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Left to Survive

Left to Survive MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets) 5.6.1

App NameLeft to Survive
Publisher My.com B.V.
Genre 3D, Action
RequireAndroid 4.2
MOD InfoUnlimited Bullets
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Left to Survive is a zombie shooting action game from the publisher MYCOM. The game is a combination of shooting action game with survival. Pick up your gun, gather your courage and wipe out the zombies from the city.

In 2024, when you and your teammates are on the way to resupply, you discover a street full of zombies. They appear everywhere, from nooks and crannies to schools and hospitals. With the help of teammates and advanced weapons, kill all zombies to bring peace to the world.

Destroy zombie

Left to Survive has similar gameplay to zombie shooting games on mobile platforms. The main task of the player is to destroy the growing and disgusting Zombie. There is a special thing in the game, the character will automatically move, and the game will automatically seek shelter whenever needed.

You will fight and survive at the last moment. Like many other games, their weakness is the head. Therefore, practice aiming at their heads. That also saves you certain bullets. In every match, prioritize killing nearby targets, because they can approach and devour you at any time. Let’s combine weapons smoothly.

The reward after each intense battle

Zombies will appear from all sides. It can be on the roof, under the car, even right behind you. Be alert to survive as long as possible. It is important to be flexible about moving and shooting and choose a location that covers a large space. It helps you shoot down the most zombies in the meager time. When you kill all zombies in each game screen, you will receive money and valuable rewards. You can use the money to buy new characters, or more modern new weapons, making it easy to destroy the powerful waves of zombies in the next game screen. The amount is more or less proportional to the difficulty of that level. Save to equip yourself with a diverse weapon system and the largest possible damage.

Fight with teammates

Your enemies are not just weak zombies, but tons of crazy zombies. Each type of zombie will have different characteristics. Some types move very fast, just a little bit absent-minded then they can approach at any time. Besides, there are some large types, they move slowly but a large amount of blood, it is difficult to destroy. It’s hard, but the game gives you teammates. They will stand side by side with you in every battle. Do not forget to support your teammates, because they also have a certain amount of blood. If the blood runs out, they will die just like you. Therefore, be alert from all sides, support your teammates in the best way to overcome the mission.

The mode of fighting with friends

In addition, the game also offers extremely attractive PvP mode. This is the place for you to compete with friends around the world. Test your survival skills by fighting other players in solo and 2v2 matches. To win, you need a reasonable strategy and the weapons which are strong enough to compete. The battle screen is a measure for you to perfect your skills, rise to the Top sever in the game.

Left to Survive

Weapon system and characters

The arsenal of Left to Survive is extremely diverse such as knives, rifles, pistols, grenades … you can buy it with the money earned after each game screen. Each weapon has different strengths or weaknesses, it is important for the player to exploit their strengths. It will best support you in the mission of shooting zombies. The rifle is suitable for destroying distant targets, shotguns used when enemies are near you. When zombies get too crowded, a grenade can help you kill a big target.

Besides, there are many new characters waiting to be unlocked. Each character also has its own characteristics and appearance. Choosing which character depends on your preference and play style.

Build and customize bases

Build, customize and defend your base from zombies and opponent side. The base is a shelter for you and your teammates, it helps you avoid enemy attacks. You are free to build it to be durable, beautiful, and where zombies can not penetrate. You can also destroy an enemy base. To do that, you will attack by helicopter. With the help of a helicopter, you will attack the enemy from above, releasing bullets straight to the enemy base. Each time like that, you can steal an enemy’s resources to build your base.

Left to Survive

Graphic design

Left to Survive is a great third-person shooter game, packed with strategic elements for players to avoid getting bored. The game has 3D graphics, from characters shaping and zombies to the scenery, all are beautifully designed by the publisher. The scene of the dramatic battle scenes is sharply reproduced. In addition, the sound in the game is also of very good quality. The sound of gunfire, screams of zombies have a real recurrence. Meanwhile, the battle will take place that is no different from the zombie thriller.


Overall, Left to Survive is a fascinating survival game. The gameplay is dramatic and unexpected, but no less interesting. Although the game is similar to other zombie shooting games, it still gives you a new feeling. Download this game to your phone via the link below this article.

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