Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.53.3

App Name Hill Climb Racing 2
Version 1.53.3
Publisher Fingersoft
Genre Adventure, Endless Runner, Racing
Size 135M
Require 4.2 and up
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Hill Climbing Racing 2 is the sequel to the racing game “Hill Climbing Racing” released by Fingersoft on mobile devices. With new features and unique gameplay, the game promises to give you an enjoyable gaming experience. The game is now available for free on Google Play and the App Store.

About Hill Climbing Racing 2

It can be said, “Hill Climbing Racing” is a very familiar name to those who love off-road racing games. The game received more than 10 million downloads after only a short time being available on the Play Store. Following the success of this first version, Hill Climbing Racing 2 once again brings you to unique topographic maps, new design cars and many interesting adventures. The game took more than 4 years to be completed and launched in app markets. The challenges and missions of this second part are judged to be much more difficult than the previous one.

Your main task is still to move the car through the terrain with different difficulty levels. During the move, you will encounter many obstacles. So, you need to know how to cleverly combine the use of the accelerator and the brake if you don’t want your car to flip. Along the way, you also need to collect coins to have money to upgrade new cars or to have more fuel tanks. If you miss too many gas tanks, the car will not have the energy to keep going and stopping. Meanwhile, the game will also end. The successive slopes create a challenge that is difficult to overcome and makes players give up.

Hill Climb Racing 2 gameplay

Great game features

Hill Climbing Racing 2 brings you a unique gaming experience with many interesting challenges. Join us to explore its outstanding features now.

Gameplay improvements

Basically, Hill Climbing Racing 2 has the same gameplay as its predecessor. You control the protagonist Newton Bill controls a racing car, the only goal is to move forward as far as possible. However, if you play long enough you may notice that there are some differences between the two versions. One side focuses on technology and the other on speed. That makes the difficulty of Hill Climbing Racing 2 is higher than the previous one. You need to know when to choose the right time to accelerate and brake at the right time so that the car does not rollover. Besides, the game also updated many new interesting features to make the race more intense and attractive. The terrain in HR2 is simple but very real construction and looks very much like the large models for real-life professional racing.

New game modes

Hill Climb Racing 2 offers 2 game modes, Adventure and Cup. In which Cup is the new game mode. Similar to its predecessor, Adventure mode puts you in endless races when you have to drive until you run out of fuel or the car has a problem. Cup Mode is more fun and challenging as you are allowed to participate in real-time races with other players. When you win races, you receive cups, money, and points as rewards. When you receive enough Points as required, you will be promoted to a new Rank. Currently, there are 48 cups divided into 15 different Rank levels that you have a chance to conquer. Besides, new maps are also unlocked at different ranks. Not only conquering the basic Cups, but you can also unlock the Season Cup if you reach the Legend Rank.

Interesting facts

HCR 2 also offers you a variety of racing events each week to compete with your friends. The maps in the game also change depending on the level as you can climb in a snowy space, quiet farmland, or are being chased by a swarm of zombies. The HR2 even allows you to climb hills on the moon.

Customize your character and vehicle

Besides, you can also change the appearance of the character from skin color to outfits such as shoes, clothes, and protective items. After each level of gameplay, a new racing car with its unique shape and features will be added to your racing collection. You can also choose and customize more than 14 types of components, including colors and styles you like to create your own car. HRC2 is regularly updated with new content so you can completely rest assured and enjoy fun and exciting moments while playing the game. The number of vehicles and customizations continues to increase after the updates of the game.

Hill Climb Racing 2 unlock cars

Control mechanism

Hill Climb Racing 2 uses the same control mechanism as the front-end version. On the game screen, there are only 2 joysticks that you need to care about are Brake and Gas. You press the Gas button to accelerate and the other key to slow down. The control mechanism in the game is really simple but to master, it is not easy. You need to know the right combination of gas and brake at the right time to take your car through the complicated terrain on the track. For example, when you come across a slope where your vehicle’s speed is not fast enough, you definitely cannot pass it and the game is over.


The design style in Hill Climb Racing 2 does not change much from the previous version. Bright game images bring a sense of comfort and relaxation when players participate in races. Not only that, the impact effects, fire, and explosion also create a real feeling for the player.

Tips for mastering the game

You can be a good racer in part 1 but when coming to Hill Climbing Racing 2, you will have many difficulties to conquer the challenges in the game. That’s why we give you some tips to make it better. The first and foremost thing that you should do after starting is to make a lot of money to upgrade engines and vehicle components to at least level 5. Most of the “friends” in the game are bots and they are very difficult to defeat. During the game, you need to gradually accelerate from a distance if you want to bring the car over the slopes. At the right moment, you will have to release the gas again and hold the brake so that the car will plunge without falling. Try to keep your car on the ground with all four wheels so that the vehicle is always balanced. You have to drive a lot of cars, sometimes as a one-man car, sometimes as a much larger car. Unlike part 1, Hill Climbing Racing 2 allows you to join the race with very attractive side quests to get the highest achievement. You can also get free bonuses at least twice a day when you log into the game.

Introducing Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD

If you do not want to spend a lot of time saving coins for vehicle upgrades, please choose the mod version of the game we provide in this article.

Mod feature

Unlimited money: When you buy an item in the game, the amount automatically increases. Thanks to this mod feature, you can buy or upgrade almost anything in the game without worrying about price.


Overall, Hill Climbing Racing 2 is really an interesting and attractive game for gamers who love speed games as well as want to have the opportunity to adventure adventure on different challenging race tracks. It can be said that the game is completely suitable for those who are looking for a game to entertain with friends after tired working hours and can be played anytime, anywhere.

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