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App NameMarginal Hunter
Require6.0 and up

Marginal Hunter is an engaging combat RPG with a futuristic design. You will fight directly with the evil robots to find out the answers to the secrets behind the fight.

The plot of the game

The robots that humans created are no longer as safe as they imagined. They have thoughts and never want humans to control them. A war between humans and robots has taken place and damaged everything. They cannot stop this war until humans take control. Although the war has been resolved, its secrets are still a mystery. As an elite warrior, you will travel to many locations and fight with a series of robots to uncover the ultimate secret.

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Starting by choosing a suitable fighter in Marginal Hunter, you will move continuously through many locations to defeat the robots and receive bonuses. It will arrange matches based on the warrior’s level. You will start by fighting low- to high-level robots in different battle locations. Every time you defeat a robot, the system rewards gold and experience. With the accumulated gold, you can equip special weapons for the character. Moreover, it would help if you upgraded your characters and weapons to fight easily regularly.

Amazing features of this game

  • Multi-Skilled Warrior: The warriors in Marginal Hunter are all designed with different looks and equipment. Each warrior will have its unique skills. At the beginning of the game, you can choose one of three main characters, including the gunner, the driver, or the skilled sword user. Each character will have a different set of fighting skills. Their accompanying weapons include guns, vehicles, and swords. With the first levels, you can’t use all of these skills. However, as you level up and fight more, you can flexibly use the skills that come with the warrior.
  • Special treasures: Besides bonuses, you can unlock many attractive items when opening treasures. These treasures appear randomly after each match you win. The rewards you can get from this treasure include gold, experience, weapons, or skills for the character. Except for diamond treasures, you can exchange gold for some typical treasures and try your luck with them.
  • Combat skill set: You can control the character to move with the buttons on the left hand and fight with the right hand. The combat skill set has a maximum of 4 functions: a direct hit function and accompanying skills. You cannot use secondary skills at the same time. Every time you use a secondary skill, you must wait a while for them to refill. The refill time of these skills will be based on their level. The higher the skills, the faster you can use them.
  • Equip and upgrade weapons: Pay attention to the weapons and skills your character is using. If they have never been upgraded, upgrade them quickly. Marginal Hunter provides many unique skills to equip your character before entering the battle. The number of skills you can add is four, so you need to consider them carefully. Besides, do not forget to upgrade the level of skills to make their attack damage higher.
  • Enemy system: The robots that you will fight are not as simple as you think. They will test your flexibility and fighting ability through each round. You will encounter small robots with low combat ability before encountering more enormous bosses. The more complex the robot is to destroy, the bigger the bonus you get.
Marginal Hunter gameplay


Marginal Hunter leads you to endless battles with the most powerful robots. Download the game and prove your fighting prowess in the most challenging battles.

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