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Lily’s Garden

Lily’s Garden MOD APK (Unlimited Money/ Stars) 2.39.5

App Name Lily’s Garden
Version 2.39.5
Publisher Tactile Games
Genre Puzzle
Size 144M
Require Android 5.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money/ Stars
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Lily’s Garden brings you into a world of cute stories revolving around the happy life of Lily, a city girl. The latest mod of the game is now available for free download at apkdl!

About Lily’s Garden

Match-3 games are increasingly popular on app markets. Starting with Candy Crush Saga in 2012, there have been thousands of games of this genre released on mobile platforms so far. From the traditional elements of a match 3 game, developers have incorporated many new features to make their game more engaging. There have been many successful match-3 games based on this approach, and Lily’s Garden is one of them. This game gives you a completely fun gameplay experience when combining 3-match game and interior decoration. It also has a compelling storyline that is enough to keep players reaching the final levels of the game.


The story in Lily’s Garden revolves around Lily, a busy young girl in the city. Like so many other young people, Lily had a hard time adjusting to life in the city. She lives in an old motel and is always wet when it rains, doing boring jobs and having tons of mishaps. One day, after all bad things, Lily received a letter informing her Aunt Mary had passed away. The letter also stated that Aunt Mary wanted Lily to take care of the house she left. Lily accepted. She decides to throw everything away to go back to Aunt Mary’s old house in the mountain and live there. Upon arriving, Lily realized that the house was very old and in need of repair. She went to work to make it a great place to live.

There is an important part of Aunt Mary’s will is that if Lily wants to keep the inheritance, she must complete the restoration of the house within 30 days.


If you’ve played Homescapes before, you’ll find the gameplay of Lily’s Garden has a lot of similarities. Your main task is to help Lily clean and repair the old mansion. To do this, you need to complete a variety of jobs by passing challenges in classic match-3 games. The rules of the game are completely similar to other 3-match games, you play on a board of colored bricks with decorative patterns above it. By moving these bricks, you need to match at least 3 objects of the same color to score. Each level has different requirements and you need to complete it before the turn moves to 0.

Lily’s Garden gameplay

Don’t forget to try to create combos by matching more than 3 bricks. When you do this, you can create a bomb or a rocket. They help you destroy the bricks more easily. By winning the levels, you get a reward of coins and stars. They are the things that help you buy items and repair the garden.

Lots of interesting challenges

Lily’s Garden offers you tons of fun challenges to conquer. Your job is to fix everything and upgrade areas of the house. The missions happen in order and take place each day. You need to complete all tasks for the day before moving on to the next. The interesting point of the game is that it makes you feel like you are experiencing a story with a clear scenario, not just simple challenges. You make repairs from the outside of the gate (buy a new mailbox), then progress into the main courtyard, garden and rooms of the house.

The quests have increasing difficulty. You will notice that the higher you level up, the fewer moves you will get. Besides, the requirements of the quest were also more difficult. Not only that, the objects on the board are also more difficult to pair when they appear discrete and far apart. However, don’t worry because we believe that every puzzle has a solution, with a little patience and luck, you will definitely overcome it.

Show off your interior decoration skills

As we mentioned, Lily’s Garden is more than just a puzzle game. In a way, it’s like an interior design simulation game whose goal is to decorate the estate left behind by Aunt Mary. You have the opportunity to remodel and rearrange everything as you like. From the smallest things like mailboxes, floor tiles to important things like fountains, furniture in rooms … you have the right to decide how to arrange them. Besides repairs, you can also shop for new furniture to decorate the house. Lily’s Garden allows you to show off your decorating skills and creativity with a huge system of different items.

Lily’s Garden mod features


Boosters are a must in every 3-match game. In Lily’s Garden, you can create and use 5 different Boosters. They cause different effects. Here are information about them:

  • Bomb: Appears after you remove 8-9 bricks of the same color in a row. When you activate this item, the bomb will explode and remove 20 bricks around it.
  • Rocket: You get it when you remove 5-7 consecutive bricks of the same color. This item has the effect of removing all bricks on the row in which it is standing, either horizontally or vertically.
  • Magic Potion: After removing at least 10 bricks, you receive a Magic Potion. The Kishc activated it allows you to remove all the bricks on the board with the same color as the potion’s color.
  • Hand Trowel: Items cannot be received in the normal way. You can earn it from savings or buy directly from the store. Using Hand Trowel allows you to delete any tile on the board.
  • Rake: It works similarly to Rocket, allowing you to delete a row or column of bricks on the board. Similar to Hand Trowel, you can only earn this item from events or buy with coins.

Besides, combining different Boosters on board can also create more powerful effects.

Meet characters and explore stories

Lily doesn’t just do everything by herself. There are a few characters that will appear in the game and make the stories more interesting. You will interact with them by chatting or completing the jobs they ask for. Lily received great support from Philip, an old real estate lawyer for Aunt Mary. Besides, she befriended Ragina, a talented carpenter who was able to help Lily fix many items in the house. In Lily’s Garden, there are a few bad guys to watch out for. The first was Blaine, her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on Lily. And Larry, a member of the Aunt Mary’s family. He circled around the building and did everything to disable Lily’s inheritance.

Introducing Lily’s Garden MOD

  • Unlimited coins: The mod feature allows you to use coins to shop for items or unlock everything easily.
  • Unlimited Stars: Allows you to use unlimited stars to buy items easily.
  • Unlimited lives: You can play comfortably without worrying about running out of lives.

Note: Login via facebook is not available.


Lily’s Garden is more than just a puzzle game as it also offers players many interesting challenges in interior decoration. Are you ready to uncover interesting in-game stories with Lily and do whatever it takes to bring the house back to its original splendor?

Download Lily’s Garden MOD APK (Unlimited Money/ Stars) 2.39.5

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