Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK (Menu Mod) 1.20.3

App NameLast Day on Earth: Survival
Publisher Kefir!
Size337 MB
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoMenu Mod
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Try every way possible to endure the world filled with zombies. When it comes to survival, confronting the undead is not a wise choice, and you are about to learn that in Last Day on Earth: Survival.

Introduction Last Day on Earth: Survival

Zombies and the apocalypse is always an embryonic topic for game developers to exploit throughout the history of gaming. The emergence of Minecraft has also set a trend for sandbox survival games. Last day on Earth is one of the games that amalgamated both aforementioned trends into one. It is among the zombie-themed games that is very successful up to now.

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a very interesting game in terms of gameplay and theme. The game is available on multiple platforms, and the Android version alone has more than 50 million downloads as of November 2020. In fact, it has been awarded The most innovative game of the year right after its launch in 2017.

Game features

Last Day on Earth: Survival is the best post-apocalyptic survival game on Android with more than 100 million downloads from the app market. Join us to explore its outstanding features now.


Inspired by a great storyline, you will soon emerge yourself in the realm of Last day on Earth. The graphics are also evident and full of visual aids to help you understand the game quicker. However, the difference between understanding the game mechanics and being an excellent gamer is much greater than it might seem. Nevertheless, you might find yourself trying repeatedly in one place before advancing in the game. The harder you try, the more intense the gameplay becomes.

Last day on Earth takes place in 2027, when the world witnesses the outbreak of a mystery infection that almost wipes out the human race. Just when people think the situation cannot be any worse, the corpses start to turn into zombies. The world is now nothing but a few people who don’t get infection as they are lucky enough to have rare antibodies. However, the civilizations has collapsed, and they still need to try their best to survive. Indeed, you are one of them.

Getting started

Despite the complication of gameplay mechanisms, Last Day on Earth is an easy game in the beginning compared to other sandbox survival game titles. The game provides more than enough resources, stackable inventory items, weak enemies, and the nights are not in pitch dark. Certainly it will not be that easy when you reach a certain level, but an easy beginning will encourage you to invest more time until you cannot get your hands off your phone.

When you launch Last day on Earth for the first time, it will let you create a character with some customisable appearance features. After determining the gender, the skin tone, hair style, and character name, you are ready to dive into the game. Your starter point is an abandoned house in the middle of the wood, and your very first goal is to equip your recently looted items and fight the zombies. Next up is gathering resources, unlocking initial blueprints and building basic amenities and tools for processing wood and food. Once you used up the available resouces at the starting point, it is time to travel to other places to loot for more and continue strengthening your base.


Some players might argue that Crafting is the most important thing you need to understand to begin the game. Similar to any sandbox games, crafting is your only way to achieve more useful items out of raw materials. To craft, open the craft menu by pressing the button with the wrench icon at the bottom of your screen. Select the item that you want to craft, the item will be crafted immediately provided that resources are sufficient.

One item when crafted will take up a slot in the inventory. Each item has its own usage, and you need to discover how to use each of them by yourself. For example, axes need to be in the inventory, while the woodworking table can only function when deployed. You had better craft some small boxes at the beginning of the game so you can store items in it and continue looting without having to throw away valuable resources.


To increase your chance of survival in Last Day on Earth, you need to understand how to build your shelter. The game gives you the ability to build floors and walls. If you are skillful enough, it is possible to build a cozy home very soon and still have room for every improvement and tool. Walls can be upgraded by using stronger materials – iron for example – to prevent zombies from breaking through. Keep in mind that some tools and crafting stations can only be placed on a floor, not the ground.

To build something, press the building switch on the right side of your screen. The grid will show up on the ground, letting you know where to build your wall and floor. Before setting a wall or a floor on the ground, check if you have enough resources. As soon as you place your wooden wall block, it will automatically merge with the adjacent peers. To strengthen a wall, press on it while building mode is engaged, then press the button that looks like a t-shirt. Each wooden wall block requires an amount of iron for the reinforcement, so another thing to keep in mind.

World map

When you walk out of the home base zone and move further into the green area, you will be taken to the world map. This map shows many different locations, and gradually you will gain access to the whole map. To loot more valuable resources, travel to distant locations using Energy.

The locations that have a timer on them are events that happen globally. The events will give you chances to earn more than usual, however it varies in difficulties and you must be very careful as the challenges are tough sometimes.

APK MOD of Last Day on Earth: Survival

MOD features

  • Max Durability
  • Free Crafting
  • Infinite Blueprints (Inside the bunker Alpha)
  • Infinite Bike Patterns (inside the gas station)
  • Resources
  • Magic Split (1-20)
  • No Need Some Special Skills
  • All Door Are opened
  • Get free Identity cards inside the police station
  • & Much More.

How to Install

  1. Uninstall the original version of the game (If applicable)
  2. Download the APK file we provide below and save it to your device.
  3. Open the APK file and install it as usual.
  4. Open the game and enjoy!

Note: Mod feature is only available for new accounts. So save your old progress in the game (if any).

How to Connect Mod with Google Play

When using LDOE mod and trying to connect to the Google Play Games service, you will receive a message that it is not working. Don’t worry, the guide below will help you fix this error.

  1. Complete the steps to install the mod above. Open it and play until you are ready to save your progress. Now exit the game.
  2. Use a file manager (default or 3rd party like ES File Manager), then go to SDCard / Android / Data.
  3. Here you see the Data folder of the game as “zombie.survival.craft.z“. Now rename it to whatever it is.
  4. Uninstall mod.
  5. Go to Play Store and install the original version of the game
  6. Once done, don’t open the game. Go to SDCard / Android / Data and rename the previous folder to it (zombie.survival.craft.z).
  7. Open the game and connect to the Play Store Game.


Last Day on Earth: Survival is an interesting game where the sandbox survival genre meets zombie slashing. Having stunning graphics and attractive gameplay, it is totally worth the Innovative game of the year award. Last Day on Earth is an easy recommendation for anyone who loves survival games and needs something challenging yet soothing enough for beginners.

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK (Menu Mod) 1.20.3

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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