Matchington Mansion
Matchington Mansion

Matchington Mansion MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 1.130.1

App NameMatchington Mansion
Publisher Firecraft Studios
Genre 3-Match, 3D, Puzzle
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Coins
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Matchington Mansion is a game developed by Firecraft Studios. The game was released nearly 3 years ago, but until now, it is still a hot game used by many people. With over 1 million downloads and 4.5 stars rated on Chplay, the game has created a very special effect, attracting a lot of players. Essentially a puzzle game integrated into the interior design game, the game gives players a lot of interesting and rare experiences.

Matchington Mansion

Game building ideas

The game idea is very unique and attractive because it combines many elements in the game.

The game starts when you inherit a house. But unfortunately, the house is quite old and hasn’t been looked after for a long time. Here, players are tasked with solving small puzzles, completing quests and collecting a number of points, as well as money for exchanging and trading various types of decoration goods, redesign all the rooms in the house. In addition, the game also has pet raising features, connecting with friends, and lots of other features waiting for you to explore.

Matchington Mansion is an entertaining game but perfectly integrated with many other game genres. It is no coincidence that the game achieved a high position in many game rankings. Basically, the game has created a unique feature by combining many simple pieces together, which is an idea that few games have ever combined.

Overview of the game

As mentioned above, Matchington Mansion can be called a “3 in 1” combination. Therefore, the gameplay of the game will be broken down into several parts. But overall, the game is connected by an apartment decoration. Therefore, master the small games to be able to complete the final mission.

Before you enter the most important task, you will start with a dilapidated inherited house. Most of the furniture is unusable, the walls and ceilings are deteriorated and heavily damaged, you need to blow your soul into it in your own style to express your own style. You will have to redesign all the rooms in the house. By your skills, make your house more beautiful than other neighbors’ houses!

How to earn gold thanks to the candy puzzle game

This is a game with a familiar playing style. You may remember the Candy Crush puzzle, which is similar. However, this is not the main task, but what you need to do is to make a lot of gold here.

In the game, you will see a candy board appear with all the shapes and colors candy. How they look eye-catching! Not only do the candies look good, but they also have crunchy sounds when you break them.

To play this part, you simply have to arrange the candy boxes in vertical and horizontal rows, there must be a minimum of 3 candies of the same type to eliminate them. The more you play and score more points, you will have a lot of gold. Use the rewarded gold to take care of the house.

How to play cat raising games

When playing to a certain level, you will be given a very cute white fur cat. And now, your house has a new member already. But this member doesn’t seem to be easygoing at all.

Pay attention to what the cat wants to meet! Nobody wants their pet to get angry, right? In the game, the cat can give you a lot of different requirements. Maybe, you have to bathe it in the bathroom or feed it on a regular basis. When the cat is really comfortable, it can give you a certain amount of accumulation money.

Visit other neighbors

Have you ever thought about playing a game and meeting and visiting neighbors’ houses? If not, Matchington Mansion is truly an unforgettable choice.

In order to have your beloved neighbors, you need to log in to your social account with the game, then connect lots of friends with similar interests, and thus, you are setting up a neighbor network.

When visiting the neighbors, you absolutely can learn and refer to their home designs, get experience to design your apartment so that it is the most effective.

In addition, when you connect to your social account, you can remember your level of play. Every time you lose your device or want to play on different devices, you won’t have to play it again.

Graphic design

The graphic design of Matchington Mansion is highly appreciated with an eye-catching and simple 3D design. This is a multi-dimensional graphic design, depicting a realistic and extremely vivid game space.

The main scenes in the game such as apartments and furniture are exploited honestly. The images as the background for the game are also designed extremely eye-catching, the graphics such as trees, garden, paving stone, … are very meticulous and bright.


Matchington Mansion is a game that is extremely attractive and easy to play. The game constantly receives positive feedback from players, therefore, it is impossible to underestimate such an interesting game.

Matchington Mansion is a combination game, so it is not only suitable for a gaming object, but it also integrates a lot of objects. For example, the game is not only suitable for those who like to play puzzles, those who like to raise animals, but also for those who like to decorate the family, arrange work and take care of the garden. It can be said that Matchington Mansion is a game that everyone should not miss.

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