Head Basketball MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.3.3

App NameHead Basketball
Publisher D&D Dream
Genre 3D, Action
RequireAndroid 2.3
MOD InfoUnlimited Money

Basketball is a favorite sport of people around the world. This is a very popular sport in China, Korea, Philippines and especially the USA. Although not as popular as football, it undeniable that the players have a passion for this game. You love basketball, but don’t have enough time or no basketball court to play. Head Basketball is a game for you to satisfy that passion with just a mobile phone. The rules of Head Basketball are quite simple. All you need to do in this game is legally put the ball into the opponent’s basket. Besides, you will prevent the opponent from throwing the ball into your basket. Basketball is a team sport, but in this game are intense 1v1 matches.

Attractive gameplay

Head Basketball is a true sports game when taking gamers to attractive basketball matches. Here, you have to be really active, from moving the characters, scrambling for the ball, and making direct goalscoring shots into the opponent’s net.

Initially, when you are not get acquainted with the gameplay, you will need to practice a lot with the moves and throwing the ball. On the left side is a button that moves left or right, on the left-hand side is the skills of the character. In each match, you will have a certain amount of time to compete with opponents.

Game modes

The game offers 7 game modes for players to explore and experience. These include arcade, campaign, tournament, survival, league, death and multiplayer. Each mode will have a different play style. This will make you not be bored when playing in a mode too much. In Arcade mode, it is up to the player to decide whether they want to fight AI or one of their friends. In campaign mode, you will turn down 6 opponents with increasing difficulty to become a champion. Tournament mode is the place to find the best, you will compete in the qualifiers, and finally the final of the two strongest. The remaining modes are also very interesting, let’s explore yourself.

Try to score many points to win

Unlike other basketball games, with Head Basketball, you will have to fight with the opponent and score. Each player will have an energy bar at the top of the screen. When having enough energy, you can use the special skills of the character. When using this skill, your character will turn into a god, just catch the ball, it will throw itself into the opponent’s goal. When the time is up, the person who scores the highest points will be the winner. Despite the gameplay is simple, but it is not easy to win. You need to practice a lot to be able to defeat every opponent. After each match, you will receive some money, and then you can use them to buy or upgrade your players. There are two ways to buy players, that is, use the money earned after every match or through the paid IAP pack.

Character system and customization

Head Basketball has a variety of character systems for users to personalize as they like. The game brings 35 characters for players to explore and conquer. Each character will correspond to a different country, along with a special skill. TAEMIN character represents Korea with the skill of making the body burn and throwing the ball at high speed. HAYTO character representing Japan, this is a disappear and appear suddenly Ninja. When he used the skill, the ball turned into a giant dart that charged towards the opponent’s goal. There are many other characters, let’s find out which characters represent their country with special skills.

After owning the character, you can customize your character. You can buy characters for hats, masks, masks, shoes, glasses, and gloves. There will be many types of equipment with fancy designs. Decorate your character to look cool, and show it on the battlefield.

Head Basketball

Graphic design

Besides the interesting gameplay, Head Basketball’s graphics are also great. The players are designed with an animated style, they create fun in the game and give the game-high entertainment. Each match is a different landscape with many colors. That makes every match more exciting than ever. Besides, the skill effects of each character are specially designed, creating a unique feature for each character. The levels will become new and attractive, with an epic array of skills with unique effects.


Currently, there are very few basketball games on the market. Therefore, if you love this sport, Head Basketball will be an interesting choice. Head Basketball brings a colorful and high-speed basketball playground right on the phone screen. This is the perfect choice for players to relax after a long day of hard work or stress exams. The game is available for both iOS and Android, allowing you to download and install it for free. Do not hesitate anymore, let’s experience it today!

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