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Kipas Guys MOD APK (Menu/ Unlimited Money) 0.41.1

App NameKipas Guys
Publisher Kipas Studio
Size103 Mb
Require9.0 and up
MOD InfoMenu/ Unlimited Money

Download Kipas Guys MOD APK to enjoy endless fun in exciting knockout matches. It offers fast-paced gameplay and funny graphics. You have the opportunity to compete with other players in real-time to overcome obstacles, complete levels, and receive generous rewards.

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About Kipa Guys APK

February 2021, Stumble Guys released by Kitka Game created a fever in the gaming community. Millions of players have been captivated by the unique and fun gameplay it brings. Very quickly, many developers were game’s rulesgame to create their products, Kipas Guys is one of them.

Basically, Kipas Guys can be considered a perfect copy of Stumble Guys. It offers exciting knockout matches where you have to compete with other players in unique mini-games. The rules of the game are quite clear, a match of 32 players. All compete in an arena filled with obstacles. The only person who passes all the challenges will become the winner.

The game offers many challenging levels, valuable rewards, and is full of fun. You will have to control your character skillfully to overcome the obstacles. Each mini-game has different ways to challenge your control skills and reflexes.

Kipas guys mod gameplay

A new style battle royale game

Kipas Guys uses the rules of the Battle royale game. It is a knockout battle between you and other players. No matter how you complete the challenges, stay the last in the arena to be the winner.

A Fall Guys Battle Royale has 3-7 rounds randomly assigned to different levels, including survival, chasing, teaming, finishing, etc. Each round is a minigame that is limited in time as well as the number of players that pass the round. When enough players pass the round, the others will be eliminated.

All Kipas Guys minigames challenge the player’s control skills because all the game’s control mechanisms revolve around clinging, jumping, running and ramming opponents.

If you win the last round, you will become the champion. In addition to the rewards, the winner receives a crown. Collect more crowns to help you advance in the overall leaderboard.

Customize your Kipas Guys

Note: All customizations are for aesthetic purposes only. It does not affect gameplay or give any advantage to the player.

Because it’s a multiplayer match, make your character shine in the crowd. The game allows you to customize Kipas Guys in many ways, including modifying shapes and adding animations.

There are many unique options for you to customize your character to different levels. First, you can change the character color. It’s a simple way for him to stand out from the crowd. There are many color options. It also allows you to mix random colors to create a brand-new one. Try a higher level of customization with unique costumes.

Kipas Guys offers a collection of 120+ skins to change the look of your character. Each outfit is divided into two parts, including the top, and bottom. It means you will have endless ways to combine pieces to create a complete outfit.

It has some free outfits available. Paid outfits are sold in the store. You can use Show-Bucks to buy. The rarer the outfit, the higher the price. In addition, there are some skins that can only be obtained from special events.

In the match, sometimes you win in a spectacular way. You can use Emotes to taunt opponents or celebrate. Kipas Guys offers a variety of Emotes that help players express their emotions, such as Beefy, Neener, Slow Clap, Bow, Chest Bump, etc.

Kipas Guys mod features

Play in a quirky arena

The matches in Kipas Guys take place in a quirky arena. It’s messy and chaotic. Besides the pre-arranged obstacles, sometimes you will encounter unexpected objects from anywhere.

What makes the game unpredictable is the random dynamic obstacles. They can come from all directions to the detriment of the player. For example, you can be knocked out of the arena by a bouncing ball, or dropped by jumping into a trap.

It also has various challenges such as swinging or jumping on moving platforms. It has almost no room for misstake. When you make a jump in the wrong place, you will definitely be out of the match.

Obstacles are sometimes useful. You can use them to gain an advantage in matches. For example, some obstacles resemble a rocket booster. If you latch on to them at the right time, they can launch you into the air to outrun your opponents.

No one knows what will happen in this crazy arena. Therefore, always be ready for any situation.

Many mini-games to enjoy

As we mentioned, a match in Kipa Guys is divided into several rounds. They include unique mini-games classified into 4 groups, including:

  • Races. The mini-games in this group revolve around races. Your task is to control your character to avoid obstacles and reach the finish line. Each mini game brings different challenges, such as you have to jump over space lanes, avoiding moving walls, jump over dynamic platforms, etc. The only goal of the game is to reach the finish line as soon as possible.
  • Survival. These mini games challenge the player’s many movement skills. For example, some levels require you to avoid obstacles, jump over spinning beams to avoid falling into slimes, etc. The ultimate goal is to stay as long as possible.
  • Hunt. These mini-games test your reflexes. They often require you to move to designated points to catch obstacles.
  • Team. This is when you and other players will work together to win. It is team games like football, basketball, capture flags, etc. You will coordinate with your teammates to score as many points as possible.

MOD APK of Kipa Guys

We bring you the latest mod of Kipa Guys. Are you ready to download and enjoy it?

This mod gives you access to all the features without paying for in-app purchases.

Kipa Guys MOD APK has also been unlocked on all levels. It allows you to play at whatever level you want.

Finally, this mod version provides unlimited coins and gems in the game. You get a lot of money to buy items and unlock new costumes for the character.


Kipa Guys is a competitive and humorous battle royale game. It is completely different from the traditional battle royale. No guns and fiery battles, the game offers a lot of interesting mini-games to challenge the player’s skills. It also has a lot of unique options available to personalize your character. The game is available for Android and is free to download.

Download Kipas Guys MOD APK (Menu/ Unlimited Money) 0.41.1

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
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  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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