Ground Zero
Ground Zero

Ground Zero APK 1.1.20

Survive a zombie apocalypse. Can you stay alive?

App NameGround Zero
Publisher Studio Ampersand
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About this MOD
  • Unlimited Diamonds (Purchase anything)
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Resources
  • *spend as you want even don’t have enough

About Ground Zero

Once upon a time, an infamous group existed known as “Contami.” Driven by their ravenous greed, they ignited a devastating nuclear battle that enveloped the planet in flames. The fallout from the bombs disfigured and deformed the human population, transforming them into a swarm of zombies.

Despite the turmoil of the apocalypse, the Contamies could prosper by harnessing the might of these undead monstrosities and destroying anybody who tried to oppose their reign. Yet, a ray of light gleamed through the gloom as a tiny group of survivors united, establishing alliances to battle the Contamies and restore their planet.

Game features

Many important elements work together in Ground Zero to create a realistic post-apocalyptic setting for the player.

The game’s core combat system is called Stylish Combat, and it provides an exciting, high-octane experience as players use it to battle off zombies and Contamies.

Players in Ground Zero must scavenge the bleak wasteland for supplies in order to craft guns, tools, and other things to help them survive.

The game’s crafting system is deep, letting players create a wide range of goods to boost their survival squad’s stats and their overall performance. Making tools, vehicles, and protective gear is crucial in the fight for survival.

Important to players’ chances of surviving the game’s dangerous post-apocalyptic setting, Shelter Extension allows them to strengthen their shelters and enhance key buildings.

A continual fear of swarming zombies forces the player to actively pursue survival at all costs. Survival in this dangerous planet relies on the player’s ability to gather resources and create useful tools.

A compelling narrative propels players across Ground Zero’s several levels, each of which features its own set of challenges and rewards. The game’s straightforward controls make it easy for newcomers to dive right in and experience the thrill of the action. It is a fight to the finish, and the player’s actions will determine whether or not they survive.

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