Kung Fu Attack – PVP

Kung Fu Attack - PVP MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

App NameKung Fu Attack - PVP
Publisher Hs Soft
Genre 3D, Action
RequireAndroid 4.0.3
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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If you love strong fighting games, do not miss the Kung fu attack – PVP. This is one of the most authentic mortal fighting games. It will give you the most primitive feeling in the battles in the villages. You have a role to protect the peace for everyone. The following article will give you detailed information about this fascinating game.

Kung Fu Attack - PVP

You will embark on this action-packed fighting adventure of this warrior game, with brutal and unforgettable quarrels. Save the game world as a fighting hero of the mortal age. Like in other warrior fighting games, you will have to play as a martial artist – who is fighting for freedom.

How to play Kung fu attack – PVP

The gameplay of Kung fu attack – PVP is quite simple. You are the warrior that fights directly to defeat the enemy. You need to research all secret combat techniques in training mode. Master the melee attacks and new weapons to crush opponents. You must choose your opponent’s fighters, and hit them as much as possible. The combat style is also under your control. You can try to act faster than your opponent, or you can use your protection to avoid enemies.

Keep track of every move of the enemy who is fighting against you. Use a punch and kick with accuracy and fast. Make timely decisions, attack enemies with punches, and kicks at the right time. You must prevent enemy attacks with accuracy and agility in your actions.

Every time you overcome an enemy, you will be rewarded with valuable treasure boxes. You can use them to upgrade your power and weapons.

Opponents and fierce battles

Choose your opponents to become an unbeatable warrior in this fast-paced action fighting game. Perform decisive blow, critical strike, and destroy all superheroes, Kung Fu. You need to fight hard to become a champion.

Action to defeat all opponents on a battlefield is like a battle in Chinese history. The combination of vivid images and sounds makes you dissolve into the most authentic context. You no longer have the feeling of playing games anymore, but like you’re standing in the middle of life and death with enemies. Feeling and the only way for you is to go ahead and destroy them.

Increase amount of bonuses

The amount of bonus you gain in each battle depends on the number of enemies you defeat, and the time it takes to complete. This bonus is used to increase your fighting power and buy weapons. So try to take advantage of the time to win fast. The more you upgrade your power and increase your weapons, the harder the level, you will have conditions to fight. These bonuses are placed in chests, and appear when you win a level.

After each level, you get bonuses. Use this money to buy more combat weapons. Also, remember to upgrade your power to become stronger. The higher the upgrade, the more power you have in every punch and kick.

The higher the level, the more fierce the battle

The initial battles are quite easy and simple. When you finish them, you will advance to the higher game, which means more difficult in all aspects. This stimulates your ability to conquer and fight in your blood. The number of enemies and their weapons also increased. If you want to increase your victory, you should upgrade. To do this, you need a bonus. Therefore, we recommend that you try to make as much money as possible.

Kung Fu Attack - PVP

Graphic design

Kung fu attack – PVP uses beautiful and realistic 3D graphic design. Images drawn are animated which makes the player not obsessed. The sound in the game associated with each specific action, causing the most realistic feeling. When you kick and punch an enemy, your arms and legs feel like they are in pain, but you are happy to take them down. Not every game has this. The graphics and sound contributed to the success of this game.


Kung fu attack – PVP is not simply an entertaining game, it also helps you to see and judge. In battles, you have to observe the opponent to dodge and have to blow to defeat it. To do this, you need to combine your hands, eyes, and mind correctly.

If you have stress issues and need to relieve stress, Kung fu attack – PVP is a perfect choice. All the frustration in you will be released through dramatic rock punches. The feeling of winning spreads and eliminates the stress in you.

If you are a good-tempered person, experience the feeling of these powerful yet hilarious actions. It’s not offensive at all, because the animation design is so cute. When participating in the battle to protect people, you will find yourself stronger.

Do not hestitate anymore, install Kung fu attack – PVP to join the fight. I am sure you will be fascinated and addicted to that.

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