Modern Life 当代人生
Modern Life 当代人生

Modern Life 当代人生 MOD APK (Menu) 1.6.5

App NameModern Life 当代人生
Publisher Wingjoy Games
MOD InfoMenu
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  • After opening the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the menu mod with the ability to turn on the increase in money when you spend it (turn it off if you have any problems).

Modern Life MOD APK is a breath of fresh air in the latter months of 2022, simplifying things without removing any drama.


The game’s description may help you figure out how to beat it. Even though they are referred to as “work” in the show, all of the activities portraying modern life are joyful. This collection of short stories portrays a wide spectrum of contemporary experiences and lifestyles. Young people nowadays often believe that “you only live once.”

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In the rat rush of the capitalist economy, losing sight of what’s important is easy. People frequently coerce themselves into undesired or even destructive behavior to impress others, adhere to cultural standards, or meet the expectations of those closest to them. You might want to consider this: What exactly does your heart desire? Do you want to be an active participant in this world, or are you content to sit on the sidelines? Try witnessing Modern Life through the eyes of a newborn, and you’ll be transported to a more innocent age.


Isamu Kamikokuryo, who worked on Final Fantasy XII, was in charge of the game’s look and feel, and Tales of composer Go Shiina wrote the music. While the Modern Lifestyle world is full of beautiful colors and blinding light, it also has its fair share of hidden darkness that its inhabitants would prefer to avoid. Modern life has some similarities to the source material, but it is also very different in many ways. Visually, the game moves the player from one emotionally charged tale to the next. The plot is straightforward, but the player’s decisions influence the result.

Modern Life features


In Modern Life, more than a thousand events, each with its own dynamics, allow you to live a unique life. Playing this game is difficult since you must accomplish so many things simultaneously. They appear exactly like real individuals, so they should be easily recognizable. This adds a whole new level of intrigue to the game. The number of activities in which a player participates is proportional to their life experience and financial situation. Even while having a family can help, being simple and alone is an option.

If you wish to simplify your life, one alternative is to live at home with your parents. You will no longer have to be concerned about rent or other monthly bills. But you’ve opted to go it alone and rely on your resources. Even if humans suffer, cats and dogs rely on humans for friendship and enjoyment. All of these creatures can assist you in relaxing and feeling better. After all your fun with your pet, you’ll feel like life is worth living again.

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