League of Legends: Wild Rift
League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift MOD APK (NO)

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Although not officially released, RIOT’s hottest title for mobile is still available through the beta channel. League of Legends: Wild Rift is the most wanted MOBA game for the lovers of the game genre, and more than a remake of the PC version.


For anyone familiar with the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game category or esport game titles, League of Legends is nothing new. In fact, League of Legends is among the favorite MOBA games in recent years, and the game is so successful that to celebrate the 10th birthday anniversary of League of Legends, RIOT – the game’s publisher – announced League of Legends: Wild Rift on mobile devices, specially Android and iOS. LoL: Wilf Rift is now in its closed beta phase, and is expected to be officially launched in the end of 2020.

In case you haven’t heard about League of Legends or wondering what MOBA is – which is extremely rare, this is a game where you cooperate with your teammates and fight against the rival team in a battle of 5 versus 5. Each player controls a character and starts the game with a small amount of Gold and zero EXP, but they can gain those resources by wandering the Map and attacking monsters, killing rival’s Minions, or even eliminating opponent’s characters. Gold can be spent to buy supporting items that help increase character’s stats, while EXP leveling up the character, unlocking and ranking up skills overall making the character tougher. The game’s main objective is to destroy the enemy’s main structure before they do the same thing to yours.

Attractive tactical gameplay

As an abridged edition of its PC counterpart, League of Legends: Wild Rift will inherit almost everything about the gameplay of League of Legends. Two teams will fight against each other to destroy the enemy’s Nexus, which is securely protected behind many arrays of turrets and also the whole enemy’s team. The playfield – also known as the Map – has 3 lanes, each has a total of 6 turrets for both teams. There are Minions spawn at the Nexus of both teams, marching toward their enemy’s base in waves and attacking anything on its way. Advancing and enabling these waves of Minions to reach the enemy’s base is necessary to gain advantage and eventually win the game.

League of Legends Wild Rift gameplay

Master your Champions

In LoL: Wild Rift, Champions are the playable characters that you can pick to control before entering a battle. There are 49 Champions that were introduced in the game up to now, but the developing team is working days and nights to add more to the roster. Each Champion has its own fighting style and therefore is unique in every way. A Champion will have one basic attack move, a set of proprietary skills and one Ultimate skills which can be unlocked and ranked up when the Champion reaches a certain level. The level of a Champion will maximize at 15, making their Abilities maximum rank 4.

Every Champion will fall into one of 6 classes: Controller, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Slayer, Tank, except some are Specialist, which means they do not belong to any class mentioned above. Controllers are ones that can observe the battlefield, defense and enable allies to deal damage effectively. Fighters are the arm of a team, who are designated to be on the front to deal and also take damage. Mages and Marksman are also considered a damage dealer that strike enemies from afar, however they are fragile and require allies’ protection. Slayers also cannot take much damage but they are able to strike accurately and forcefully, making them very effective in finishing lives. Tanks excels at blocking off incoming attacks, leaving opportunities for allies to take action.

League of Legends Wild Rift champions

Discover iItems

Leveling up is not the only way to grow stronger in LoL: Wild Rift. There are places when you can buy Items to enhance your Champion, one is next to the Fountain – the starting point of the game – and others are the Ornn’s Living Forge scattering on the map. Your Champion can carry and use 6 items simultaneously, plus one Trinket that can be equipped for free. These items are classified into Tools, Defense, Attack, Magic, and Movement based on their attributes. For example, Defense items boost your endurance by raising statistics like health, armor, magic resistance, or Magic are items that give additional mana, increase ability effect, or reduce cooldown time.

There are 3 tiers of items, which is Basic, Advanced and Finished. Basic items are ones that require no other ingredient item to be purchased, while Advanced items are those that were formed from basic items and a Recipe. Items that are combined by at least one Advanced item and any other basic items are considered Finished Items. Regardless of the Tiers, all the items provide the Champion carrying them buffs in many ways. The Stat buffs improve statistics and this is a common type of buffs. There are Active effects that require to be triggered to engage, similar to Characters’ abilities, and Passive effects that are automatically applied as long as being carried. Auras are similar to passive effects but affect the surrounding, generally supporting the allies or restraining enemies. Consumable items are one-time usage items that temporarily boost a specific stat.


League of Legends: Wild Rift is definitely a big hit on the mobile game market and a long awaited title for game enthusiasts. The game carefully and thoroughly brings as many features from the PC version as possible, including the familiar game mechanisms and eye-catching visual graphics, while at the same time tweaking various small aspects to make the game comfortable to play on tiny touchscreens. This benefits the PC players the most when they try Wild Rift, as there is nearly nothing new to get accustomed to. For newbies about to pick up MOBA, Wild Rift should be the first game to try as it has an enormous community willing to help you through the basics, and there are guides, tutorials and insights all over the internet for your reference.

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