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Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.490

App NameHead Ball 2
Publisher Masomo Gaming
Genre Multiplayer, Sports
Require4.1 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Head Ball 2 MOD, an exciting soccer game is now available at apkdl.io! Are you ready for funny soccer matches with completely unique style on your smartphone?

Introduction of Head Ball 2

It seems that the title “sport king” for football is not wrong at all. Almost anything related to football will absolutely gain a certain spot in the soccer fan’s heart. Head Ball 2 by Masomo Game is not an exception. Launched in 2018, up until now, the game has more than 50 million downloads, rated 4 stars by more than 1.5 million users at Google Play. At first glance, this is a game with not too great graphics and simple gameplay, so what gives the game such great numbers? Let’s find out right now.

Head Ball 2 gameplay

How to play

Head Ball 2 is a free competitive soccer game. To simplify the game, the publisher brought only two players (one team to each) on the field. Instead of applying the usual rules of football, there will be a system of unique skills. These moves are very diverse, from freezing the opponent to transforming into a giant to block the opponent’s ball,…. Head Ball 2 promises to blow a breath of fresh air into this classic king of sports.

So what exactly do you need to do to win? Head Ball 2 is easy to play and simple – you and your online opponents play soccer with a funny character build. Your character can shoot the ball up, down and use his head to score goals into the opponent’s net. The game duration is 90 seconds, you need to try to score as many goals as possible and protect your goal.

Control mechanism

The control mechanism in Head Ball 2 is simple to use but quite difficult to master. You have 5 keys at the bottom of the screen divided into 2 areas. As follows:

  • The left hand side is 2 navigation keys to control the character move forward or backward.
  • The opposite side consists of 3 buttons: jump, high shot and low shot.

The game allows you to change the size and position of these controls if you want. The uniqueness of the gameplay of Head Ball 2 is its control mechanism. You need a combination of movement and action keys to send the ball to your opponent’s goal. For example, when performing a forward + jump + kick combination the ball will move at a higher speed than the normal kick. The game also has a pretty cool mechanic that allows you to attack opponents when you are near them with consecutive head hits.

Rank up with teammates

Winning matches gets you higher in the league. You can also find yourself a team to play and join for certain benefits. In a team, you can create a custom match (match length, game mode, …) and play to your best. In addition, learn from your teammates’ experiences, while at the same time share what you have learned and gone further with your best bros.

Activate and upgrade Skills

During the battle, you can activate superpowers to perform special skills. For example, turning the balls into a giant, invisible, increasing the height of the opponent’s goal, freezing the goal and the opponent … Depending on the situations in each match, you can choose and activate these superpowers at the right time to gain the advantage.

Head Ball 2 Power

You can unlock these Skills cards through opening the Pack. Besides, there are also options to upgrade these cards to increase their stats. Head Ball 2 brings a system of more than 20 super powerful cards for you to unlock and explore. However, in each match, you are only equipped with a maximum of 3 cards.

Upgrade your character

Have you ever wondered why you lose a match when your skills are so good? Maybe the problem comes from the difference in the parameters of your character against your opponent. Each character in Head Ball 2 is characterized by an overall stat, Power. It includes 4 component metrics are Speed, Jump, Shoot, and Size. To increase these stats, you need to upgrade your character. The upgrade mechanism in the game is quite easy to understand, you just need to collect the required number of cards of the character to perform the upgrade. Note that the number of cards required for each level is also different.

Missions and events

There are many interesting in-game quests available for you to explore every day. Besides, you can also conquer achievements to receive rewards as coins and packs.

Head Ball 2 events

Daily events are also an indispensable part of the game. Each day after logging in, you will receive a list of tasks that you need to complete to receive a reward. Besides, the game also has a lot of interesting events taking place based on special holidays. Once there, you have a chance to get legendary cards, free packs, and much more.

Graphics and sound

With a simple 2D graphics, the game will run smoothly on most devices. But that does not reduce the interestingness of Head Ball 2. With great arts, mixed with a little humor, the game will attract you right from the first time. The game’s sound is also very special, for an authentic experience, turn on the speakers or wear headphones when participating in the enthusiastic match of Head Ball 2.

Some tips to increase your winrate

Too difficult to find a win in Head Ball 2? Check out some of the tips we provide below.

Reasonable use of the power-ups

Although power-ups work like trump cards, players should not use them indiscriminately. Instead, you need to pay close attention to the timing of the enemy’s move to dodge as well as time to block the ball, preventing the home team’s net from “gaining” a hole. Use your own strength at reasonable times to gain one point after using the ability and avoid wasting. To do this, you need to understand how that “great technique” works, and at the same time practice many times to get the most reasonable time to launch.

Skills or skilled?

Instead of relying on character and strength stats, you should learn to predict the enemy’s move, block incoming ball flows and shoot dangerous shots to score. At first it may be a bit difficult, but after 10 matches, you will easily get used to the character control. When you get here, your odds of losing will be close to zero.

Find the right character for yourself

If you like aggressive gameplay, choose a character with high speed and strength stats; If you want to fight and win firmly, ideally, use larger characters to easily defend the net. Once you have chosen the right character for yourself, it will be easier for you to build the gameplay and master it.

About Head Ball 2 MOD version

Mod feature

  • Unlimited money: You can use unlimited coins in the game to upgrade cards easily


Currently, the mod version of Head Ball 2 is out of date and may not work correctly. You can try your luck with it or wait for us to update the latest mod as soon as it’s available.


Possessing simple but eye-catching graphics, many game modes, characters and moves, Head Soccer will be an indispensable game for football fans in particular and everyone in general. What is better than being immersed in exciting, thrilling but also humorous and interesting matches of Head Soccer after hard working days? Download and try now!

Download Head Ball 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.490

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