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App NameHoop Heroes
Version0.0.87725 b87725
Publisher Netease Games Global
Size0.0.87725 b87725
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlocked
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NetEase intrigues fans of 3×3 basketball games with impressive graphics and engaging gameplay. You can experience many positions in a basketball team and learn how to win the fastest in Hoop Heroes MOD APK.

About Hoop Heroes

Hoop Heroes is a unique basketball game for mobile released by NetEase.

Basketball is a globally popular sport. You can catch basketball games on the street or anywhere. Millions of people watch games from the NBA professional league. Basketball stars earn millions of dollars when they win a tournament. Even so, not many video games successfully simulate this sport.

Hoop Heroes from NetEase is one of the few titles that does a good job of simulating street basketball games. It allows you to compete with other players in real-time matches. You will play as a basketball player, performing unique skills for defense, scoring, and more. The game is available for Android and is free to download.

Hoop Heroes mod apk download

Fun and unique gameplay

Unlike other basketball games, in Hoop Heroes, your team will compete in half of the field instead of the whole. Furthermore, the number of points required to win this game is 11 instead of 21. Before starting the match, you will choose one of the available players to conduct a match with others. The pace of this game is fast and only lasts for 3 minutes. It increases your stimulation and focuses on every action of competition. The more skilled you are at controlling the athletes, the easier it will be for you to win this game.

During the match, you often need to predict where the ball will fall in order to grab loose balls faster than your opponent. With the ball in hand, bạn cần giữ nút shoot để ném quả bóng vào rổ. The more undisrupted a wide-open shot is, the higher the accuracy. Before actually taking the shot, don’t forget to observe the position of your opponents and teammates to find the best timing for the shot!

You don’t always have the ball in hand. When the opponent holds the ball, defend well to get the ball back. You managed to grasp your opponent’s shooting tempo. Try and interrupt his shot with a fierce block! Different offensive moves have different timings for when they can be blocked. Continue to observe and practice, then, let your opponents succumb to your amazing blocks!

Win matches for exciting rewards. You can then use them to buy items and upgrade your character!

Competitive online game mode

We know basketball as a highly competitive and team sport. Hoop Heroes offers immersive online game modes where you play in real-time matches against other players worldwide.

In the 11-point 3×3 game mode, you are randomly matched with 2 other players. Matches are fair as your team competes against 3 other players. The first team to reach 11 points wins. If the time of the match ends without the team reaching the mark, the team with the most points wins.

The developer confirmed that new modes will be added in the coming updates. It will have an offline mode where you can train with BOTs to increase your skills and learn how to defend. In online mode, you can invite your friends to participate in real-time matches.

Hoop Heroes-mod-features

Record your match

Hoop Heroes allows you to record matches. It is similar to using the screen recording function on the device. It is also a way for you to review your matches and improve your playing skills. You can also save videos to local storage or share them on social networks.

Outstanding features of Hoop Heroes

  • Challenge yourself in multiple roles: Depending on match 2 or match 3, you can control more than one athlete. It allows you to switch between athletes and control them in the match. It would be best if you could change positions according to strategies to trounce opponents.
  • 2×2 vs. 3×3 Matches: Not only can you experience 3×3 matches in Hoop Heroes, but you can also try your hand at 2×2 match challenges. The game will automatically pair up a team for you to compete. Athletes who join you in matches are also different. You can’t predict who your opponent will be and what attacks they will use.
  • Collect superstars: The athletes simulated in the game are all famous NBA superstars. You can control Curry, Irving, or even Durant, etc. These athletes are designed to be as close to reality as possible. Each athlete will have a different skill, such as bounce, running speed, ability to beat, etc.
  • Change the style of players: You can not only choose your favorite players, but you can also change the style of these players. The game allows players to change many types of costumes for their players. You can use the accumulated money to buy these types of costumes.
  • Unlock special move skills: The set of moves is the highlight of Hoop Heroes. It synthesizes the necessary actions for you to control the players to compete efficiently. You can use skills including acceleration, box out, call for the ball, substantial screen, etc. Each position will have a different skill for you to use. It will vary based on the athlete and position you choose. You can choose multiple actions at the same time to compete for the ball and throw it into the basket with the most accuracy.
  • Attractive rewards: When winning each match, the system will reward you with unique gifts. Some special boxes contain athletes with good skills, helping you to expand your collection. Some rewards related to cash, coins, or costumes will also randomly appear in these rewards.
  • Cool stadium system: The stadium system in Hoop Heroes will surprise you with its grandeur. You can unlock many different stadiums when you upgrade. Each stadium has a unique design with a great sound system.

How to install Hoop Heroes on Android

Hoop Heroes is currently in limited beta testing. Testing takes place from September 16 to September 23, 2022. Currently, the game is only open to IPs in Korea and the Philippines. For those who are interested to play this game but are not from the supported countries, please try to download and install the game according to the instructions below.

  1. Download the APK file below. Then install it normally.
  2. Turn on a VPN then select the region for Korea or the Philippines. Your IP is now on the support list.
  3. Visit the game’s official Play Store page to install it if the APK file doesn’t work.
  4. Open the game and log in. You can log in with your Facebook, Email, or Netease account.
  5. After a successful login, you can turn off the VPN.

During the beta phase, it may take a long time to find a match.


Basketball matches in Hoop Heroes will delight you with the bustling atmosphere and excitement in each ball-winning action. Download this game now, control your team, and win exciting rewards.

Download Hoop Heroes MOD APK (Unlocked) 0.0.87725 b87725

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
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  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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