Heroes Strike Offline – MOBA &
Heroes Strike Offline – MOBA & Battle Royale

Heroes Strike Offline - MOBA & Battle Royale MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 88

App Name Heroes Strike Offline - MOBA & Battle Royale
Version 88
Publisher WolfFun
Genre 3D, Action
Size 94M
Require Android 4.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Heroes strike offline is the offline version of the Heroes strike game. The game is developed by WolfFun. This is a Vietnamese studio that is famous for some products such as Tank Raid Online, Puzzle Coin, Heros Strike… The game gives players the feeling of playing fun and comfortably.

Heroes strike offline is a brawl shooting game. This is a form of mini-game with a construction-focused primarily on PvP situations.

Heroes Strike Offline - MOBA và Battle Royale

Heroes strike offline is the game with eye-catching and fresh colors. The game is an offline version with a lightweight design. The game is developed on both IOS and Android operating systems. That helps players can easily install the game on the phone app, and experience it anytime. When playing games, players will have the most fun feeling.

Introducing Heroes Strike offline

Heroes Strike offline is a mobile MOBA game. In this game, the founder created a character to engage in fighting battles with fascinating gameplay. The highlight of the game is the 3v3 play mode.

When participating in Heroes Strike offline, the player is divided into two teams, with 4 players per team. Each game will last for 4 minutes. Your team needs to try to eliminate as many opponents as possible before the end of time.

Heroes Strike offline gives players a variety of character choices to play, equivalent to 20 generals. Each general will have different stats and the ability to fight. To be able to open up the heroes with stronger fighting ability, players need to unlock gradually during the game.

In addition, to help players have many interesting experiences, the game is also designed with a skill system for players to choose before starting the match. The skills that players choose such as gunner, support, defense, resistance, … will create for players many interesting feelings.

The objective and mission of the player

When participating in Heroes Strike offline, a match will consist of 8 players, divided into 2 teams, and each team has 4 players. The ultimate goal of the match is to become the winning team.

The task of the player: need to base on the skills of the general that you have chosen to best promote your forte. The more enemies you defeat, the more points you gain. You need to try to get as many stars as possible (star rating system).

And one pretty interesting thing about the game: in battle, the team that is strong and gets the most points is not necessarily the winner. That adds to the excitement for the player. A feeling of suspense, anticipation, and finding the best tactic to win.

Characters / battlefields / skills

The game is designed and shaped with 20 characters. Characters are built with 17 different skills and use 100 types of equipment. The game also has 4 types of battlefields: Wild West, Castle Maze, Maya Ruins, Yoko City (each with a different map and terrain).

Before choosing to participate in any type of terrain, players need to carefully study the map and choose tactics to play. The strategy of the game is unlimited by the developer, which gives gamers the full potential of their exploration. With beautiful graphic design, the game gives players moments of the exciting experience.

The basic game mode of Heroes Strike offline is 3v3 mode. However, there are other game modes for players to choose such as king mode with 12 and 8 players, or survival game mode. It is expected that in the future, the founder will develop some more modes, such as destroying towers and generals. Increase the battle map to increase choice for players.

How to play Heroes Strike offline

The gameplay of Heroes Strike offline is quite simple. Join the fight, you are the warrior that fights directly to defeat the enemy. You need to research all secret combat techniques in training mode. Master the melee attacks and new weapons to destroy the opponent. You can try to act faster than the enemy, or you can use your protection to avoid enemies. Keep track of every move of the enemy who is fighting against you.

Make an attack on the opponent whenever possible. The number of times dealing with the damage and eliminating opponents will help you gain a lot of experience. With good play tactics, nothing will stop you.

But you need to pay attention: do not let yourself die. When you are almost out of blood, go to the base to heal, do not try to fight the enemy to lose your life. Because the team with the higher number of kills is the winner.

The graphic design and sound

Heroes Strike offline uses beautiful 3D graphic design and sharp colors. Characters have a simple shape and do not cause violence to haunt the player.

The sound in the game is designed in harmony with each battle, creating a real feeling for the player. The graphics and sound contributed significantly to the success of this game.


Overall, Heroes Strike offline is a gentle fighting game. The game has many advantages, giving players an interesting feeling when participating in the game on a mobile device. With a light installer (about 100MB), the advantage of this game is that it can be played in offline mode (without internet connection). I wish you have a great and interesting experience with the game Heroes Strike offline.

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