius, the bullet will automatically release from the barrel. With this automatic discharge mechanism, Guns of Boom aims for fast action. It makes it easy for gamers to get acquainted, and enjoy the extremely eye-catching match.

Revive after each shot to death

Death is not the end of Guns of Boom. In every fight, it is normal to get an opponent’s bullets. Each player will have a blood bar with a certain amount of blood. When the bar of blood runs out, you will die. But do not worry, in Guns of Boom, if you die, you will quickly be revived and continue with the fight. A special feature of this game is that you will revive at any point on the battlefield. That means you have to be more careful while reviving. While you are focusing on attacking an enemy in the foreground, the enemy is possible to revive right behind and destroy you. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention.

You can choose the blue or red side

In each battle, the player will have 5 minutes to fight. At the beginning of the match, you will be sorted into the blue team or red team. In 5 minutes, you will try to score a lot of points for your team by destroying many enemies. You can also contribute to victory by being shot down less. At the end of the match, the team that scores more points will win. You can follow each team’s score at the top of the phone screen.

Diverse weapon system

In shooters, weapons are one of the most important things in every match. It creates power for players, helps you destroy other players to become the winner. Weapons in the game are very diverse. The game offers a wide range of weapons, including guns: From assault rifles, pistols, shotguns to machine guns or snipers … In particular, all guns have the ability to upgrade according to different levels.

Each type of gun possesses many uses, shapes, many different colors for you to freely choose and enjoy. Each type of gun will bring in its own power, a unique feature, such as increasing the accuracy of headshots, slowing enemies, even draining enemy health. Finding the right gun to suit your play style will help you devise a rational strategy. In addition, there are some bombs which support each time the enemy comes crowdedly, it is also very useful.

Customize characters

Guns of Boom brings character customization feature. You can create a unique hero by using different costumes and skills. It helps your warriors have a perfect appearance, and suitable for your play style. Guns of Boom has a collection of hundreds of diverse skins for players to choose from. You can turn your character into a cowboy, a ninja, even a Santa with a long white beard. There are many funny and beautiful costumes too, please explore and collect for yourself.

Map in the game

The game provides players with a diverse map system from warehouses, farms to an entire neighborhood. Each type of map corresponds to different tactics and weapons, requiring players to adapt if they do not want to lose. Knowing exactly the map will make your battle easy, as well as giving a reasonable strategy. For a labyrinthine map with many nooks and crannies, you can’t use a sniper rifle to fight. With the wide map and the characters are far apart, the use of shotgun will become meaningless.

Beautiful graphic design

The most attractive point of Guns of Boom is the beautiful graphic system or it can be said that it is too great. Graphic platform with advanced 3D quality, giving players a cheerful image but no less true and vivid. The publisher takes care of the characters well, every detail is sharp. The character’s gait, shooting actions, reloading, and bombing are all reproduced as real. Besides, the sound system is extremely modern and recreates the bloody battle to suffocate. With beautiful graphics combined with vivid sound, Guns of Boom promises to bring a dramatic and exciting playground on your phone.


If you are a fan of the FPS shooting action game, you should not ignore Guns of Boom. The game brings sharp 3D graphics and vivid sound. Besides, the gameplay is simple and smooth, suitable for many different types of phones. There are fierce battles which take place in many arsenals or great handling phase of talented players. You will enjoy the greatness that Guns of Boom game brings. Although this game has just been released, it is storming in the gaming market. Together download and experience right now!

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