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Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon

Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.6.0

App NameIdle Fitness Gym Tycoon
Publisher Codigames
Genre 3D, Simulation
RequireAndroid 5.0
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Have you ever wished to open a gym? If you have that idea, try playing Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon, a free gym simulator game on a mobile platform. The game has unique gameplay  that helps players get acquainted with the way to manage, organize and develop a gym.

Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon - Workout Simulator Game

About Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon

The Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon game puts players in the position of executive director of the gym. You must manage its operations, keep your customers loyal to the gym. You act as a gym boss. You will lead your Gym to the greatest possible scale. At the beginning of the game, you will own a gym including great types of equipment, dressing room, vending machines and automatic door system for guests to enter. You need to capture the psychology of so many customers. Constantly upgrade the gym pieces of equipment to make your business easier. The more new and modern your device is, the more customers you will attract. And they are willing to spend money to attend gym sessions.

Invest modern equipments

You will need to invest in modern equipment and facilities to meet the increasing demands of your customers. At the same time, upgrading the training machine will help customers exercise more effectively. They will practice exercise faster, more effectively, which will help customers later to wait for less. That brings satisfaction to customers and attracts more customers to help you quickly increase gym revenue.

In addition to upgrading types of equipment, you will also have to open more and more dressing rooms, expand the collection system for gyms and other utilities.

Ready to manage your gym empire?

After a while, your gym has earned a decent amount of money. You can use it to open an entirely new gym with the better build quality, in a place with better business conditions. That can bring you 50 times more revenue than your old gym. Later, your gym will become very popular, and your reputation will come to famous athletes. You can hire these players to make your gym reputation bigger. When you’re away, your gym still generates revenue. To be able to operate effectively, the game allows you to hire a manager, which helps you increase your income 5 times when you are away.

Simple character simulation, 3D pixel graphics

The game owns a rhythmic, vibrant music background that is very good for a gym. The sound in the game is also very detailed. You can hear the customers talking to each other, it makes your gym more lively. At the same time, help players have real experience.

The interface of the game is designed simple, very easy to understand, easy to adapt to new people. Players can interact with almost anything in the gym by touching the screen. With half-hearted 3D graphics, the game has a very unique appearance. The design of the 3D characters of the game is very cute, along with creativity in fitness equipment design. Every exercise machine upgrade has a very unique design. With such a design, developers have been very successful in making your work more interesting than ever.

How to expand the scale of your gym?

If you want to improve or expand the gym scale, you should refer to the Build option in the Manage tab. When your account has sufficient funds, the system will notify you to implement plans to improve or expand the scale.

Implement marketing campaigns to increase the number of customers quickly. Another feature in the Manage tab that you should notice is the Marketing menu. Every time you log in, make sure you always have an active Social Media ad campaign. Selecting that advertising campaign always brings the largest number of customers to your gym. So don’t choose any other advertising campaign option except that ad campaign option.

Improving your gym’s brand image can be costly. So don’t rush to do it until your gym earns millions of dollars a day. Make your VIP Campaigns active when you’re online and offline. Speaking of advertising campaigns, VIP Campaigns also bring wonders to your gym. When you notice a blank VIP campaign clock, watch six consecutive video ads to keep running the VIP campaign mode The VIP Campaign x2 revenue increase tool is awesome. It allows players to increase revenue even when offline.


Overall, Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon is a game that is worth a try for everyone. With extremely attractive gameplay and unique design, the game will definitely leave a lot of beautiful impressions for players of all ages. Moreover, this is a completely free game with gentle and fun graphics.

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