Kingdom Wars – Tower Defense
Kingdom Wars

Kingdom Wars MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 3.0.1

App NameKingdom Wars
Publisher Springcomes
Genre 3D, Strategy
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Get it onGoogle Play
How to get a lot of coins and diamonds?
  • Open the game and tap the COINS icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap to buy with diamonds then you will get many coins.

This is a game released by Spring comes. In Kingdom Wars, Satan’s forces stand in front of you and intend to destroy your kingdom. You should consider this interesting and fascinating struggle to protect the stronghold. This is a strategy game with action and role-playing elements. If you want to conquer the game, you must go through more than 400 stages. And at each stage, you need to combine groups of over 200 different characters to try to protect your stronghold, but you also need to find hidden treasures at the level when you win. Despite the fact that the genre is quite widely shown on mobile devices, Kingdom Wars still deserves special attention.

Game control

You just need to click on the soldiers when there is enough food in the bar below the device. They will automatically appear to protect their stronghold. You do not need to control them. All fight automatically. In addition, there is an automatic mode when you click on the letter A on the right corner of the screen. Upgrade to accumulate food in the bottom right-hand corner of your handle. Because different armies will have a different amount of food, depending on their strength. Besides, you can drag the screen to both sides to see the status of your stronghold, and the opponent. It is extremely easy, isn’t it?

Game modes with the diverse map system

You will attack the opponent’s stronghold. It helps you collect a certain amount of gold. You will experience the levels from easy to difficult with different maps. Firstly, the unnamed Forest Map. You will pass 15 challenges on this map. It will accumulate you a lot of gold to upgrade troops and strongholds. In addition, there are new characters that appear when you pass each level. Second, the map of Hoang Kim Desert is the same. There will also be 15 challenges waiting for you with a stronger strongholds and enemies system. After passing this map, you will continue to the forgotten Cliffs. Shortly thereafter, the land of the dead, and finally the Stronghold of darkness. If you pass all, it will be terrible, right. All are waiting for you to discover.

In addition, the game also takes you to PVP mode. In this mode, you will compete with the heroes in the world, not limited to the country. You will meet opponents equivalent to your level. Maybe stronger, maybe weaker. But before entering this mode, remember to equip yourself well with your stronghold and army. Because your opponents also have very carefully equipped equipment for their stronghold and army.

Kingdom Wars

Upgrade the defense system

Upgrade when you have a chance. Because only upgrades will help you defeat the enemy. Don’t be too surprised to see an army armed with an unbreakable barrier. A rain of arrows, or a Thor hammer from heaven, and tornadoes can wipe out your army. They all appear when you pass certain levels. However, let’s upgrade to make it stronger. In addition, please calculate carefully before using it. Because its recovery speed is quite slow. Use in urgent situations. Those are in-game upgrades to bring you closer to victory. Try not to let the enemy approach your stronghold. Put your troops on them. Fight and destroy their stronghold.

Military system

There are about 200 different characters for you to choose from. Cavalry, bows … All are bought with gold or diamonds when they appear in your store. The stronger the soldier, the higher the price, and the stronger the skill. Firstly, let’s buy them in basic mode. You must upgrade to own a more powerful army. Try to upgrade them to the maximum if you can. That will help you advance to victory easily.

Booster items

The game contains about 6 booster items. These items are made in a unique and customized way. They allow players to play games with different strategies and gameplay. Each booster has its own story. They are designed to test players’ skills and abilities on their own. The player can prove through all of these enhancements that he is the best player out there. Let’s explore together.

Graphic design in the game

Kingdom Wars graphics are based on a 3D platform which is quite nice and quality. The publisher takes care of everything in the game meticulously. The atmosphere of death, darkness, bears the color of an ancient war. Even in the most chaotic battle, the game has no lag. In short, I was completely satisfied with the graphics of the game.


Although the Kingdom Wars is free, the experiences that the game brings are still extremely good. The game has a very good tower defense gameplay, along with an excellent system of characters and pieces of equipment, engaging storyline. Besides, graphic design runs smoothly on mobile screens. Kingdom Wars certainly does not disappoint game enthusiasts. Download the game, and join the war to protect the world with the warriors in Kingdom War now.

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