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KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD MOD APK (Unlimited Cash/Stars) 13.6.1

Publisher Glu
Genre Adventure
Require4.1 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Cash/Stars
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a famous adventure game from developer Glu. In the game, you will accompany the character created by yourself to step by step to the top of fame and become a Hollywood superstar under the guidance of Kim Kardashian.

Introducing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Have you ever wondered what life is like as a celebrity? What is it like being the center of attention, being admired by millions of people? To partly understand the arduous journey of a Hollywood superstar, try playing the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. This game gives you the experience of a completely unique showbiz-style life. Your choices, your success!

Gameplay is extremely interesting

Good storylines are a characteristic of role-playing games, and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is no exception. It gives you interesting stories about the main character’s quest for fame and success. There are tons of problems when you start your career in Hollywood, encounter misunderstandings, jealousy from co-workers, and many other troubles. And of course, you need to go through all of them before you become a big Hollywood star.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood missions

You will complete missions in the game by moving to cities, buildings, meeting designated people, choosing conversations, and actions to match. Besides, don’t forget to do on-demand work. The game’s graphics are cartoon-style and symbolic 2D drawings, all of which help you focus on the scene to make the right choices.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has very interesting content when it takes you to many landmarks, famous places, and NPC characters. And it is impossible not to mention the giant costume system, fashion accessories that the game brings. Each element in the game has a certain influence on the plot, not just for decoration purposes.

Character System and NPCs

In the world of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, there are many NPCs with completely different looks, personalities, fashion styles, and careers. However, one thing they have in common is their longing for fame and success in the Hollywood world. You can interact with these NPCs by talking to them, doing the things they ask for, or maybe even dating them. Nearly all of your interactions with these NPCs are monitored and captured by the paparazzi. Plus, the more you interact with the high ranked NPCs, the more attention you’ll get. So take advantage of this to navigate public opinion for your reputation.

Explore quests

The NPCs will constantly give you the task and guide you through it. These quests are crucial to bringing you deeper into the game. They allow you to meet people, go to many places, open up new stories. Each quest comes with rewards, but it also has a time limit to complete and you need to balance your energy usage appropriately to get as high a score as possible.

Fashion system & accessories

Regardless of whether your character is male or female, you will have access to a huge inventory of items that this game brings. They are meticulously designed with a wide variety of clothing, shoes, accessories, hats, hairstyles & makeup styles. Moreover, these items are all famous brands in real life. And sometimes you need to pay attention to choose the right outfit for the character when attending special events.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood gameplay

Up to a certain point in the game, the game allows players to unlock pets. You can take them with you when attending events. Of course, you can also choose your pet’s outfits and do many other things to make them unique.

Travel and famous landmarks

Although the game is set in Hollywood, the stories are not limited to this beautiful little city. You will have the opportunity to set foot on famous and beautiful landmarks around the world such as Prague, Sydney, London, Miami, Venice … and many more. All of them are waiting for you to explore and experience. Not only visiting and doing missions, but you can also buy for yourself houses and villas in each place you visit. Of course, as long as you have enough money in your bank account. Don’t worry because if you use the mod that we provide, you can do this easily.

Make more Friends

Communicate with characters in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has always been a smart move. With each new friend you already know, you can rely on those relationships to facilitate your career development. Not just friends, you can even date them if you want.

The main purpose of making friends in the game is to cooperate on quests. The closer the relationship between the two is, the higher the reward for completing the quest together. In addition, you can also make friends with friends who play games through the Facebook friends list.

Always care about your reputation

Ranking on the leaderboard is the number that evaluates your success in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. From an unknown person, you need to surpass everyone to become an A-star, even in the top 100 or top 10 of Hollywood’s most famous people. You can earn fame by increasing the number of fans, attracting media attention, dating celebrities … You can do anything to pursue this biggest goal.

Unlock achievements

There are hundreds of achievements for you to overcome in the game. And for every achievement you get, you get a matching reward. These achievements are divided into 63 categories, each with low to high levels waiting for you to conquer.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood MOD Latest Version

Money, Stars, Energy in the game

In the game, money & stars is the currency that helps you buy and sell most items, equipment, and homes. Besides, energy is what helps you to complete any action. You can earn money by doing quests, acting, or any of the other activities available in the game. Note that Sao is a hard currency so always use it with caution. Stars have special effects such as filling up the energy bar, forcing NPCs to communicate with them.

Mod feature

You certainly understand the importance of Money, Stars, and Energy in the game. Overall, they are quite difficult to find and need you to spend hours playing to achieve the necessary goals. However, with the Kardashian: Hollywood mod that we provide, you will definitely have a much more pleasant experience. Here are the mod features:

Unlimited Money and Stars: Yes, you can use unlimited money and stars in the game to shop or unlock everything easily.

How to install

  1. Download the files that we have provided below.
  2. Install the APK file as you normally would.
  3. Extract the OBB, then move the received folder to the Android / OBB directory
  4. Open the game and enjoy it.


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a game that attracts players by its rich content, eye-catching design, creativity in expression, and simplicity in gameplay. If you’re looking for a game that’s light both in terms of hardware requirements and manipulation, with both intellectual challenges and moments of relaxation, then this is definitely the first game you should try.

Download KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD MOD APK (Unlimited Cash/Stars) 13.6.1

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